Public CAN ONLY watch Zionist controlled media as Presstv is taken off air throughtout Europe and USA

Public CAN ONLY watch Zionist controlled media as Presstv is taken off air throughout Europe and USA: Truth too difficult for western fascists to bare any longer.



Iran State controlled media OR Free Speech media channel!? which ever way this is not good folks! You are making chances for thermonuclear war that much closer!

Israel’s leaders are just plain Insane assholes to stiffle the voice of presstv and opposing viewpoints means communication links get cut ask any police patrolmen they can tell you the most dangerous duty assignment are the domestic fight calls and getting inbetween of that communicating (fighting)  BOTH parties will turn on YOU  real fast then fists start flying you watch this will happen with countries as well real soon!!  



NBC,CBS,FOX,MSNBC,ABC along with many major Magizines LIE all the time!  The fact Presstv is so widely watched is the fact mainstream tv is all propaganda. Junk food for the mind flat out GARBAGE.  The Brain dead watch it to see cheap tricks and it certainly stunts THEIR  IQ even watching it for just two minutes.

I turned it OFF on 911 I wanted a proper investigation and two hours after the towers were nuked Neocon Brenner was there to tell us Osama a caveman in afganistan did it and then Bush attacks Iraq. Real retards!!  Mainstream is owned by Zionist Bankers and they feed garbage in your food supply called GMO and they finish you off with GMO for the Brain called mainstream media.

Please let us know what your thinking.

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