Obama issues warnings no Chemical Weapons or we invade then NATO’s Rebels now use chemical weapons ploy.

Obama issues warnings no Chemical Weapons or we invade then NATO’s Rebels now use chemical weapons ploy.

WAR is Deceit and their is no bigger Deceiver on the planet than Obama so nice in words so darn right awful in action the paradox is outstanding. But the Effects are horrible as the Obama’s spend their Christms in a nice warm festive holday maybe on the beaches of hawaii the other side of the world Obama insidious CIA machine is launching strikes on innocent villages and some of them children.
Obama as commander in chief raises his voice and pronounces Chemical weapons are not to be used by Syrians forces on his own people to which Assad of Syria thinks is a absurd preposition to begin with. We now know why the utterances because NATO has supplied and trained the Al qaeda forces with Chemical weapons which they have used on Syrian troups and have killed a number of them. Now Watch as Obama will step up to the plate soon as say to the world we warned you against using these weapons now we have an excuse to kill more of your people and let all the extremist in like AKA Libya. 

The chemical weapons gang

Reminder this is all so the capitalist get their hands on first syrian oil and Next inroads to the big prize IRAN’s Banks and Oil fields.  Zionist or another name for them Neocons in Washington are drooling over the prospects of more and better revolutions as Trotsky lives in their wicked bloodstreams we need a stalin come up from the grave with a true nationist heart to stop them,

Zionist have 0%  morals will use any means necessary to win the world conquest!

Please let us know what your thinking.

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