A LUCKY SHOT hit munitions in Tel Aviv: Israel Getting a bit of unuse to Payback: running for cover.

Powerful blast rattles Tel Aviv, sirens go off for 2nd day!!

Not Reposted from Presstv!
Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:7PM GMT
A thunderous explosion has rocked the Israeli capital Tel Aviv setting sirens off for the second straight day  and you would think this would garner a pause against their inhuman aggression against Gaza Strip but it continues unabated.

The projectile reportedly struck something good in the commercial district in the city. Probably blew up some eugenics, chemical or amunitions lab. Sending happy faces and cheers with the Palestinian resistance movement bringing hope to the struggling masses or at least a little piece of revenge, Hamas, announcing that it’s technology is getting a little better along with it’s accuracy but it’s still in it’s infacy it has fired the rocket that struck the munitions lab and more is surely to follow towards Israel.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv police has broken open of all underground bunkers across the city in response to rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Bibi was overheard saying about why it was necessary to just exterminate the whole lot of them. but was called to back down otherwise the US funding for their open prison system experiments might cease. That means billions in US tax payer dollars borrowed from china with interest to rothschilds bank would end!
Two can play this terrorist game!!
And last a Sky news british news video of the report claiming an unknown organization named islamic jihad claimed responiblility an uncanny name considering they the british want to continue this ficticious war on a ficticious islamic enemy thats fighting a ficticious jihad, I think they made the name up. Hamas is sick of Israel attacking unarmed civilians cornered in a box where they cant freely leave. rights yeah they have no other way to express their greivances but to lob firecrackers at their bully eugenics neighbor.

Please let us know what your thinking.

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