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Stephen Lendman

CIA Arming Syrian InsurgentsStruggling On Empty Stomachs For Justice

UN Monitors In Syria Spy For Washington

Israel Declared An Apartheid State

Palestinian Footballer Wins Release

The Putin – Obama Talks

Fraud At The Polls

Israeli Turned Palestinian Activist

Washington’s Imperial Brinksmanship

Europe In Crisis

Scoundrel Media Support For Obama

Gaza Blockade Fifth Anniversary

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Hypocrisy

JPMorgan Chase On Capitol Hill

Olympism Profiteering, Exploitation And Corruption

Stepped Up Russia Bashing

Supreme Court Approves Police State Harshness

Spain – The Latest Shoe To Drop

Insurgents Named Responsible For Syrian Massacres

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue

Stepped Up Media War On Syria

Targeting Bahrain Human Rights Lawyer Al-Tajer

America’s Student Loan Racket

David Sanger’s War On Iran

More Syrian Blood On Obama’s Hands

Endangered Press Freedom In Israel

Remembering Bob Chapman

Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric Promotes War

Crisis Economic Conditions

Reason For Hope And Despair In Palestine

Wisconsin’s Recall Election

Discrimination vs Arab Communities In Israel & Palestine

Opposing Doctrines – Putin vs Obama

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies About Houla Massacre

Risking Global War

Baghdadi Mahmoudi Faces Torture, Death In Libya

Murder, Inc – Official Obama Policy

Obama Prioritizes War

Obama Plans War On Syria

Looming Economic Realities

BBC Wages Propaganda War On Syria

Violence-Wracked Honduras

Anti-Syrian Propaganda Promotes War

Reports Of Troop Movements Near Syrian Border

Duplicitous Human Rights Council Report On Syria

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric

State Of War In Syria

Commemorating Anti-Torture Day

Advancing The Ball For War On Syria

Boland Amendment Redux

Syria Blamed For Turkish Provocation

Social Justice Protests In Israel

Heading For Economic Collapse

Destroying Susiya Village To Save It

Gulf Of Tonkin Redux?

Cold War Politics Redux

Israel Reneges On Hunger Striker Deal

Turkish Plane Reported Shot Down Over Syria

Western Hypocrisy On Iran Nuclear Rights

Piling On Irresponsibly Against Syria

Daily Kristallinacht In Palestine

Israel’s Enforcer

Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit

Social Justice On Trial In Canada

Continuing Palestinian Hunger Strikes

Iran Nuclear Talks In Baghdad

Separate And Unequal In Israel

Heightening Tensions For War On Iran

Time Profiles A World Class Thug

Killing With Impunity

Chicago – America’s Police Repression Capital

Battleground Chicago

Pushing For War On Iran

Peter Eyre Interviewed By Stephen Lendman

Jerusalem Day

Chicago Under Siege

Life In Occupied Chicago

Headlines Reveal Life In Occupied Palestine

Chicago Militarized For NATO

Israeli Police State Crimes

Greece’s Growing Economic Turmoil

Ziyad Yaghi – Guilty of Being Muslim In America

Israel’s Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Weapons

Syria And Iran In Focus

The Nakba – Before And After

Hunger Strike Aftermath

The US-Israeli ‘Special Relationship’

Hunger Strike Deal

FBI Wants Greater Surveillance Powers

Israeli And Palestinian Protests

Fabricating Lies To Wage War On Iran

Waging Total War On Islam

Brookings – A Reliable Imperial Tool

Hunger Strikes Highlight Israeli Injustice

NATO Heads For Chicago

Activism For Justice

Guantanamo Show Trial Begins

Israel – Profile Of A Police State

Another Foiled False Flag

Predatory Capitalism Failed

Israel’s High Court Rejects Justice

Electoral Postmortems

Palestinian Prisoner Unity

Washington Targets OWS

Last October, Obama Told ABC News

FBI Entrapment Snares More Victims

Occupy Wall Street – Act II

Solidarity With Palestinian Hunger Strikers

York Times Publishes Hate Ad

Israel Toughens Prison Harshness

World Press Freedom Day

Choice Not On Ballot In French Election

United Methodist Church Rejects Divestment

Afghanistan – Permanent Occupation Planned

Targeting Murdoch

May Day Protests For Justice

Chavez In 2012

Whitewashing Mass Murder

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Painfully Force-Fed

Washington And Israel Threaten Humanity

What’s Next For Libya?

Palestinian Rights Activism Endangered

Drone Warfare In Yemen

Daring To Criticize Israel

Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard

Dying To Live Free

Israel’s Gulag Prison Hell

Land Day – Why It Matters

A Nation of Morons

Abbas Censors Truth

Preventing Peace To Wage War

NGOs Promote Wars For Profit

Media Scoundrels Promote War On Syria

Bahrain Grand Prix State Terror

Shaky Economies

Marwan Barghouti – Suspect Accusations After The Fact

Grand Prix In Bahrain A Disgrace

Security Council Authorizes 300 Syrian Monitors

Protesting For Justice In Bahrain

America’s Gulf Disaster Revisited

Grand Prix Hypocrisy In Bahrain

Warning – Visiting Israel Is Dangerous

Israel Using Oslo To Steal More West Bank Land

Defending The Indefensible

Khader Adnan – Freed For How Long?

Collectively Punishing Palestinian Prisoners & Families

Afghanistan – America’s Lost War

Failure In Cartagena

Beating Up On North Korea And Iran

Mass Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

Worrisome Security Council Syrian Resolution

Israel Criminalizes Travel

Tarek Mehanna – Criminalized For Doing The Right Thing

Nuclear Chess

Syrian Insurgents Violate Ceasefire

Israel’s Lawless Settlement Project

Media Scoundrels Promote War

Israel Declares War On Gunter Grass

Justice For Rachel Corrie Delayed

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Near Death

Obama Wreaks Duplicity

America’s Fiscal Cliff

Friends Of Syria Subvert Peaceful Resolution

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja – Dying For Justice

Obama Authorizes Greater Wall Street Theft

Viktor Bout – Victimized By US Injustice

Draconian Cybersecurity Bills

The Pain In Spain

US Belligerency Risks Global War

Gunter Grass Addresses Israel Nuclear Threat

ICC Absolves Israeli Lawlessness

Israel Plans Theft Of 10% More West Bank Land

Palestinian Hunger Strikers For Justice

‘Friends Of Syria’ Declare War On Assad

Republican Paul Ryan’s Budget -Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Hana Shalabi – Not Quite Free At Last

The View From Istanbul

Obama’s War On Iran

Obama Plans Regime Change In Syria

Imagining The Unthinkable

Papering Over Disaster

What’s Next In Syria?

Terrorizing Palestinians Daily

Challenging Israeli State Terror

Legislating Greater Wall Street Theft

Fragging In Afghanistan?

The Criminal Class In Washington Is Bipartisan

Washington Admits Aiding Syrian Opposition

Terrorizing Palestinian Youths

Stand Your Ground Laws Legalize Murder

Israeli Court Enforces Hana Shalabi Injustice

Challenging Obamacare

Afghanistan Crimes – Absolving Higher-Ups

Israelis And Iranians Against War

No Letup In Western-Backed Syrian Violence

Keeping The Syrian Pot Boiling

Heading For Inevitable Disaster

Palestinians Denied Essentials To Life

Gaza Siege Harshness Continues

The New York Times: America’s Unofficial Propaganda Ministry

Khader Adnan – Day 60 And Counting

Israeli Hanging Judge Sentences Khader Adnan To Death

Iran Falsely Charged With India And Georgia Attacks

Iran’s Historic Anniversary

Khader Adnan’s Heroic Struggle For Justice

NATO’s Secret War On Syria

America’s Sham Economic Recovery

Duplicitous Mortgage Settlement Deal

Murdering Khader Adnan

Act Up Against ACTA

Gaza – Isolated Under Siege

Targeting Syria And Iran

Economic Recovery? What Recovery?

Iran – A Manufactured Threat

Israeli Political Prisoner Khader Adnan Near Death

America’s Racist Drug Laws

Heading For War On Syria

City Of Brotherly Love Event Promotes War, Hate

Russia And China Veto Syria Resolution

Promoting War, Spurning Peace

New Syria Resolution – Better but Still Flawed

Israeli ‘Settlements’ Make Peace Impossible

New York Times-Style Journalism

Former US Policymakers Promote War On Iran

Targeting AIPAC

Europe’s Losing Game

Washington’s War On Syria

Targeting Iranian Nationals

ACTA – Worse Than SOPA And PIPA 

Forecasting Economic Decline 

Torture And Abuse In Libya

Profile Of A Rogue State

Selling War

The Armenian Genocide

Whistling Past The Graveyard

Violence Rages in Libya

Arab League Arrogance

America’s Great Divide Between Rich And Poor

NPR And PBS Anti-Iranian Propaganda

UK Government Censors, Suppresses Truth

Handbook On Israeli Apartheid

Anti-Syrian Pack Journalism

Israel Claims Syria/Hamas-Connected Terror Cells Uncovered

Protesting Internet Censorship

Postponing Joint US-Israeli Exercises

Israel Plans Major Gaza War

The New Normal – Economic Weakness And Decline

Mitt Romney’s Hard-Right Agenda

Abusing East Jerusalem Children

Sinai Torture Camps

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Criminalizing Dissent In America

Planned Regime Change In Iran And Syria

Heading For More Middle East War

Targeting Journalists Covering OWS Protests

Marwan Barghouti – Prisoner Of Conscience

Obama’s New Military Strategy

Libyan Violence And Instability

Promoting War On Iran

Obama Plans More War


Systematic West Bank Settler Violence

Palestinian Children Detained Oppressively in Isolation

Shooting The Messenger In Syria

Money Power Runs America

Crisis Conditions Grip Eurozone

Proposed FCC Media Consolidation Rules

Obama’s America – Tyranny And Permanent War

Ratcheting Up Middle East Tensions

Obama’s New Year Resolution – More Middle East War

Appalling Bahrain Prison Conditions And Treatment

Israel vs Palestine In 2012


Saudi Arabian State Terror

Escalating Anti-Iranian Tensions

Grim 2012 Economic Outlook

Wrecking America’s Postal Service

Gaza – Remembering Cast Lead

Netanyahu Rejects Peace

Obama Year Three – Continuing His Rogue Agenda

Russian vs US Elections

Spoiling For A Fight With Syria And Iran

Israel’s Repressive Permit System

EU Protests Israeli Occupation Policies

Holiday Season Hypocrisy

Medicare Privatization Plans


Deepening Global Financial Trouble

Grim Holiday Season Tidings

Tarek Mehanna – Victimized By Racist Injustice

Destroying The American Dream

Israeli Delegitimization

Money Power World Rule

Growing Hunger And Homelessness In America

Global Economic Tremors

Israel Terrorizing Palestinians And Israeli Arabs


Ugly Israeli Realities Emerge

Washington’s Greater Middle East Agenda Is War

Kristallnacht In Palestine

Political Washington Abolishes Due Process Protections

Banker Occupation And Europain

Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law

Europe In Disarray

Illegal FBI Spying On Community Groups

Legislating Tyranny In America

Lawless Israeli Oppression In Palestine


Europe Lays An Egg

Critical Health Issues In Gaza

Wrecking Europe To Fix It

Treating Palestinians Lawlessly

Muslim Charity Principals Denied Justice

Critical Health Issues In Gaza

Human Rights Day

Denying Palestinians Fair Access To Water

Russia Bashing


New Report On Israel Restricting Free Expression And Assembly

Fascism In America

Israeli-Style Justice

CELAC – A Washington-Controlled OAS Alternative

America’s Weak Jobs Report

America Lurches Toward Full-Blown Tyranny

Bailouts, Bondage And Political Bankruptcy

US-Pakistan’s Toxic Alliance

ECB Intervention Much Ado About Nothing

America’s Illegal Chemical Weapons Stockpile


International Solidarity Day With Palestine

At Risk Eurozone Sovereign Credit Ratings

Illegitimate Egyptian Elections

Palestinian Unity – A Threat, Says Israel

Target Syria

Indefinite Domestic Military Detentions Of US Citizens

Israel – Profile Of A Rogue State

Spreading Eurozone Contagion

Rage For Change In Egypt

Coming – Big Austerity Cuts


Another New York Bomb Plot – Real Or Fake?

Heading For War On Syria?

Thanksgiving Hypocrisy

Gaza – Good News And Bad

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians With Impunity

Supercommittee Strikes Out

MF Global Looted Customer Accounts


Egyptian Military Power Grab

Israel Steps Up Police State Crackdowns

OWS – Too Big To Fail

Eurozone Doomsayer Got it Right

America’s Media War On OWS

America’s Student Loan Debt Bondage

Criminalizing OWS Protesters

America’s Media War On Syria


Constitutionally Protected Symbolic Speech

Deepening Debt Contagion

Targeting Iran And Syria

The Inhuman, Suffocating Siege Of Gaza

Rogue Israeli Lawlessness

Arab League Pro-Western Despots 

Anti-Democratic Israeli Legislation

Occupy America For Change

America’s New World Order Agenda


Financial Tyranny Rules Eurozone

Big Lies Launch Wars

War Of Words On Iran

America’s Media War On Iran

The Russell Tribunal On Palestine

Iran – WMDs Redux

Washington & Israel vs Iran & Flotilla Activists


Fabricated IAEA Report On Iran Released

Kicking The Cannes Down The Road

War Winds Target Iran

Israel Assaults Freedom Waves To Gaza Activists

America’s Imperial Arrogance

Internet Freedom Threatened

Washington And Israel – Rogue State Partners

National Public Radio War On Free Speech

Target Iran

Washington’s Man In Libya

Dissing Europe’s Failed Bailout Scheme

Israel Called Biggest Threat To World Peace


Obama’s Legacy Of Shame

Washington And Israel – Partners In State Terror

Washington Wants Its Imperial Model Duplicated In Libya

Out Of Control Israeli State Terror

Libya – War Without End

Eurozone Bailout Deal – Hold The Cheers

Eurozone Bailout Deal

Anti-Imperial Voices

Haitian Suffering Under Imperial Occupation

What Next For Libya?

Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills


Mixed Messages On Gaddafi

Israeli Settlement Construction Jeopardizes Palestinian Statehood Plans

Global Economic Crisis Deepens

Doubts About Gaddafi’s Reported Assassination

Israel Arrests Palestinians While Releasing Others

Gaddafi – Dead Or Alive?

Class War In America

Hank Skinner – Unjustly Sentenced To Death

Pushing the Envelope for Confrontation with Iran

Abbas, UN Membership And Peace Talks

Iran Falsely Charged With Fake Terror Plot

Major Media Liars Report Fake NATO Victories

Fighting For The Soul Of The American Dream

Troubled Eurozone Finance Capital

Obama’s Depression

Israeli-Style Peace And Justice

Dominant Finance Capital Institutions

Social Justice Protests Head Everywhere

Making Sense Of Syria

NATO Brussels Summit Claims Successful Afghan, Libyan Campaigns

Stop The Machine Occupies Washington

Anti-Defamation League Assails Palestinian UN Membership

New York Times Bashes Outspoken World Leaders

Wall Street Runs America

Palestinians Protest Israeli Prison Hell

NYT – Distorting And Suppressing Truth For Power

Israeli Crimes Against Humanity

Police State Justice Under Obama

Palestinian Freedom Later, Not Now

Abbas Feeling Heavy-Handed Pressure

Congressional Anti-Internet Freedom Bills

Prison Hell In America

Hard Times Getting Harder

Imperial Arrogance And Hypocrisy

Planned Peacekeeper Occupation Of Libya

Abbas Speech Signals Capitulation

Palestine’s Rocky Road To Statehood

Targeting Lawyers: America v. Paul Bergrin

Israeli Police State Crackdowns On Palestinian Demonstrators

Palestine vs Washington/Israel On Statehood

Anti-Israeli Friction Helps Palestinians

New York Times Rails Against Palestinian Statehood

Israeli/Turkish/Palestinian Tensions

Implications Of Palestinian Statehood

Anti-Israeli Rage In Egypt

9/11 – Echoes Of The Big Lie

What Passes For Journalism And Opinion In America

Another Century Of War

Palestinian Statehood – Now Is The Time

Obama Style Stimulus

Allegedly Foiling Jerusalem Terrorist Attacks

Systematic Israeli State Terror

9/11 Mythology – The Big Lie Of Our Time

Israeli Oppression Continues While Talking Peace

America’s Sick Economy

Syria Next?

Media Manipulation Of 9/11 Truth

Lawlessness And Injustice Define America And Israel

Turkey And Israeli War Of Words

Libya, Inc – Coming Waste, Fraud And Other Forms Of Plunder on a Grand Scale

Promoting Fear And Hate In America

Carving Up The Libya Corpse For Profit

UN Report On Mavi Marmara Massacre

Israel’s Proposed Counterterrorism Law

Besieging And Terror Bombing Sirte

HR 2829 Targets Palestinian Statehood

Israel’s Operation Summer Seeds

NATO’s Genocidal Rape Of Libya

NATO Style ‘Liberation’

Washington Threatens Palestinian Statehood Bid

NATO’s Ugly Face

Never Forgive, Never Forget

Follow-Up Comments On Palestinian Statehood Vote

Rebel Assassins Terrorizing Libyans

Libya – Keep The Freedom Flame Alive

NATO’s Libya War – A Nuremberg Level Crime

Obama’s Wars On Humanity

Libya War – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

NATO Planned Bloodbath In Tripoli

New York Times – Lying About Libya And Palestine

Palestinian Right Of Self-Defense

Another Israeli False Flag?

Bear Country – Hard Times Getting Worse

Falsified New York Times Middle East Reports

RIP – America’s Anti-War Movement

Eretz Yisrael – Lawless, Corrupt And Dysfunctional

Rick Perry – Extremist White America’s Evangelical Hope

Daily Rogue State Israeli Lawlessness

Falsified Major Media Reports On Libya

Economic End Times

Netanyahu Spurns Social Justice Demands

Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue

New York Times Disinformation Denial & Suppressing Vital Truths

Israeli Persecution Of Palestinian Children

Dire State Of America’s Children

Congressional Junkets To Israel

Riots Across Britain – More Than Meets The Eye?

New York Times Support For Imperial Wars

Repression In Israel And Bahrain

Imperial Plans For Libya Post-Gaddafi

Sustaining Protest Energy In Israel

Growing Israeli Tyranny

The Greatest Depression

New York Times Opposition To Palestinian Self-Determination

No Joy In Mudville

Destabilizing Syria

Escalating Israeli Street Protest

America’s Cratering Economy

Vilifying Muslims In America

Rude Awakening

Israeli Street Protests – Suppressed By US Media

Filling Prison Beds For Profit

NATO’s Libya War Unraveling

Budget Cutting Perfidy

Hard Right Extremism In America And Europe

Israel – Rogue State Land Of Inequality

Bipartisan Debt Deal Betrayal

Libya – What America’s Media Won’t Report

America’s Media – Dancing Around The Budget Debate Charade

Heading Toward Economic Ruin

Libya Top Rebel Leader Murder – Tribal Unrest?

Political Washington Fiddles While Rome Burns

Daily NATO War Crimes In Libya

Debt Ceiling Roulette

Israeli Home Demolition Terrorism

US-Style Free Trade’s Dark Side

America Heading For Tyranny And Impoverishment

UN Commission Flotilla Massacre Report

The Oslo Attacks – More False Flag Evidence

Brutally Isolating Detainees In Israeli Prisons

Possible Israeli Connection To Oslo Attacks

The Oslo Attacks – Many Unanswered Questions

The Fix Is In – Washington’s Planned Social Contract Destruction

Bahraini Unrest Stirs Unease In Washington

Michele Bachmann – Way Out There In The Blue

Social And Economic Inequality In Israel

Leonard Peltier – Victimized By Criminal Injustice

Denying Palestinian Children Education

Israeli-Washington Peace Process Rejectionism

Israel Terrorizing Palestinians Lawlessly

Rahm Emanuel – Chicago’s War Criminal/Anti-Labor Mayor

Washington’s Ongoing Libya Terror Bombing

Murdoch’s World – Demagoguery, Propaganda, Scandal, Sleaze & Warmongering

Debt Ceiling Debate Masks Entitlement Cuts

Crackdowns, Torture And Intimidation In Bahrain

Aftermath Of Israeli Anti-Free Speech Law Passage

Denunciation Of Israel’s Anti-Boycott Law

Debt Ceiling Debate Charade Masks Planned Entitlement Cuts

A Decade Of US War Costs

Nato And Rebel Atrocities In Libya

Freedom Flotilla II – Final Thoughts

Sensationalism In America’s Media

Israel’s Knesset Passes Boycott Prohibition Bill

America’s Dirty War On Islam

Dueling UN Flotilla

The Great Unravelling

Egyptians Again Rally For Change

Appeals Court Rejects More Media Consolidation

Greek Tragedy Goes Global

Freedom Flotilla II – Blocked But Not Defeated

NATO Using Nuclear Weapons In Libya

Let Us Sail To Gaza

Libya – Flashpoint For World Conflict

Health Care In Cuba And America

Chavez – Alive, Well, And Recuperating In Caracas

Colonizing Libya By Military, Financial, Political And Propaganda Terrorism

Independence Day Hypocrisy

Israeli Freedom Flotilla II Terrorism

Pack Journalism Anti-Gaddafi Propaganda

Targeting Professor Terri Ginsberg’s Academic & Speech Freedoms

Lies, Damn Lies And ‘Safe’ Nuclear Power

Meaner Tougher IMF With Lagarde

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda

The Business Of America Is War

FBI Entraps Two More Muslims

Israel Toughening Conditions For Palestinian Detainees

Banker Occupation Of Greece

Violating Palestinian Rights

Breaching Gaza’s Siege

Turkish – Israeli Relations

Permanent US Iraq And Afghanistan Occupations Planned

McCain/Kerry Support Imperial War On Libya

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

America’s Barbaric Death Penalty

Bahrain Sues To Suppress Police State Terror Truths

Wrongfully Banishing Professor David Protess

Remembering Anti-War Activist Brian Haw

Lies, Damn Lies And Liberating Wars

Entrapping Innocent Muslims

Duplicitous Congressional Posturing On Libya

Medical Care In Gaza Under Siege

Working America’s Dismal State

The Politics Of Cancer

Wisconsin Supreme Court Reinstates Anti-Union Law

2010 US State Department Human Rights Report On Bahrain

Remote Control Killing Is Like Sport

Mountaintop Removal – Environmental And Human Destruction For Profit

Palestinian Divisions On Statehood

The Obama Doctrine – Lawless Imperial Aggression – Pt 1

The Obama Doctrine – Lawless Imperial Aggression – Pt 2

Global Economic Crisis Deepening

IMF Financial Terrorism

Torturing Bahraini Doctors

Internet Censorship Bill Introduced

Humala Wins Peru’s Presidential Runoff

America’s Imperial War On Libya

Naksa Day Commemorates Decades Of Israeli State Terror

Continuing Bahraini State Terror

Doctors On Israel’s Forty-Four Year Occupation

America’s Addiction – Waging Illegal Wars

Forty-Four Years Of Occupation

States Harming People Most In Need

Escalating The Asian Arms Race

Netanyahu’s War On Gaza

Waging War At Home And Abroad While Pledging Peace

Public Banking – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Memorial And Veterans Day Hypocrisy

Obama Plans Gutting Regulations For Corporate Favorites

Vermont Enacts Conditional Universal Healthcare Coverage

Encircling Russia With US Bases

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Anti-Union Law

More Myth Than Massacre At Srebrenica

US Trip Bolsters Netanyahu’s Popularity

Washington’s War On Chavez

Netanyahu Spurns Peace

Spanish Voters Reject Austerity

Obama Genuflects To AIPAC

Alleged Obama – Netanyahu Rift

Extending Key Patriot Act Provisions

Killings, Detentions And Torture In Egypt

Mixed Reactions To Obama’s Middle East Speech

On The Chopping Block – Federal Worker Pensions

Obama’s Middle East Hypocrisy

Stealing Palestinian Land Dunam By Dunam

America’s Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates

America’s Appalling Human Rights Record

The International Criminal Court – An Imperial Tool

Killing Rachel Corrie Twice

Israeli Violence Marks Nakba Day

Solidarity With Palestine

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed

Bahrain State Terror Continues

Resurrecting The Bogus FARC-EP Files/Venezuela Connection

Human Trafficking In Israel

Commemorating The Palestinian Holocaust

East Jerusalem Residents: Lawlessly Revoking Their Status

Democracy, Haitian Style

Troy Anthony Davis: Unjustly Sentenced to Death

New Bin Laden Tapes Appear Fake Like Earlier Ones

Phantom Jobs And Economic Recovery In America

False Flags – An American Tradition

Staged Bin Laden Killing Hokum

New Israeli Discriminatory Laws

Media Lies And Misinformation On Bin Laden

‘1st Great War of the 21st Century’

Lies, Damn Lies And Bin Laden’s Death

Oppressing West Bank Palestinian Children

Al Jazeera’s War On Syria

America’s New Middle East Agenda

US Intervention In Syria

Palestinian Unity Deal Announced

America’s Terminal Decline

Professor Hassan Diab – Unjustly Victimized

Supreme Court Lets Corporations Ban Class Action

Lies, Damn Lies, And Misreporting About Gitmo Detainees

Israel’s Lawless Arrest Of Ahmad Qatamish

Systematic Injustice Against Sundiata Acoli

Brutal State Terror In Bahrain

2010 State Department Human Rights Report On Haiti

BP Stonewalling Compensation To Gulf Residents

Commemorating Palestinian Political Prisoners

Pernicious Koch Brothers Political Influence

Al Jazeera’s War On Gaddafi

2010 State Department Human Rights Report On Egypt

Poisoning Mother Earth – America’s Gulf And Fukushima

Israeli Intellectuals For Palestinian Independence

Mission Creep In Libya

What Next in Libya?

The Israeli Lobby’s Poisonous Influence On US Policy

Alarming New Fukushima Reports

Remembering Vittorio Arrigoni

Libya’s Great Man-Made River

Obamanomics – Waging War On American Workers

Goldstone Commission Members Reaffirm Study Findings

Border And Community Vigilantism

Police State Terror In Bahrain

Fukushima Disaster – No Resolution In Sight

Bretton Woods 2.0 – Soros New World Order Conference

Planned Libyan Invasion

Avigdor Lieberman To Be Indicted

Police Brutality In Honduras

Icelanders Vote ‘Nyet’ On Predatory Bailout

Suppressing Truth And Promoting War

Obama Capitulates Again

Israel – Spoiling For Another Fight?

Powerful Aftershock Rocks Japan

Declaring An Independent Palestinian State

Fukushima Core Meltdown Confirmed

Republican Plan To End Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Military Courts Will Try 9-11 Suspects

Increasing Fukushima Radiation Dangers

Richard Goldstone’s Fall From Grace

Remember Libya – One Of History’s Terror Bombing Victims

Lynne Stewart’s Appeal Brief

Obama’s Terror War On Libya

Russell Defreitas – Terrorist Or Political Prisoner?

Japan’s Apocalypse

US Permanent War Agenda – Military Keynesianism On Steroids

Japan’s Earthquake – Natural Or Engineered?

Obama On Libya – Defending The Indefensible

Political Prisoners In America

Japan’s Leaking Water Radiation 100,000 Times Normal

BBC – Imperial US And UK Tool

Planned Regime Change In Libya

Updating Japan’s Nuclear Disaster

NATO – America’s Imperial Tool

Target Israel, Not Libya

Western Aggression On Libya

Lies, Damn Lies, And Humanitarian Intervention

Bad To Worse In Japan

Washington’s UN War Resolution On Libya

Multiples Worse Than Chernobyl

Aristide Heading Home To Haiti

Full Core Meltdown in Japan?

Armageddon Scenario in Japan

Abusing Asylum Seekers In The Sinai

Red Alert In Japan – An Unfolding Nuclear Catastrophe

Coverup And Denial In Japan

Our Man In Havana

Nuclear Meltdown In Japan

Battleground Wisconsin – Corporate Power Vs Worker Rights

Corporate Coup d’Etat In Wisconsin

Pack Journalism Promotes War On Libya

Obama’s Lawless Authorization Of Military Commissions Injustice

Wisconsin Democrats Plan Capitulation

Extrajudicial Assassinations – Official Israeli Policy

Out-Of-Control Human Rights Abuses In Iraq

America’s War On Libya

Our Man In Pakistan

Reactionary Extremism In Wisconsin And Ohio

Seventh Annual Israeli Anti-Apartheid Week

Major Media Promote War On Libya

Obstructing And Delaying Aristide’s Return

Unverified Misreporting On Libya

Spreading Activism For Change

Middle East Protests Continue For Unmet Demands

America’s Total Surveillance Society

Institutionalized Arab Inequality In Israel

Hidden Provisions In Wisconsin Bill

Wisconsin’s Spirit – Courage For Other States To Emulate

Union Busting In America

Wisconsin – Ground Zero To Save Public Worker Rights

Waging War On Chicago Workers

Continued Middle East Uprisings And Violence

Tea Party Stooges Join Wisconsin Protests

Reactions To Aristide’s Impending Return

Obama On Palestinian Rights – “Nyet”

US Workers – Resurgent Or Waging A Rearguard Action?

Middle East Protests, Violence And Strikes Continue

Egypt’s Spirit Lands In Wisconsin

Important New Information On Aafia Siddiqui’s Case

Obama’s Anti-Populist Budget

Middle East Protests Continue

Arab Street Celebrates Mubarak’s Ouster

Egypt’s Military Declares Martial Law

Egypt At Dawn’s Early Light

Hold The Celebration – Egypt’s Struggle Just Began

Aristide Gets Diplomatic Passport To Go Home

Israeli & PA Forces Suppress Solidarity With Egyptians

Focus On Egypt Largely Ignores Palestine

Grassroots Support For Aristide’s Return

People Power vs Duplicity In Egypt And Washington

George Bush – Preliminary Indictment For Torture

Mubarak’s Thirty-Year Dictatorship

Briana Waters – Victimized By Green Scare State Terrorism

Field Notes On American-Style ‘Democracy’

We’re All Egyptians Now



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