Time Celebrates the Rothschilds Family when 4 weeks after JFK assassination!!

Don’t be foolish. Of course I did it…but you idiots will never know.”
Just look at him. It appears to me that that is exactly what Guy de Rothschild is thinking on this Time magazine cover. Just the message that he wanted to communicate as he peered out from news stands across America soon after the JFK assassination.. At the time of the assassination, Guy de Rothschild was the head of the Rothschild banking family. The Rothschild’s are the principal owners of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the U.S. In short, they own America. So, if they are not happy with America’s choice for the man who presides over their “corporate entity” they will “fire” him. In short, the Fed “fired” JFK on November 22, 1963. Yeah, just another conspiracy theory. Go back to sleep. The Rothschilds. as well as the other “hidden” owners of the Fed are heretofore referred to as the “Illuminati.”

As you can see, the Illuminati just LOVE irony. Did I say LOVE? Well…more like they LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE  irony. That said, it should come as no surprise that the Rothschilds were featured on Time Magazine’s cover shortly after JFK’s assassination.

Henry Luce, Time’s publisher, had to have begun preparing for the Rothschild cover story well before the assassination. JFK was murdered on November 22, 1963. The Time’s Rothschild issue was dated December 20, 1963. That is a difference of four weeks. If I am not mistaken, the magazine usually come out on news stands earlier than their official publication date. They are mailed even earlier to subscribers.  It seems to me that Time had finished putting the article together before JFK was assassinated and the magazine went into printing production as JFK’s body was getting cold.

So perhaps …the answer to the great question, “Who killed JFK?” was staring everyone in the face on news stands across the world soon after the assassination. That’s the Illuminati for you. Their secrets are so secure that they can flaunt them in public in Illuminati-style of course.


Rothschilds_Financier /Harriman_/PRESCOTT BUSH_Hired the hit team/George HW Bush_ Recruiter of hit team/ (Hunt,Moralas,and operation40 CIA Assassination team + Goons)   THATS WHO and HOW.

 George HW Bush, is the son of Prescott Bush, a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, for many years the senator from Connecticut, and the financial organizer of Columbia Broadcasting System of which he also was a director for many years.

Kennedy Was Killing the FED and Threatened these Players!

The ten largest bank holding companies in the United States are firmly in the hands of certain banking houses, all of which have branches in London. They are J.P. Morgan Company, Brown Brothers Harriman, Warburg, Kuhn Loeb and J. Henry Schroder. All of them maintain close relationships with the House of Rothschild, principally through the Rothschild control of international money markets through its manipulation of the price of gold. Each day, the world price of gold is set in the London office of N.M. Rothschild and Company.





I don’t know what a frankist from a frank and beans but this additional info does add a twist for the international flair and those of the occult side hell he’s human no matter how big the outfit and some patriot should do his duty for country and bring em to justice. More Info…


The Sabbatean/Frankist Illuminati removed JFK from the position of the presidency back in 1963. Why? Well they didn’t want the Kennedys running their country like a real country.The Kennedys had absolutely no clue what they were getting involved with. America the myth and America the possession of the Sabbatean/Frankists are two different things. The former is a perception.The latter is the reality. The Kennedy’s didn’t know that America was a S/F entity. They thought they could remove the claws of the European bankers from the U.S. They didn’t realize that the bankers owned the U.S. Nixon understood. Nixon’s wife was related to an important Bilderberger. Nixon was a player. He was the intended candidate for the presidency in 1960. The Kennedy’s muscled their way into the oval office. They paid dearly for their quixotic ambitions.

At the time of the Kennedy assassination, Guy de Rothschild was the head of the Sabbatean/Frankist Illuminist Network. He was the head of the Paris branch of the family bank at the time as well. That the French Corsican mafia had been implicated in the JFK assassination should not come as a surprise. Guy could have arranged that with a single phone call.

Israeli involvement in the assassination also points to the Rothschild group. They funded and guided the establishment of Israel. That would have been another phone call. Yitzchak Rabin was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was killed. A few years later Rabin and the Israeli Army would fight the Six-Day War with fighter jets provided by the French (Rothschilds).

Less than a month after the JFK assassination Sabbatean Frankists would proclaim their sovereignty over the U.S. in a public display with characteristic masonic irony. Guy de Rothschild would glare at the mourning American public from news stands across the land as his picture was put on the cover of Time Magazine for the Dec 20th 1963 issue. Sabbatean/Frankists had re-taken the oval office.

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Funny no mention of Bush!

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