2012 is OVER and it was What it was, But what could it have been!

2012 is OVER and it was What it was, But what could it have been!

Looking Back: If wishes were horses beggars would fly!!

RT takes us through the year and suggest we could have done better!!

NOW I would like to add a few of my Own!!

1) End the FED   End the dirty Ponzi scheme called the fed. It is nothing but a huge skimming operation and we can’t afford it anymore.  Do you relize the wealth that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have taken from us. Do you relize what they have spent the loot on?!!

A. They gave you the CIA whick killed Kennedy!  B. They given you all what the CIA has produced. C They gave you the banker bailout and robbed the treasury D. They have produced an out of control Wall Street made of Machines that skim off the top.  E. They have bought all the mainstreet media and hollywood and brainwashed the crap out of you! F. They have given you the medical system and the dirty tricks on gauging the shit out of your pocket books. They kill off the old people like my own grandmother by hooking them on 14 to 15 medicines to the point the kidneys cant take it.  G. They given you Vaccines laced with poisons and cancer courtesy of david rockefeller. Serilizations and Monsanto with GMO  H. List goes on an on and the presidents to go to endless mindless wars of aggression.

2) Debt Moritorium this debt is owed by the US Government to the bond holders while some is overseas the majority is owned by the 12 bankers and families of the FED therfore these international elite should be lucky we don’t off their heads and a debt moritorium. This happened before in Hoovers time to save US and Germany’s war debts too were delayed till they could rebound.


3) Barbacue sale on Wall street! The Dirivative game is bust and the 12 bankrupt banksters all in jail.

4) Wall Street pays for 1% transaction tax to fund  any possibilities of Austerity or social fabric from being destroyed

5) Follow General Washington’s farewell command and get our asses home!! No More Foreign minded ness and think and spend local at home.  The US Treasury will grant 0% Terra tranches of loans to states for the sole purpose of capital infastructure in Roads,bridges,highspeed rail, solar and industry formation. 

6) eliminate FEMA, FEMA CAMPS, DHS,TSA,NSA and NDAA Bring all troups home and guards return to protect the states. 

7) Eliminate Monanto from the face of the earth and jail all of its creaters. Clean up the effects!!


yeah 2012 could a been a lot better but we have 2013 to deal with these issues now!!!


Please let us know what your thinking.

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