BIBI”S BOYS GOT POPPED! A General Betrays us and Obama. An Obama shows elections have consequences.

If you read yahoo news you will honestly never know anything but bubble gum news   THIS IS MAINSTREAM NEWS LOOK BELOW TO FIND OUT WHAT INTELLIGENT PEOPLE THINK …

New twists in Petraeus case: Another general accused of ‘inappropriate’ emails, ‘shirtless’ FBI agent taken off probe


By | The Lookout – 8 hrs ago

Gen. David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell in July 2011 (ISAF via Getty Images)It seemed the story behind Gen. David Petraeus’ resignation as director of the CIA couldn’t get stranger. New reports, however, now indicate that Marine Gen. John Allen, another well-respected, high-ranking general, might be involved in the growing scandal.

On the surface, the case so far involves the FBI; a slew of allegedly inappropriate emails (between Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell; Allen and socialite Jill Kelley; and allegedly threatening ones Broadwell sent to Kelley); the FBI agent who started the probe, who’s now being investigated for sending “shirtless” photos to Kelley; and, as reported by the New York Post on Tuesday morning, a child custody battle involving Kelley’s twin sister that allegedly concerns both Petraeus and Allen.

To help sort things out, here’s a rundown of events, and where things currently stand. 


Seems the NEWs Going around the Internet is quite a bit more real than girly men stories from yahoo.


The CIA Assassinated Chris Stevens their Own Man  as I wrote an earlier story  on suspecting a covering up the arms sales to rebels as mainstream news was catching on we are arming the up risings in the middle east and CIA agent CIA Stevens was in the thick of it. I said at the time it was a house cleaning to prevent congress interregations.

Now it seems the reasons are more complicated  “a BIBI killing spree” Bibi wanted to Sway the US Elections in favor of ROMNEY you remember how much in the news of Bibi’s dislike of Obama a few months ago after US said no help in an Iranian attack for an October surprise it almost cost Gen Dempsey his life and did kill some of his aids when mossad attacked his airplane just hours after a meeting with BIBI and Now the Investigations turns on the  Stand down Orders given to other CIA members  in libya from helping the Ambassador on the night he was killed  and the Rebels themselves were CIA-Al queda rebels that were being armed by same Agent Stevens.

Taliban can’t disable (turnoff)high level security Surveillance systems and breach inner sactums undetected word is mossad especially after the general just arrived from israel and disapointed Bibi with no us help on Iran Strike.

BIBI Threatenes Gen Dempsey!         after general candid interview.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have launched a vicious attack on US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, an American war hero, saying his recent statements “served Iran.” They objected to his statement on Sunday, on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS , that

“I don’t think a wise thing at this moment is for Israel to launch a military attack on Iran…”

He also said such a strike “would be destabilizing” and “not prudent.” He added,

“…we are of the opinion that the Iranian regime is a rational actor. And it’s for that reason, I think, that we think the current path we’re on is the most prudent path at this point.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who in the past has called for expulsion of Palestinians from their West Bank home and boasted of derailing the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords, accused Dempsey of “serving Iranian interests,” according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (“The Land”), which wrote:

“We made it clear to Donilon that all those statements and briefings only served the Iranians,” a senior Israeli official said. “The Iranians see there’s controversy between the United States and Israel, and that the Americans object to a military act. That reduces the pressure on them.”

Likely officials of the far right wing Likud Party were especially angered by Dempsey’s assessment that the Iranian leadership is made up of “rational actors.” Israel and its media agents in the United States have expended enormous resources in attempting to convince the US public that the Iranian leadership is made up of mad mullahs obsessed with the end of the world who would gleefully light the nuclear match that brought about an apocalypse. (All this completely untrue and mere racist pablum.) To have the top military man in the United States undo the work of millions of dollars worth of propaganda must have been galling indeed.

Netanyahu’s charge that Dempsey is “serving Iran” is completely unacceptable and deserves a stern rebuke from the Obama administration if it is not going to make itself look like a complete set of wusses.

 BIBI FEEL BETRAYED AND ROMNEY SOOTHES SORE WOUNDS!!! Promises attack if elected . So Wiley BIBI’s hires CIA BOYS And enter the Hit on Ambassator Stevens.  Guess what!! elections have consequences as FBI called in by OBAMA traces it right to Gen betrayus and now Gen Allen…

Turns out Gen Betray_us has lived up to his name and betrayed Obama! and Elections have consequences and the General and now the next Marine Gen. John Allen is also involved in an attempt to sway an election . ah this story is has got LEGS and turning into a ménage à trois for yahoo bubble gum news viewers.




Please let us know what your thinking.

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