Open Call To Rothschilds “Give up” and Give up your ambitions of Syria!

Open Call To Rothschilds “Give up” and Give up your ambitions of Syria!

Well Facts are fact and you can watch these shows till your blue in the face Yes the NATO death Squads are killing Innocent Civilians all that Assad has to do is step aside so Rothchilds gets his Islamic republic a setup for the next great war and Rob the Resourses of the Oil just found etc.. and Open his Bank.  That’s All!! And the Only Obstacles aren’t Iran or China or Russia seems there are non!! You wanna stop Syria’s killing you got to take the head of the snake. good luck with that.

 Syria does not have a Rothchilds bank! Syria does not have a IMF loan,  Syria does not support GMO, Syria has just discovered oil! and was creating a european pipeline. Syria is a Secular country and doesn’t favor any particular religion. Syria had democratic elections and choose ASSAD.

  PICK ONE Rothchilds wants to destroy it.  And your Democratic Obama strangely agrees.



The Key to Peace in Syria: Expel the NATO-backed Foreign Terrorists Who Compose Most of the Rebellion

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
January 5, 2013

Even a Syrian Girl tells more truth than all Rothchilds media from around the World

Waist of time the world is FULL of Cowards.

It’s a Pyramid why go through the bottom?!  Start at the Top and End it Today!!!!



One thought on “Open Call To Rothschilds “Give up” and Give up your ambitions of Syria!

  1. Last Call, Closing Call!! Just like last call for the world going in to a stupor!! Last Call Will your Sherriff’s Rise?!, Will the Republic Rise?!, The Congress is ZIONIST! Not Much Hope unless you strike at the NWO top! The hour is apon us!

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