Kucinich: Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home: If only it was that Easy!!

Kucinich: Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home: If only it was that Easy!!

Why not just end the FED and tax wall street 1 % and pay off all the austerity that they now want to put the sqeeze on us all Too?

Why not issue 0% loans like you do for wall street and give to the states for capitalization and jobs and grow yourself a real economy?


Reason why you don’t is :  The People who know whats going on will have to grow a pair!


Will require your Army/Navy/Marines/and Airforce  to remove Rothschilds parasites first otherwise Zionist congress won’t let you!!! and the genocide party goes on their merry way! 

I think we are all under an illusion our Government is there for us. I applaud the last of the mohicans Congressman Kucinich!! When this government’s actions speak louder than it’s words. It’s whole character is there to SUCK us the tax payer Dry and then some!!! to bring about a world dominination trip of military adventurism anywhere the arms industry can play a round of GOLF!!  Meanwhile the individual states are looking like a bunch of ripe prunes as the prospects of any so called jobs program or a green revolution will happen yes will happen they will happen it China  but not America. I have suggested before if you want to give each American a pay check without being on Government wellfare all you have to do is allow each homeowner to have solar on his roof! and become an energy producer and sell wholesell rates back to the energy co.’s grid via netmetering and it’s a win win for everyone but. NO this Government of Zionist Jewish Rothschilds\Wall Street Origin are so self adoring that the Gentiles must be euthanized and allow The Pest Controller Monsanto’s GMO poison our food and Rothschilds medical vaccines poison to do their dirty work.  WHY do we allow this to happen?! Well I have to ask you Why do we allow the FED to get interest on money we can just print it free of interest  from our own Treasury. Over the years the families of the FED have gained far far too much power!!!  They have Bought all the media and corporations up and all of congress so only the food industry was left  so 1974 Kissinger said why not poison the useless eaters!! and now theycontrol that  too.  Well it’s all connected and They in government play out this illusion that we  the  suckers people run the huge government but just like the CIA , it  isn’t our government thats out of control. It’s  very much in control its just not run by us. It’s run by the Owners the FED while  the congressional Zionists  are  their Minions so congress which is bought off or SHOT much like our presidents to maintain the circus, The Greatest show on earth! Obama seems to enjoy it too and his controller Brezinski needs no introduction.

Dear Kucinich has a good heart and up against an ugly beast.

Kucinich: Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home
Billions to Continue War, Provoke Iran, Shred the Constitution — All Leading to Perpetual War

Washington, Dec 13 

Washington D.C. (December 13, 2012) — Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following statement on the NDAA:

“Today, this House will send the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to conference. Contrary to its title, the bill does not provide for the protection of the American people. It expands war. It further indebts our nation. It encroaches on basic rights with regards to indefinite detention. It eliminates the basic tenet that due process rights apply to everyone in this country – not just American citizens.

“The legislation also includes additional sanctions against Iran despite numerous reports that our sanctions are affecting the ability of ordinary Iranians to obtain medicine and offer basic goods. Sanctions have thus far not served to solve the impasse or bring Iran to the negotiating table. More sanctions are not the answer and do not bring us closer to a diplomatic solution.

“This legislation also perpetuates the myth that we are ending the war in Afghanistan. We are not leaving Afghanistan. We are deepening our commitment. This bill provides for another staggering $88 billion for the war. The Strategic Partnership Agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan commits us to the country for at least another decade with a $20 billion price tag.

“Finally, this legislation continues financing our bloated Pentagon. The United States maintains 1,000 bases worldwide.  Some of these bases are infamous, like Guantanamo Bay. There are small bases to support our drones program. There are fortresses to support our wars. 

“The cost to maintain these bases is billions of dollars. Included in these costs are the costs to maintain and run 234 golf courses around the world.

“The Pentagon is expanding their spy agency. The CIA has become a paramilitary organization. We are preparing to support intervention in Mali. Our government’s policy in Syria is incoherent. We are expanding our military presence in Asia and in Africa.

“And for what? For millions of Americans to be unemployed? For millions of Americans to go hungry? For millions of Americans not to have adequate access to education or even healthcare? For millions to lose their homes? For millions to lose their retirement security? For roads and bridges to collapse because we have no money for infrastructure?


“I say it’s time we pay attention to the defense of the American people’s pocketbooks – The defense of the dignity of the American people – The defense of the moral authority of the United States. It’s time to end this state of permanent war. We should throw out the NDAA, put an end to interventionism and begin to take care of things back home.” 



One thought on “Kucinich: Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home: If only it was that Easy!!

  1. No it’s time for people WHOM can make a difference STAND UP and if your a colonel or above in the services it’s up to you! Or do you like to have another kennybunkport this time without warning. Time is short when they poison your crops dont YOU THINK!?

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