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Having private banks create money is the root cause of all world poverty, hunger, disease and misery. And until we fix it, we will never be able to make a dent in these other issues. More stats 2,411
Home page / Archives More stats 594
The Rothschild Man Who Arranged the Kennedy Assasination; Case closed! More stats 405
Is the “Fiscal Cliff” a Bullshit fictional Betrayal of Obama? well YES remember Austerity. More stats 198
Was Oswald Murdered for JFK or for Dr Mary’s Monkey? “Imagine we all have been given Cancer and with a flick of a switch we all die! Hence Airport Scanners. Radiation turns the switch on. More stats 174
Mormon Religious Prophecy About “Conquering” America: Then and now?! More stats 138
Paper Fiat turned into Real assets: How the Fed Cartel Just got paid from the long housing manufactered crisis. More stats 98
WHY DOES Monsanto Workers Ban GMO Foods From Their Own Cafeteria?! More stats 93
Brother Nathanael and His Real Zionist News articles. More stats 71
#971 (deleted) More stats 67
Why Rothschilds really wanted the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and his Christian Family. More stats 66
Bobby was disbanding Operation 40 and start his own Operation Mongoose Allen Dullus already FIRED: CIA(disbanding) and Mafia(viscously attacked) team up take “head” brother JFK down. More stats 58
What was the Bretton Woods system? More stats 58
Roster of CFR/Trilateral Commission Members More stats 54
NWO Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle: Federal Judge Permanently Blocks John McCain’s NDAA Military Detention Provision! More stats 54
about More stats 51
13 Families: Of Illuminati Bloodline. More stats 47
Republic Of LAKOTA the Sioux Nation Leaves America No longer US Citizens. offers Citizenships to States surrounding.Bank currency backed by GOLD. sound interesting?! More stats 46
With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. More stats 44
The Story of a Hidden War of Virus, Cancer, Radiation, Food, Chemicals, Pharma, and Water. More stats 41
CIA Baby drone killer Petraeus quits job over moral issues. More stats 41
Here ye Here ye o may know the ILLuminati by another name:Brotherhood or Global Elite or The powers that be. This is what they prefer to be called. More stats 41
Incurable Cancer cured through home remedy: Fresh fruit and spice non-redmeat and dairy recipe More stats 40
Proposition 37 Election Results in California: looks like More than 1/2 the people are idiots in calif and like being POISONED. More stats 39
The History of the House of Rothschild More stats 39
Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961_listen again! More stats 37
Does Monsanto Man Mitt Romney Secretly Eat Organic? Not just Mitt, All the Clintons,Bushes, and Obamas ; Michelle said Corn Syrup is Poison: One has to ask Does someone know something we don’t?! More stats 37
911 Was An Inside Job!: Ferdinando Imposimato honorable President of the Supreme Court of Italy. More stats 37
Why and how to avoid GMO foods. More stats 36
Audio: Anti-Austerity United Front Talks Set for New York City, October 27 More stats 33
Galactic alignment and the end of the Mayan Long Count and Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! More stats 33
Pepe Escobar the Jon Stewart of mid-east politics.. Read it and weep More stats 32
Bankers are like pedophiles they won’t stop till they are locked up!!! say’s England’s Taxi driver:Cry, laugh, and show some empathy More stats 32
The Freemasonry Connection With The New World Order More stats 32
TICK TICK TICK: Gary Null releases ‘GMO Ticking Time Bomb’ mini-documentary: Watch it here before it gets censored More stats 31
Woodrow Wilson waits to his death bed to lament the Federal Reserve Act: Gee thanks: Is There a Doctor in the House of Representatives!? More stats 31
The World Order Hegemony by Parasitism More stats 30
The Fiscal Cliff Explained with faulty conservative conclusion! Kill Grandma you don’t need her: Give SS income to Jamie Diamonds Bonus pool. More stats 30
Charlotte Iserbyt_Articles More stats 30
In Pictures:Sandy Swallows Manhatten BYE BYE Banksters. No Looting This week. More stats 29
Even Kaiser Hospital Healthcare Giant Saying GMO will Devestate your Health. More stats 29
So How well did we listen to George Washington’s warning to the nation in his last speech: Answer Dismally and here is why!! More stats 29
While Obama is busy picking out Syrians new Government, I thought “we the people” should pick out a REAL Opposition Coalition to run the USA!! More stats 29
Corn Syrup the perfect weapon Killing them softly.Cancer on FAT; switched on by Radiation. More stats 29
BankConsolidation1 More stats 28
Simple things proven to KILL Cancer. More stats 27
Maya’s physical pole shift prophecy: Mayan Elder Don Alejandro, Earth’s Crust is going for a ride: Hang on! More stats 27
Time Celebrates the Rothschilds Family when 4 weeks after JFK assassination!! More stats 26
Abraham Lincoln’s “Bank War”: All the North’s Bankers and South’s Slavers in Rothschild’s Persuasion :A lesson what kind of beast we are up against. More stats 26
A Full Text: The Constitution for the United States More stats 26
QUIT EATING GMO: French Study: New Update; Cancer tumors Confirmed! More stats 26
The Elite have picked Romney, No wonder Obama was beaten on Debate Night. More stats 26
Banking Cartel Struck Again: Sold 62.5 Million Ounces Of FAKE Paper Silver Comex Auction House! More stats 26
prop37 More stats 26
What’s in a NAM. Summary of the 16th NAM summit More stats 25
October surprise to “Carterize” Obama: NEONEOCON’s Want Romney 12′ More stats 25
How the illuminati control the world: Overview More stats 25
JFK JR Found out the true facts George HW Bush Killed his father: And he was going to prosecute before the files went down in the crash!! More stats 25
Eustace Mullins_Articles written by EM More stats 25
Susan knew something before 911;Bush admin’s CIA asset spills the beans, locked up and ready to be drugged, lawyer uncle saves her, she writes book! Extreme Prejudice! More stats 24
Massive censorship CNN : Reporter spills the beans..hot ouch! More stats 24
Entire Dunham family were CIA employees. Part 2 of the story of Obama. More stats 23
Brzezinski had this to say…Smart meters, GMO,Vaccines and airport Scanners. More stats 23
One Month to Go to a new EPOCH, What do the MAYANS have to say let’s poll!! More stats 23
Kabbalist Document the King James Bible?! DEFENDING THE KING JAMES VERSION and Understanding the Kabbalistic Rosicrucian worldview. More stats 23
Monsanto’s eugenics agent Taylor works at FDA: Getting away with murder More stats 23
Undermining Nato’s Syrian War: Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia Develop a GAS PIPELINE. More stats 22
A Recent lookback at America’s Robber Barons More stats 22
Turn the Lights out on the FEMA CAMPS for 2013!!! Did the Senate finally realize the NDAA indefinate detention clause might be a very BAD idea?! More stats 22
The Obama File: Imposter for President sponsered by Rothschild and CIA More stats 22
This poster says it all GMO Who’s FOR and against Prop 37 LabelingGMO’s More stats 22
Who needs Rothschild’sTV? News on the WEB More stats 22
Honoring President John Tyler; The Courage to stand up to Rothschilds and a bought Congress. More stats 22
The General really did Patraeus US!: Coup and counter Coup as it’s Obama’s turn to purge the generals involved! More stats 21
Aspartame is Positively linked to leukemia and lymphoma: landmark study More stats 21
A Quick peek, most popular articles! More stats 21
Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker More stats 21
URGENT CALL TO ACTION:October 27, Noon to 6PM: NATIONAL Anti-Austerity United Front, NO CUTS Coalition Conferance MEETING! More stats 20
Obama The Fakery Continues Indiana Judge Hears Obama Forgery Evidence So What Happened?! More stats 20
Gandhi show’d the way! “Sabarmati To Dandi”: March with Civil Disobedience!! More stats 20
Hey would this make your Christmas or Halloween; Obama’s in court defending himself on citizenship: Apparently he applied for a Scholorship that’s given only for foreigners. OPPS! More stats 20
Ralph Nader to Host Third-Party Presidential Debate in D.C. Nov. 4 or 5th?! I think 5th! More stats 20
Benjamin Freedman_Video Alternate view of WW2 More stats 19
Congressman Louis T. McFadden’s Speech on the Federal Reserve Corporation before the attempts on his life and the final successful one resulting in his murder….. More stats 18
Yes on 37! California Right to Know on GMO Food Labeling More stats 18
Ezra Pound radio transcripts More stats 18
Henry Kissinger suggested using food as a weapon to induce targeted population reduction and Monsanto Risen to the challenge More stats 17
First Western police force in the world to take a stand against banksterism. More stats 17
Webster Griffin Tarpley_ Articles written by WGT More stats 17
Tying George H.W. Bush, Brown Brother’s Harriman,Prescott Bush more to the Assassination of JFK. More stats 17
Whats Rothschild’s Interest in the Lastest uprising in the Middle east: Well Let’s find out!! More stats 17
Jeff Rense News Links Oct 31, 2012 More stats 17
It’s been Rumored Obama Melted down his Nobel Peace Prize for Bullets: Examining Obama’s War Record More stats 17
Monsanto’s Halloween Tricks are NO treat: GMO Tricks and Treats More stats 17
CIA Is and always has been an arm of the Rothchilds _Kennedy Rejects CIA terrorist FALSE FLAG attack on American cities More stats 17
Trails of Blood: Trails of Tears: Bush Team kills Another Kennedy; RFK. More stats 17
A Dynamic dual: Bill Still’s “secrets of Oz” video Plus “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” – A Monetary Reform Parable explained. More stats 17
The Bangi’s of Benghazi:The CIA cleaned slate. All they had to do is Stand down and watch. More stats 16
The Elite’s NEW Man Mitt at Bilderberg2012 Lost election to Elite’s man Bilderberg 2008! Obama won. America people Loss again but just not as bad! Bush3 doesn’t happen whew! More stats 16
Download the shoppers guide of Non GMO and GMO; take it to the store! More stats 16
With Drones the CIA is now killing people without knowing who they are! More stats 15
Rothschilds new Egyptian pharaoh pulling no punches: I’m the King! There will be no longterm Peace! More stats 15
“Doctor’s label Kellogs cornflakes “junk food not fit for animals” with possible links to tumors and Related cancerous skin disorders” and see the following story etc… More stats 15
Rear Admiral Chuck Gaouette More stats 15
Andrew Jackson _life summary_ tomb states “I beat the bankers” More stats 15
An Expose of The Federal Reserve Banking System More stats 15
Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars. by Peter Dale Scott More stats 14
WHO KILLED BOBBY?: Well isn’t it odvious who: Bush’s CIA Killed ROBERT F. KENNEDY More stats 14
AMERICA’S SHERIFFS: A barometer for the Revolution or Restoration that’s Here! More stats 14
federal-reserve-quantitative-easing1 More stats 14
Fed-16-trillion2 More stats 14
Let’s Not Forget ICELAND: They Beat you Bastards! More stats 14
A New Epoch: Leaving the “Age of Pisces” into the “Age of Aquarius”, also called the “Golden Age”. More stats 14
Can’t get enough gossip on England’s Royals Hold on, and grab your Vomit bags More stats 13
Henry Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide: What the F***?! More stats 13
Would you believe it?! Another Oil War: SYRIA under Homs huge reserves!:OIL. More stats 13
United Front Against Austerity, Public Assembly: Saturday, October 27, 2012 More stats 13
The Anti-CFR Organization: You mean the John Birch Society?!: No Wonder their so despised. More stats 13
Lieutenant General Patrick J. O’Reilly More stats 13
The Trail of Blood from US Presidents to doorsteps of the Rothschilds Banking Cartel More stats 13
Another Bush Cheney Victim: Paul Wellstone 10th anniverary Remembered More stats 13
#2079 (deleted) More stats 13
Video: Chris Matthews Hijacks MSNBC Show: ‘If You vote 3rd party, You’re An Idiot ..tirade! Well Chris you deserve a Rebuttal! More stats 13
Remember Iceland: They beat the snot out of the Bankster! More stats 13
Winston Churchill More stats 13
Ernst Zundel’s_Articles: An Outspoken Critic and Prisoner of Zion’s Thought Police. More stats 13
Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” Speech: True today as it’s ever been More stats 12
Thanks to Karl Rove! He Single handedly prevented WW3. Forcing Rothschild’s into plan B. More stats 12
When Your Government Doesn’t Act to Prevent Cancer from GMO then they are Assisting it.This is called Eugenics. More stats 12
An Intelligent Coup How the Mata Hari won confidence in her Neocon Gen Petraeus. More stats 12
The Iroquois Constitution_Native Law of the land before we desecrated it with our Manifestation Destiny. More stats 12
Former Greek Politician “Sold his country” to cut deals with Banking Industry Found Dead which was 1 of 36 under investigation for unusual Amount of wealth gained: No Honor among thieves confirmed! More stats 12
Well Europe is Busy Signing their SOVEREIGNTY away. No turning back contracts! Say goodbye to Sovereignty!! More stats 12
Just my memories on the JFK assassination from a child, I solved the Case. More stats 12
Movie Review: The Movie (shown here) that lite-up the Middle-east. More stats 11
bank-assets9-12 More stats 11
Rothchild timeline (1763-2005 ) More stats 11
Bad Bad Bill Black Busts Bankster’s he’s Bad! More stats 11
Does the treaty of Westphalia mean anything to the US. and NATO. More stats 11
Question: What’s Hidden in the Dollar Bill?! More stats 11
Zionism Archive More stats 11
Morgenthau set the plan and Eisenhower carried it out! More stats 11
Russell Means a lifetime of fighting for all people has passed on to the Spirit World Monday Oct. 22, 2012 More stats 11
Introduction to the Glass-Steagall Act More stats 11
Let’s not forget The History of Secret House of Rothschild; SHssh be Quiet. More stats 11
Washington’s enemy is one that doesn’t exist admits CIA More stats 11
Rothschild agents in America the Rockafellers: In ALL things Rockafeller! More stats 11
Global Hegemony and the rest of us useless eaters More stats 11
George Orwell _ Get ahead of the NWO Reading. More stats 11
British Intelligence’s best kept asset: The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on his people to prepare for a war to End the World. Israel, Iran both wants WAR: Rothschilds get WW3: If Only the US would cooperate. More stats 11
Spain’s a Pussy their police upset with their own austerity: what about your sovereignty!! You Idiots. More stats 11
MAHATMA GANDHI More stats 10
The Rothschild Architects of WAR,Israel’s founding as a military state, and the need to Eliminate the eastern Jews: The Holocaust. More stats 10
Hard to Pin-Down Obama’s Policies?! Is he LeftRight wing, Socialist, Fascist?? Well not Hard for Daniel Hannan: He nails him. More stats 10
Federal Reserve: Who benefits Because of this Financial Crisis? More stats 10
John Brennan a modern day morgenthau also behind “fast an furious” More stats 10
England orders Ambassador’s of IRAN home in Canada. steals student money. More stats 10
Eugenics Professor and Obama Adviser Kissinger with their midddle east creation Al qaeda is on its way to wiping Israel off the face of the Map. As planned But have no fear a new home is being made available.USA. More stats 10
BIBI”S BOYS GOT POPPED! A General Betrays us and Obama. An Obama shows elections have consequences. More stats 10
Occupying Monsanto! Hell Ya Brilliant idea. Support the Occupy movement! More stats 10
prescott_bush More stats 10
Regarding the Mayan calendar, the 21st of December 2012. If you can say something about it Mr. Alien Sir? More stats 10
Mass Starvation ofGermans, 1945-1950 Morgenthau, treasury dept Zionist Rothchild Jew, FDR’s handler More stats 9
Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair More stats 9
Amschel Mayor James Rothschild was found hanging: They Eat their own so we can EAT their GMO!!: This is how important we are! More stats 9
McGuire Sisters More stats 9
Saudi ambassador plot fabricated to frame Iran. More stats 9
JILL STEIN for US President 2012. YES SHE CAN. And here is her Issues. More stats 9
Entangled in (MERS): An Interesting take on gaining a clean break. More stats 9
Turmoil in the Military:Possible Coup and Why not with this disfunctional government! More stats 9
Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation More stats 9
Morgenthau Plan: I don’t know why the Zionist Hates us. But this is what they did! More stats 9
Satan’s Land Title DEED and Why the fruits of Israel bring forth destruction. More stats 8
Know they Enemy’s and his Bloodline: Rothschilds and the Grail Bloodline More stats 8
President Strangelove: Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the Secret Drone Attacks. More stats 8
Video: UFAA United Front Against Austerity Oct 27,2012 More stats 8
Magna Carta agreement More stats 8
Jubilee 2012 “I Want the Earth plus 5%” understanding fractional reserve banking More stats 8
Crazy Alert: Dick Cheney claims he had Executive Powers, Planned on Assassination of President Bush and Practiced Assuming the Presidency_COG More stats 8
The Masonic Founding of The United States of America More stats 8
Oligarch’s in Action: Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy More stats 8
The Protocols of Zion and the man who suffered to warn the world. More stats 8
Ezra Pound More stats 8
Monsanto like a tumor in Washington DC, Maybe they eat their own food and like their consumers be gone in ten years! Question is will you an me be here to notice. More stats 8
Talmud is Judaism’s holiest book and the Bad Sh*t it contains. More stats 8
You Think Eugenics is a Hoax, Why would they do that?, You better Look at the overall picture and read this:Part 1 The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III. More stats 8
Mounting Evidence Pegs Broccoli as One of Nature’s Most Health-Promoting Foods, Tackling Hypertension, Cancer, and More More stats 8
How the Zionist controlled Allies treated the Defeated Germans: Just Remember Dresden More stats 8
Remember when Libya’s Bank was 100% state owned: WAR Pays Well, Now it’s 100 % Rothschilds More stats 7
What’s the most vile discusting word to a Rothschilds ear: Ready “PEACE” it will get you and so many other great men killed! More stats 7
General Patton’s Warning ..then when he put it together his assination More stats 7
Mr. New York post Zionist author would have you believe organic food is contaminated and your part of a cult. More stats 7
British Coup d’Etat In Washington: After FDR The British took over and started the Cold WAR!! More stats 7
KJV-King-James-Version-Bible-first-edition-title-page-1611 More stats 7
The way is there! Greece set yourself free against the bankers! More stats 7
I hope Europe has readup on it orwell1984 :CZECH PRESIDENT: The Destruction of Europe’s Democracy Is In Its Final Phase!! More stats 7
Tsipras “I wish we had become Argentina” One politician still remains loyal to a republic More stats 7
The Death Spiral of Greece continues to spiral downward as more austerity is applied’ More stats 7
Astragalus: Chinese Energy Herb: Time to sharpen your Immune System T-cell fortification. cleanse liver from chemicals More stats 7
Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual: Don’t Drink it! More stats 7
NWO game plan? read this!: Albert Pike and Three World Wars. More stats 7
#203 (deleted) More stats 7
UN Speeches,Assorted Leading Countries Statements at 67th UN General Assembly More stats 6
Obama Wins A Round in His Quest to Imprison ALL Americans Without Trial!!Get up a Communicate to your city county and federal Congress Dont LET THEM COME GET YOU!! More stats 6
Soros: “behave as a “benevolent hegemon” towards its partners.” Your making it difficult on the New World Order. More stats 6
Vice-Presidential Debate 2012: A Victory for Substance Over Style: Watch Full length Video More stats 6
Why Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld should be put to trial! Anywhere there is a Real Justice System! More stats 6
If you wanna know the Truth meet the Godfather_Eustace Mullins More stats 6
BREAKING NEWS: On the Front Lines Of assault on Democracy in Spain Banker Occupation More stats 6
Bilderberg in 2005, a look back to see how far they come. More stats 6
Fascist Fuckers comeout in Full Force against The peasants of Europe in General STRIKE. More stats 6
Everything and everybody Conspires against the Church: The Enlightment the Wisdom of Antiquity. More stats 6
Kucinich Creates Bill to Kill the FED!!!! HR2990 More stats 6
Welcome to Plutocracy! by Bill Moyer More stats 6
RARE LOOK At How the Elite Control the Media: Any Dislike they Kill your Kids! More stats 6
8 Lectures on How Zionism Destroyed Russia and This what they are doing to the USA!!! More stats 6
Are you Sick of your Choices between Obama or Romney? Well Here’s your chance to make a stand: 3rd party Debate! More stats 6
thCAHGYLXC More stats 6
51TH12TBRZL__SL300_ More stats 6
US Presidents Murdered By The Banking Cartel. More stats 6
Are the Oathkeepers waking to the fact that CIA is not their Friends?! More stats 6
Britain will just never leave us alone! Britain ah you mean Rothschilds! More stats 6
States Residents in the mulitple 1000′s Petition W H To Secede From Union. So How might be the track record of the Federal Government to see if there is any justification for this outcry?! More stats 6
What Did Ezra Pound Really Say? fasinating reading! More stats 6
David Livingstone_articles written by DL More stats 6
Kennedy’s Cancer CIA run amuk: a look back on how they felt about each other. More stats 6
Vaccines link to autism conspiracy confirmed More stats 6
It’s all a war of Make Believe,Zionism,Comunism,marxism but the goal of World government is Real! More stats 6
Rothschilds Dialed 911 probably time for us to dial 911 on them. More stats 6
Total Criminal Hypocrisy: Monsanto, Agribusiness and Big food companies spend freely Millions to convince you it cost them too much to label and the majority bought it hook, line and sinker. Prop 37 The Right to know what’s in your FOOD Dies along with the No sayers. More stats 6
Fixing the mortgage mess or creating a new one?!

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