Imagine the Sticker Shock! New Mexico Tries for GMO Labeling!

Imagine the Sticker Shock! New Mexico Tries for GMO Labeling!

When I go into Safeway to shop I READ Labels! Do you?! Can you Imagine What’s going to happen to Safeway when Normal yoyo’s See GMO Stickers on about 85% of everything on the shelves and that’s if they tell the truth!  I wrote an article earlier Cornsyrup the perfect weapon and it is!!! Corn is 85% GMO and syrup is sometimes GMO too!! from sugar beets. But togethor cancer tumors thrive on sweets.. Hmm  and don’t forget SOY and canola…They only thing from not stopping it from developing into full blown crazy cancer is it needs a good doze of radiation!! This Is an extremely good thing to understand the relationship of cancer cells in your body given to you by GMO and vaccines and the SWITCH that turns them On!!! Radiation and low levels too!!  Which is another article i wrote here. PS Always elect to bypass your TSA Scanners for yoursake. I never miss a chance for a patdown! it’s better than a cancer turn on!!


Oh just eating your garden variety standard GMO Corn: See French Study:here Are you Scared yet?! That isn’t fat that is tumors after 90 rat days which is about 5 to 10 years for you an me! As they say on the box guaranteed! Look Ma a little drop of dioxin sure adds up!


New Mexico Next in Line to Try for GMO Labeling

December 28th, 2012

Digital Journal
By Anne Sewell

Santa Fe – While California’s Proposition 37 ballot initiative to label GMO products seems to have failed, a State Senator in New Mexico is next to take the baton in the fight for labeling of genetically modified food products.

As was seen with Proposition 37, with Monsanto and Big Pesticide’s excessively deep pockets used to fight the ballot initiative, New Mexico might have a fight on their hands too. However, State Senator Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe) has proposed an amendment that, while it won’t be brought into debate until next year, he hopes will be approved and will ensure that NM consumers know exactly what is in their food.

If Sen. Wirth’s amendment is approved, it will make it mandatory for genetically engineered food and items containing genetically modified, or genetically engineered (GE), products to be adequately and clearly labeled. Sen. Wirth said, “The premise of this amendment is simple – New Mexicans deserve the right to know what’s in the food they are eating and feeding to their families.” “Labeling GE foods and feed will empower consumers with basic information to help them decide for themselves the types of food they want to buy.”

Sen. Wirth is already making headway in terms of getting people to talk about his plan. Food & Water Watch’s New Mexico Organizer, Eleanor Bravo says of his amendment, “Giving foods with GE ingredients a label will only improve and expand independent health and scientific knowledge about genetic engineering.” “We need the research of genetic engineering to be expanded beyond the companies who own the seeds and stand to profit and labeling will allow this to happen,” she added.

It will be a hard fight, as just a few weeks ago, Proposition 37 lost by a margin of 53 to 47 in favor of the No on Prop 37 campaign. People involved in the Yes on Prop 37 campaign feel that the last-minute defeat was caused by the multi-million dollar campaign launched by Monsanto, other pesticide companies, and junk food companies against labeling of GMOs.

There is still a certain amount of concern over the results of the election, due to discrepancies in tallies shown on the California Secretary of State’s website, but no real outcome has come of this.

Mark Kastel of The Cornucopia Institute said in a statement last month that “Genetically engineered foods found on market shelves have most commonly been altered in a lab to either be resistant to being sprayed by large amounts of toxic herbicides, or to produce, internally, their own insecticide.”

“Corporations that produce both the genetically engineered crops and their designer pesticides, in concert with the multi-billion-dollar food manufacturers that use these ingredients, fought this measure tooth and nail, throwing $46 million at the effort that would have required food manufacturers to include informational labeling on GMO content on their packaging.”

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