Hillary Staying the Hell away from Obama!! Why?, well ask 30 generals and CIA chief she was with them?!! In Murder in Libya!!

Hillary Staying the Hell away from Obama!! Why?, well ask 30 generals and CIA chief because she was with them?!! In Murder in Libya!!

After the Elections Obama got out his Hatchet and but with cunning the Mata Hari was sent in and down went CIA chief NEOCON  Patraeus which sent an up roar in BIBI’s camp as he launched a tirade on poor Palistinian kids for ten days on Gaza. Obama’s Hacket flew!! it also cost more that 30 NEOCON Military personal Like one of the commanders of the persian carrier force and a commander in Africom What is going on?, Neocons are dropping like flys? Hillary has been absent since dec 7 and just in time to miss photo shoot with the new syrian opposition Opps I meant Al qaeda photo shoot! Smart political move but then she missed her chance to spill the beans in congress’s investigation on Bengazi and just like that we get a new Secratary of State hmm people don’t just give up power that easy… She doesn’t want to be anywhere near Obama too. Yes it’s Speculation but the Neocons are screaming she knows what’s going on in the murder of The Ambassador and maybe she does as she always tows the line for Israeli’s concern and the neocons so the neocons are trying to go through her to get to Obama so is she protecting Obama or herself or both?

Speculation over Hillary Clinton’s health

Repost from Voltaire Network | 1 January 2013

Hillary Clinton, who was the main obstacle standing in the way of the foreign policy changes wanted by Barack Obama, has not appeared in public since December 7.


Bengazi Flu to got an Ouchi

Her secretariat announced on the 9th that she had developed a stomach virus. On the 21st, weakened by illness, she apparently fell and hit her head, causing her to suffer a concussion and a brief coma. On December 30, she was admitted to the New York Presbyterian Hospital with a blood clot in her head in order to undergo anticoagulation treatment.

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Her assistant Philippe Reines told the press that the Secretary of State would return to work in early January, after one month’s absence, to take care of current business until her successor’s confirmation by the Senate. He strongly denied the brain tumor allegations published in the National Enquirer.

In Washington, the neoconservatives have voiced doubt over the official account. Ambassador John Bolton accuses Clinton of faking a “diplomatic illness” to avoid having to answer before the Senate for her incompetent handling in the case of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. However, in private, many experts point instead to a paroxysmal hardening of relations between the Secretary of State and the President, which led the Secret Services to put her temporarily out of action.


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