Oligarch’s in Action: Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy

November 15, 2012

Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

While the attention of most Americans was focused on whatever trivia dished out from the mainstream media such as the current hot celebrity or the David Petraeus incident, it appears that the Bilderberg Group has arranged what some have described as an impromptu meeting in Rome, Italy.

Yet, although much of the European press is dark on the issue, which is unfortunately characteristic of the mainstream media in any nation, some Italian newspapers are reporting the information regarding the meeting.

According to 21stCenturyWire, the agenda apparently centered around the fate of EU countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece, three nations that have been hit hard with the worldwide derivatives crisis and the subsequent imposition of austerity.

Various newspapers from all across Italy are reporting that around 80 members of the Bilderberg Group, particularly the Bilderberg Steering Committee, have been called to Rome for a semi-secret meeting to discuss the unfolding events of the engineered crisis.

In contradiction to the traditional methods of secrecy used by the Bilderberg Group such as renting entire hotels for days on end and dispensing with the guests and even some of the workers during the conference, this Italian Bilderberg meeting is taking place at the same time as another popular event, the Rome Film Festival.

Thus, instead of meeting in total secret, it appears the Bilderberg Group is attempting to hide its treachery in plain sight while blending in with the rest of the crowd of actors, actresses, directors, and general celebrities.

In this instance, one might suspect that the strategy of the group was to use the Film Festival as a cover for the attendees. If any were sighted at the Hotel de Russie, the sight of both the festival and the meeting, they could always claim they had only come to attend the film festival, do a short interview on the importance of film in Italian life and their favorite movie, and remain largely ignored in favor of the real celebrities walking about.

In a cruel twist of irony and outright disdain for the “little people,” and as J.G. Vibes of the Intel Hub writes, Italian newspapers estimate the cost of the Rome meeting to be around 100,000 euros for 80 people in attendance.

According to Italian website, DagoSpia.com, the attendees list appears as follows:

Enrico Letta, Enrico Bondi, Mario Monti, Marlieke de Vogel, Corradino Passera, Education Minister Francesco Profumo, Paola Severino, Elsa Fornero, Guiliano Amato, Governor of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi, Lilli Gruber, Chicco Mentana, “Bebe Bernabe”, Flebuccio de Bortoli, Vendeline von Bredow, Mauro Moretti of CGIL, Alberto Nagel the CEO of Mediobanca, Angelo Gimbals the Chairman of Agcom, Federico Ghizzoni of Unicredito, Enrico Teaspoons of Intesa, Fulvio Conti of Enel, Anna Marion Tarantola who is the President of Rai, Rodolfo De Benedetti the President of the CIR, and Ignazio Vis the Governor of the Bank of Italy

Someboby called the pest control, we got a cockroach infestation needs attending to?!



Bilderberg Steering Committee Meeting This Week in Rome

If you happen to be in or around Rome tomorrow, you can catch a glimpse, or perhaps say ‘hi’ to your Bilderberger masters, as they plan our lives for 2013 and beyond…

21st Century Wire

According to the following source the Bilderberg Steering Committee Meeting will start tomorrow in Rome:

Hotel de Russie
(between Via del Babuino and Piazza del Popolo)
Hotel de Russie
Via del Babuino 9
00187 Rome, Italy


They will have a special tour of the Musei Capitolini,
Followed by a dinner.
Estimated budget: € ???? ++ (more or less 80 guests)

Auto Translate Of Italian Article Followed By Original Italian:


In the most dramatic political moment for Italy and for Europe, the Bilderberg Group, almost as if it were a provocation, has chosen Rome to hold tomorrow its 61° work session will focus primarily on countries euro Commissioner most at risk Italy, Spain and Greece. The meeting there is ‘ track even on the official site of the most powerful and mysterious world organization which brings together managers, bankers and entrepreneurs from around the world…



Marlieke de Vogel, organizational Secretary of the Bilderberg Group, however, is hopeless: the hush-hush meeting in Rome of the most powerful financial circle para-Masonic world, scheduled for tomorrow, is likely a resounding flop. Why, given the accomplishments of these super sensitive meeting held uninterruptedly since 1954 and which takes its name from the Dutch hotel where it held the first meeting?

Bilderbergers will meet for drinks and dinner tomorrow in Rome.

Simply because the genes of the Organization have placed guests who are to discuss the fate of the planet, in the aftermath of Obama’s confirmation and with bags in fibrillation, in the prestigious Hotel de Russie, via del Babuino, angolo piazza del Popolo, but at the same time invaded by television crews looking for rising stars, actresses, pimps and Showgirls come to smignotteggiare for the Rome Film Festival.

Farewell then to secrecy and that look super padded that characterized all meetings that organizes Bilderberg usually only places ultra reserved twice a year away from cameras and gossip. The last meeting was held in reserved town of Chantily, Virginia, Usa, from 31 May to 2 July.

But in Rome, you know, everything ends in whores and so, so much to remain inconspicuous, 80 conspirators will relocate on a field trip tomorrow afternoon with dozens of vans with tinted Windows and flashing lights and sirens to ball, the Capitoline museums that will close their doors even earlier, at 17, to allow aprons a guided tour starting at 19 angering hundreds of tourists who will be dismissed resulting armouring of the whole area.

The catering that oversees the Organization, has forecast an aperitif at the entrance and then visiting, divided into two groups, the sala degli Orazi e Curiazi, Tabularium and Esedra where Marcus Aurelius ‘ dinner will take place.

By the way, it seems that the old Enrico Bondi has had under his eyes the quote for the guided visit and dinner. For about 80 people it seems over 100 thousand euros, a net price, just over 1000 euros per apron … Eat caviar and truffle? Drink only Crystal? But who pays?

Mario Monti should be in attendance tommorrow.

I certainly will want to know the austere Mario Monti gave for some dinner and maybe even to work Wednesday, along with the ever-present Corradino Passera, the Education Minister Francesco Profumo, the ever-present female duo Paola Severino and Elsa Fornero. Although to tell the truth in the work are never intended for government representatives tradition but it is known that resists not SuperMario when it comes to Aspen, Bilderberg, Trilateral and various cliques …

Despite the resounding defeat for tarnishing his Rome the shiniest remains Interior Minister Anna Maria Clerks who, sensing smells like burned declined the invitation thing I did obviously Giuliano Amato, designated in official documents as President of Treccani.

Posted in guest list, the Governor of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, the delicacy of the issues to be discussed and that in a sense it involves institutionally, has made it known to the French Henry de Castries, Chairman of the Bilderberg conservatively developments that will follow the work from Frankfurt to avoid with his presence in Rome inevitable exploitation.

Poor de Vogel is also bleached when he noticed that among the Italian guests now regulars as Lilli Gruber, already Attovagliata in Chantily, there is a new entry of journalism as Chicco Mentana precisely to show that La7 ‘ Bebe Bernabe ‘, Grand Master of ceremonies, is at home. Flebuccio de Bortoli, with his white raincoat and the collar turned up to go unnoticed, is in doubt until the last moment. Also waiting for the arrival of Vendeline von Bredow likely ” The Economist “the warhead, more anti-Berlusconi.

But who are the guests confirmed for now? Among the Italians the former trade unionist of CGIL Mauro Moretti the railwayman, Alberto Nagel, CEO of Mediobanca, Angelo Gimbals, Chairman of Agcom, Federico Ghizzoni to of Unicredito, Enrico Teaspoons of Intesa, Fulvio Conti of Enel, the President of Rai Anna Maria Tarantola, the new President of the CIR Rodolfo De Benedetti, the Governor of the Bank of Italy Ignazio Vis.







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