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 To Understand Politics is to understand why so many unrelated things come together

October 13, 2012 by jonkirby2012.wordpress.com

I like Politics but not the usual stuff I hate the nitty gritty local stuff and I hate to some extent the national stuff so whats left?! Everything! Politics to me is what’s really happening to understand the world stage is to understand why many unrelated things are really related and there is no other root to politics as the financial side! If you understand who is RULING and knowing their history you find everything falls into place EVERYTHING. So this Article I am writing is to help someone not familiar with what is going on in the world and simple a guide to showing them what resources can be read to come to a good understanding of what this world we live in modern times is all about.

So many times I talk to someone and they so miss the mark they maybe get caught up in the left\right paradigm of republican verses democrate and they always seem to be annoyed if I tell them they spring from the same well up till this year there was a left and a right but recently during the Debate with Romney and Obama even my die hard friends can start to see the merger of the two as a small example Obama agreed with Romney that Social Security needed fixing WHAT!?. I think my democratic friends can start to see the Obama deception is coming to an end. All you have to do is follow the men Obama setup as cabinet members to understand this is no NEW DEAL President in fact in a time of what demands a Roosevelt new deal like no other for the american people we seem to becoming the new American Indians as for our treatment like Obama demanding the courts add all Americans are included on the NDAA.

Alright Your new to the seen here’s what I suggest should be read.

Money is at the root of our problems we as a nation have been duped! We can be printing our own money at 0% interest the Debt is a lie!!! and Telling the Families of the FED to Piss off . Debt moritorium.

#1) To understand the how the FED was setup an Audio on my site called the creature from Jekyll island Listen here

To learn about history of currency and how to run a sound currency I recommend:
#2) Bill Still’s video  2010 documentary of the year!

Now let’s with that background let’s jump into the meat and bones of the problems it’s called the familys of the elite they are whats called the NEW WORLD ORDER and best understood by a historian named

#3)Eustace Mullins his playlist on youtube.  Eustace tells you about the Rothschilds and their illustrious fanantical background in creation of wealth by funding government and specically funding WAR. He also was the first to bring out the facts of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT and explains the treasonous acts and that have occured.

 #4) Webster Tarpley can explain as a historian and political current events specialist how to do a new deal policies for our times and has a five step program click here or save as.  At his website click here  also he conducts a weekly program called world crises radio click here


Webster Tarpley’s playlist from youtube

#5) Comedy is not usually associated with finance but if you follow Max Keiser Click here       you will learn the current day truth and highly entertaining as to what the corpro-oligarcs are up to on a daily basis.

Rueters and AP are OWNED bythe Rothschilds Surprise! that means ALL mainstream media is a function of their control and listening to their brain wash is to realize you been duped all along. even MSNBC is leftwing cover!!

#6 Real news watching and reading.
Presstv  click here

presstv Live updates playlist:

 RT.com click here

Real News Net click here

#7News Reading

The roving eye; Pepe Escobar
Columnist for   http://atimes.com/ Extremely Sharp, intelligence,  knows the world crisis like no other!
I have a youtube playlist of Pepe Escobar on my front page.

Michael Hudson,Ellen Brown, Max Keiser for Finances.

Chris Hedges is fighting in court Obama’s NDAA which means he is fighting the war for keeping our bill of rights!  for this you and should be listened to him.

#8) This might seem quite controverial but I am stating my opinion there has been a eugenics program at least in experimentation stage in the US for a long time  and maybe turned live with the GMO in our food You need to be very careful as to what you are eating. I like to read the natural news click here.

History of Eugenics read Eucstace mullins, Morgenthau plan. This will go along way in understanding how Monsanto’s GMO might not be just for corporate profits as what most claim it to be.

This has been the short and skinny of my website but along with this cast of heros I have listed links to many other sites as well as the RSS Feeds that I use to follow the  headlines on Sites of interest.  Plus don’t forget my articles I write under recently posted to the right sidebar.

Also I am adding to these feeds and the website in general all the time. Make a comment and or suggestion so  I will add you to the community. Thanks. jonkirby2012.wordpress.com 

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