Greece Leave or Stay?!: Either way it’s Best to understand All Sides of the issue.

Greece Leave or Stay?!: Either way it’s Best to understand All Sides of the issue.

First Below I have a very good explanation from a very controversial Economist, That is if your the Leading politicicians to me he just makes perfect sense and he has the backing of another 400 likeminded economists of Germany which whom sent a letter to Adolf Merkel and was quickly disregarded. Too bad, He explains the problem very well as you can hear him in the youtube inverview shortly below.
Greece! Greece is part of a very Grand plan! Yes, it’s true !!when you see the whole picture of what’s happened already. 
First came the USA Housing mortgages which were turned into financial assets called dirivatives and sold around the world but not to anyone they were sold to countries in europe that were part of a select group a very sophisticated attack yes just like WAR they were sold
to leaders of Governments like Greece to take on the private debt of the dirivatives even knowing full well they would be a losing investment and passing this debt to the public and the same story is played over and over throughout Europe. then when all the countries of Europe are at the brink with so much debt  then comes in their savior the  EUC central Bank!! of none other than Rothschilds to save the day. Merkel went to work and all each country had to do is sign their Sovereignty away no longer able to leave this union!! and nolonger able to handle your own finances they agreed all financial decisions will be handled by Brussels!! No Democracy involved. Not Good but seeing the cartel had a Leader in each country already faithful to the cabal it went down without a hitch!! and Rothschilds dear daughter came in with the paperwork and all was DONE. Signed and delivered Europe to Rothschilds!
and Europe now has their own version of the USA’s FED!!!  
related articles: search yahoo “europe signed over sovereignty”
End the FED!
So the financial crises was manufactered just as the one in the west as the FED is snapping up DEEDS to Land or as they put it QE3 buying the rotten mortgage backed security mess but in reality is the REAL PROPERTY DEEDS to forclosures Everywhere in the USA and  are being turned over from the cartels banks to the owners of the FED at a rate of 40BILLION a MONTH a whole lot of land deeds are now in the Rothschilds pockets.. Not bad for a management company that allows ourselves to order money from our own treasury at interest to them!! They have made  a long line of purchases from corporations , media, and congress too,  you name it it belongs to them.

Germany’s Favorite Rabble-Rouser Economist Lashes Out

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DateThursday, December 13, 2012 at 6:48PM

Hans-Werner Sinn, President of the German Ifo Institute that issues the closely watched Business Climate Index, is a thorn in the side of bailout politicians and eurocrats. When asked in an interview, published today in the Handelsblatt, if the Eurozone crisis hadn’t calmed down thanks to the promise by ECB President Mario Draghi to buy the debt of Spain, Italy, and other crisis countries, he sneered: all Draghi had done was explain to investors—from banks to hedge funds—that taxpayers in “sound countries” would make good on that debt. “That reassurance worries me,” he said.

In early July, he’d already irked the euro bailout establishment when he and over 170 economists warned in an open letter about a Eurozone banking union. It would collectivize bank debts that were “three times as large as sovereign debts.” Creditors should take the losses, not taxpayers, retirees, and savers of “still solid countries.” Banks should be allowed to fail. A banking union would “save neither the euro nor the idea of Europe” but would only benefit “Wall Street, the City of London, even some investors in Germany, and ramshackle domestic and foreign banks” that would continue doing business “at the expense of citizens in other countries,” all “under the mantel of solidarity.”

Rabble-rouser was the collective response from the red-faced German government.

And for a couple of years, he’d been raising a stink about the mushrooming Target-2 balances at the Bundesbank. These claims against the European System of Central Banks, he argued, now in the hundreds of billions of euros, could cost the German taxpayer dearly if the Eurozone fell apart.

He was accused of exaggerating and making gross mistakes in his analysis. The government tried to ignore him. The Bundesbank brushed him off; these balances were, despite their magnitude, “irrelevant,” it said. But plot twist: late February, Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann himself wrote Draghi a letter, warning him of the risks that these Target-2 balances posed.

Sinn has carried out his battle in the media. On TV even. Which irks the government even more. So, in the interview today, he didn’t mince words either. He was worried most about Spain, with its external debt that was “greater than that of all other crisis countries combined,” and with its unemployment problem that was as bad as Greece’s. A “dreadful combination,” he said.

And Italy? Let’s wait and see if Prime Minister Mario Monti runs in the elections, he said. “That would be a blessing.” But he pointed out that Monti’s reforms had gotten bogged down the moment Draghi uttered his bond-buying promise, which “suggested another solution.” The printing press. With the pressure off, unions blocked the reforms, he said. But the lack of competitiveness cannot be solved “with Draghi’s promise of protection.”

He painted a harsh reality. Since these crisis countries cannot devalue their currency to become competitive again, they have to go through the “painful process” of internal devaluation to produce goods at lower prices relative to other countries in the Eurozone. “With the exception of Ireland, this has not yet happened,” he said; and it’s not going to happen as long as the bailout money keeps flowing. But in the end, he said, “those countries that don’t want to become cheaper will have to exit the euro.”

He’d help the exiting countries with debt forgiveness and new money for their banks. But “the longer you delay the radical measures, the more private investors are able to sell their toxic paper without haircut to governmental bailout funds, and then hightail.” Taxpayers and retirees in sound countries would pay the price.

“Investors gain time, taxpayers and retirees lose time,” he said. The fact that the German government talks about implementing measures “to gain time” allows for only one conclusion, he said: “it has taken the side of the investors.”

How was this even possible? “The firepower of the financial industry” has been highly successful in influencing public opinion, he lamented. “That’s why politics has come to consider it a solution when creditors of southern countries are reassured with money from taxpayers in northern countries.”

He predicted that 2013 would remain calm up through the federal election because the ECB would continue its low-interest-rate-policies. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is counting on “this general calm” to get reelected. “Afterwards there will be new decisions,” he said. But he didn’t venture into details; too difficult. “Because the government, to take the wind out of the opposition’s sails, usually does the opposite of what it announces.”

As the Eurozone flails about to keep its chin above the debt crisis.

Here is a good prospective of the normal Greek citizens and the politicians of the EU on discussions on Staying or Leaving You already heard the wisdom of the German Economist so it’s interesting to see these comparisons as other points of view.

Starts out with one of the greek leaders they found 500Million in his mothers account part of the sellout money to buy into the losing dirivatives and helped Greece get into its debt. For me it’s hard to listen to him.

One thought on “Greece Leave or Stay?!: Either way it’s Best to understand All Sides of the issue.

  1. Ask any USA Citizen if the FED has been good for America?! It’s been a disaster!! It’s bankrupt the citizens and deeded over the land,the corporations everything belongs to rothschild and this is the Brite Future Europe is about to give itself. Ask Me Greece should RUN LIKE THE WIND away from centralized anything! Put a 1% sales tax on financial markets cause

      wall street will be gunning for you

    and BAN Dirivatives LIKE Germany!!

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