Jonathan M. Feldman’s Writings and Works

Jonathan M. Feldman’s Writings and Works


why? We need him!

Dr. Jonathan Michael Feldman

[Prof. Jonathan Feldman]: “ We have to build up alternative institutions and deal with financing, job creation, and some kind of major investment in public works, infrastructure and these alternative technologies. So, cutting the military budget. Moving our money out of the established banks to alternative financial institutions as well as selective re-investment – by which I mean unions and other activist groups and consumers can move their money into networks that would create jobs. All these things will be discussed in the context of this Global Teach-In.” 

Professor Jonathan M. Feldman, Associate Professor at the Department of Economic History at Stockholm University, and U-M SMART Fellow, has engaged in extensive studies of mass transit producers.He will explain some of the key factors underlying success and failure within firms and regions trying to promote mass transit manufacturing.

About Jonathan Feldman

 Dr. Feldman has studied factors influencing mass transit manufacturing in the United States, Canada, Sweden, South Korea and Japan.His transit manufacturing research has been discussed in The New York Times and published by The American Prospect, the International Labour Organization and a compendium on post Cold War economics.His research examines innovative platforms that support transportation technologies and manufacturing. The purpose ofhis study is to investigate how to promote green jobs and manufacturing by examining the case of the mass transportation, with a focus on different kinds of rolling stock (trains).Using the case of the subway manufacturing sector, Feldman’s research examines: (a) why domestic U.S. manufacturing declined, (b) the rise of foreign-based transnational suppliers into the U.S. market and an associated domestic content regime, and (c) potential and actual strategies to promote domestic production.He is also studying how light rail markets and supporting spatial planning has emerged in Portland, Stockholm and London. In Michigan, Feldman is particularly interested in potential synergies between mass transit markets and the larger automobile supplier chain and workforce, how companies developed new innovations, products, and strategies supporting U.S.-anchored jobs.

Conference Proceedings:

National Green New Deal Conference at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, March 9 and 10, 2010 [PDF]
Article about National Green New Deal Conference

Social Text (requires subscription):
Ecological and Environmental Renewal Requires Economic Reconstruction

Blog posts:
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A solution to New York’s Affordable Housing Crisis
Book Contributions:Dimensions of Peace and Security 

Universities in the Business of Repression: The academic-military-industrial complex and Central America



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