The Many Twists to the General’s Story: Is it Betrayal or HERO?!: Zionist in congress are screaming, Obama off’s Petraeus’s head!!

Twist 1:  I wrote this the-bangis-of-benghazi two weeks ago with the news the CIA’s role in the Ambassator Steven’s Murder was an operational cleanup because the CIA made mainstream media and was running wild in the news about US Governments funding and Arming Al qaeda in Syria!! this looked bad for a secret organization on a secret war an especially before elections so to prevent congressional testamonies the CIA started to eliminate the team so the hit on CIA agent and al-qaeda arms runner Ambassador Stevens was just part of  that cleaning it up.  

CIA’s Al_Qaeda at the embassey in Libya that fatefull nite.

Then  Twist 2: on another investigations an article I wrote stated that BIBI inintiated

the Hit on the Ambassador Stevens just like he tried to Assassinate Gen Dempsey because the US Military and probably Obama too stood up to the serial killer BIBI and so as elections drew near contracted the CIA  with the GEN Petraeus’s help eliminated the Ambassador.The story here is “Bibi Boys got popped” . This is to throw the elections in favor of Romney and make Obama look bad. They certainly tried this.

Enter twist 3:  It now seems and you would wonder when is the US Military going to stand up to Rothschilds CIA and their stooges in Washington such as Bidon and Obama and the Wall street Zionists whom loyalty and royalties all lead to Rothschilds bank in England

ok remember which office right.. Yeah the one at the top! Good!

When is the Courageous US Military going to stand up to this BULLSHIT especially after legislation such as NDAA,COG, FEMA, Homeland Security, TSA, And the Neocons endless slaughter on innocents. When are they going to have their “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” moment? well just maybe your seeing it begin and the Neocons are furious about something you don’t see top officials get hammered for sex issues and reputation killings of this type without something big going on in the background.  

Well think about it:

 Well What was the Ambassador role in Libya he was the Prime arms dealer and supplier to undermind the whole of the middle east for the CIA they succeeded quickly in libya and were scheduled to take down Syria ages ago to get to Iran so the Ambassadors role was important!!! to their dream of conquest So the HERO General snuffed the insurgency of Syria of coarse Hillary and her gang of vipors hurriedly rebounded denouncing the last Syrian Council (all banker payroll stooges) and staging their new meeting in Doha VERY STRANGE! which Syria has come out and publicly stated that this is the declaration of war against syria as the new New Syrian Council( not much different ) won’t negotiate a cease to stop the use of force. Well of coarse not!! these puppets don’t have that power to and Rothschilds don’t want cease fire anyway. 

Maybe the General is taking a stand for Truth and Justice Remember he did swear an oath to the constitution

or just maybe it’s a case where evil does good and one more gun runner dies and the democratic elected Assad fights on.

Perhaps something of the congressional testimonies might reveal a bit more. we will wait an see as the twists keep coming.

Final twist?!  THE NEOCON PETRAEUS IS NO HERO: COUP and counter COUP.. Madam Mata hari brings the general down…

Petraeus, Ham Fall In Night Of Long Knives For Pro-Romney Putsch Faction


Please let us know what your thinking.

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