Is this a Real Fiscal Cliff or a Grand Bargain Still?! One solution is..

Is this a Real Fiscal Cliff or a Grand Bargain Still?! It’s only how you frame the question!One solution is..


They want to frame the argument to solve the fiscal cliff is a compromise between Democrats want  taxes increased on the rich or  Republicans want cuts in spending programs like our social contract created in the 1930’s to weather the storm a a doomed economy but I have an alternative view one taken if you aren’t a main stream zionist new media outlet to protect it’s family jewels the thCAS54F5IFederal Reserve System and the zionist controllers that parasidically suck us dry and turn around and use our own Armies to fight wars for Rothchilds Military outpost Israel. I say the fiscal fiasco can be solved but it would take the backbone somewhat more stonger than wall streets puppy dog Obama to provide it and he would need to garner a real military for if nothing else to provide his own protection. He simply needs to walk over to the FED with his ARMY and close this Parasite DOWN;Shut er down!!  No more making us pay Them to use OUR Printers to Print OUR dollars simple isn’t it. Be warned the presidents who have tried this little trick end up on a short list of assassination plots which usually succeed such as our last real whom spoke out against these zionist, a real president Kennedy and he did the right thing and printed free of charge money from OUR treasury and told us that secret societies can take a hike.  Next we could next save a pretty penny on using our military for what it suppose to be zionistshooterDefence force and not Israels Concour the whole world machine that it has become.That would mean close down of the 1000 bases around the world say all 1000. Now what to do with all these people for Jobs
Simple again open the treasury at 0% NO CHARGE  and print for the states to create capital investment projects. I suggest you put solar on every residential home in America and have the owner charge a wholesale rate back to the electric companies and make a check! The electric company can resales the power to commercial industry and each homeowner would pick up a handy check that he didn’t have to beg his government for a handout let him earn it. this senario is a win win !! It’s a good deal for the electric company as well decentralization of the grid means no beefing up the lines which is what has to be done when they centralize the whole system in a desert. Just to be greedy!

The point is the Government frames the issues in a really small box without really solving the problems.

To really solve problems you make a list, prioritise the list then start at the top and work them down the list. Have you ever seen the government do that. This government is nothing but “We the zionist for the zionist by the zionist.

Till our military gets wise enough to see how much ass kissing it’s doing not for the civilian authorities but for the zionist parasitical authorities then nothing will change except worse for the republic.

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