Syria’s new coalition same as the old,Except the new one has an Oil exec!! like Karzai of Afganistan so the US elite are more happy!

The NWO takeover Continues:

It use to be when the NWO wanted to take over your country they first would establish friends in high places and establish banks and financial institutions and establish thinks tanks and slowly weasel their way into power bribing where and whom they need and any resistance killing em off, such is the Zionist network ways and  means of taking over but either the elite are getting too old and impatient or their offspring impatient in youth because in Syria their means of taking over is completely different they first tried a direct attack and Israel forces were rebuffed so then they tried sending in the Al-qaeda forces they used in their sucessful campaign in Libya where a socialist state for the people was thoughly crushed and the gold and oil resources now fully in Rothschilds control but Syria isn’t as easy to crack and the Syrian forces quite handedly neutralized the gorilla forces of CIA’s Al-qaeda  so then they went political and formed an outside Syrian coalition number 1 but the world saw through that that the means this al qaeda/coalition wasn’t in the good taste of the US media’s limelight so today they formed a Syrian Coalition #2 and of coarse this isn’t promoting Democracy is it?  Well if you say democracy is majority rules and the world majority MOB votes for this group to rule then it is a democracy a fascist democracy rules without any asking the people within Syria what they want but Syria had their say last years election and voted for ASSAD. This should come as no surprise however the western government and Europe have not consulted their own people on any of these wars or anything at all!! as long as the Elite keep feeding the Bills passed through the governments and the congresses whom don’t even bother to read them. It’s Not only the financial world that’s SICK!  The People’s of the world has to rise up and stop it.

How?!,  Well When you study Gandhi and how he rid India from empire of England, well he did it by enlisting not only the lower class but the GUARDS when the Army/Airforce/Marines and Navy along with FBI and States Sheriffs and police dept. of the USA STEPS UP TO THE PLATE gets sick of being used as a bankers possessions and AFTER THEY WAKEUP and side with their own Kin their own Flesh and blood Citizens then the Elite will melt away. JUST AS YOU SAW MORSI DO IN EGYPT this last week when the justice dept and army sited with the population over morsi’s dictator decree’s.

God Bless the Day it happens in the Western World!

Syria’s new coalition same as the old. Except the new one has an Oil exec!! like Karzai of Afganistan so the US elite are more happy!


Please let us know what your thinking.

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