Max goes to Westminster:ohoh this is got to be good!

“We are in a financial holocaust” – Max Keiser says in Parliament

23 Nov 2012
Repost  From Hang the Bankers
by Jacque Fresco
The economic crisis has led to a “financial holocaust” which will lead to millions of deaths, said Max Keiser, the outspoken activist and financial presenter for the Russia Today television channel.

On invitation from Respect MP George Galloway to deliver an address on “the coming currency collapse” on Tuesday night in Parliament’s Westminster Hall, Keiser spoke of inviting HBOS whistle-blower and former head of risk Paul Moore onto his show.

“Over 100 million people have been thrust back into the poverty. That had its nexus in the City of London

“We decided and Paul agreed that this is nothing less than a financial holocaust. Millions are dieing, millions are set to die.

“People are committing suicide all for the sake of some banker bonuses to protect what David Cameron considers to be the jewel of the UK economy.”

Keiser was invited by Galloway, who welcomed him as a “legend”, and is notorious for his radical views.

In an appearance last year on Channel 4’s “10 o’ clock live”, he was applauded by the audience in calling for bankers to be hung.

Keiser, billed as “America’s most outrageous political pundit”, accused the Bank of England in his speech in Westminster Hall of being “in collusion with the Treasury in trying to hide a $40 billion black hole of debt” that was part of a “$37 billion stolen by [Chancellor George] Osborne from pensioners in a smash-and-grab”.

He went on to suggest that David Cameron, in defending the banks in speeches, wanted to defend “fraud, larceny, market rigging, scandals and his re-election coffers”.





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