Bad day,week and perhaps years for US Imperialism and Neocon agenda.YEAH!!!

Bad day,week and perhaps years for US Imperialism and Neocon agenda. YEAH!!!

Just like a good football game where you have the Patriots on one side and the Imperialist on the other the game isn’t over by a long shot but who suffers is ALL OF us in the middle but especially the poor middle-eastern peoples are taken it hard. Thankfully once again as it seems the pendulum is swinging to the Patriots side in a very clever coup to out the Neocons from power they have now no executive branch power and the top CIA Neocon just got conned himself Gen Patraeus by a new Hero of mine a very intelligent female Intelligence Officer Paula Broadwell that we should hold the utmost respect for she played her cards especially close to her belt and had to indure some pretty ugly stuff and I don’t mean just sleeping with the psychopath baby drone killer Gen Patraeus but covering up for his utter disregard to any conventions as whole villages were burnt down to the ground on and on again. She earned his trust till the time was right to take down the neocon network. Now BIBI’s network contacts in the CIA and US Navy and other intelligence is being routed out in a well timed maneuver just before Bibi’s own Election BIBi is taking it out on poor Gaza and this should be his final hurrah as no one will stand for this and the world is in an up roar. this will surely end it for the bungler Bibi and just like Bush its time once again to take the NAZI’s to the International Criminal court Hauge. Don’t give them any more time than they gave Saddam Hussein  or Qaddafi which didn’t get a trial.

Petraeus, Ham Fall In Night Of Long Knives For Pro-Romney Putsch Faction

Just like mission impossible the mata hari hands over all her classified doc’s on the CIA criminals over to the FBI as she is striped of her duties she can leave the FBI and Obama now has the goods on the CIA and more heads will surely roll! 

There is a chance this might lead into the 911 as alot of these players are part of that rogue government that was instrumental in the 911 events at that time.

And another Neocon this time a navy commander overseeing the Iran gulf a very scary place to have a rogue agent in waiting to start ww3 with IRAN anyways hes outed and the world is that much safer.

The bangazi assassination an attemp before the elections to sway the american people over to electing Romney setup by BIBI and his network and General patraeus is his Agent  now the Election is over and Americans didn’t fall for a Bush3 in the white house americans can resst but the intelligence community has still more work to do!

We are still not out of the woods not by a long shot the zionist network in washinton is strong and many players are stepping up to the plate to try to upright this situation. will we see a dismantling of homeland security or the TSA all run by the zionists or the imfamous FEMA with their Fema camps on stand by to do to us worse than they did to the Germans during WW2

Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 (Eisenhower’s Death Camps) [back] Genocide Food as a Weapon of War [More than nine million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after the Second World War, including 1.5-2 million German prisoners, which is the alleged number that died in Auschwitz. Architect–Morgenthau.]

Pretty ugly stuff but the zionist WAS in charge of that back then and didn’t have any problems with its execution or for dropping the bombs on nagasaki under truman the same advisor Morgenthau a Treasury agent and zionist had the ball back then! 

We have a lot to clean house and I the Game is still in play but watch out for the media most of it is owned by sir Rothschild and the bankers and Sir Rothschild is the biggest Zionist yet to be Conquered! Take that down and the world would surely live in peace!



well written account of neocons being routed out!



Please let us know what your thinking.

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