A Plan to add jobs and money in the hands of ordinary people as well as produce energy the right way.Think local, act LOCAL, f*** GLOBAL and especially F*** GLOBALISTS . Thank you

A Plan to add jobs and money in the hands of ordinary people as well as produce energy the right way.

By jonkirby2012.wordpress.com

I’m a retired electrical engineer currently running my own investment company building real estate. This plan was something I contemplated doing as a startup but I find it’s more important to share.

This plan creates a solution to mulitple problems. Here are the list of problems it can help solve:

How do you put money in the hands of ordinary people without calling it welfare. Not relying on a government handout.



How do you reduce green house admissions at the sametime give the existing energy companies a profit.



                                                                                                                                                  How do you give a start to new green business owners at the sametime give jobs to construction workers and installers.


How to remove the strain of the existing centralized grid of energy distribution. While not having to build the LINES and STORAGE from massive power generator system thats centralized like way out in the desert and the loss from transporting this power. 


People need jobs!

People need jobs! Good jobs and green jobs Everyone heard the Obama’s FAILED attempt at his green jobs actually it was half hearted attempt at best. A plan executed for another robbery scheme by his wall street croonies and allowing the republicans to point fingers and say see the green movement is a tax payer waist.. But is it?. The plan the president did IS A WAIST agreed because they always try to solve the energy program the same way CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION why this way so bad? because a handfull of people can own and control everything always the same the elite are greedy and want the earth plus 5 %. Their way was to create a HUGE Solar collector in the dessert or windfarm and have massive Battery storage and huge Distribution Lines PLEASE Is this really the right way?! It isn’t a drop in the bucket in terms of production I can show you the surface coverage just doesn’t cut it to solve an entire nations needs. ok Enough said they made their attempt here is MY solution.

DECENTRALIZED Energy generation that means..

If the obama administration took the same amount of resources ie. money that they put into a private company the gone broke and put it in to this plan that instantly will generate a return and would payback the government initial investment NO WAIT TIME. Here is what i am saying …

Take a normal residence say San Jose, California where I grew up and say you  first have to have  a startup buying SOLAR panals and hire Installers  government steps in and buys the panels pays for the installers too helping that businessman then you install those panels on every square foot of residential neighborhoods with the citizen have no cost 0$ helping the jobs for construction so far the government has done all the investing then the homeowner hooks up his service as a net-meter contract so the energy company will pay the owner for the surplus energy not used. This will take the energy requirments off the grid as it decentralizes and the energy companies make a profit as they do have to pay the homeowners but they pay them at a different rate WHOLSALE then the charge out when they sell the extra energy RETAIL and they would make a handsome profit they don’t need to add any more HEAVY distribution lines as it the residential neighborhoods pay for the manufacturing neighborhoods that pay premium to the energy companies.  win-win-win.

There could be a small charge on each transaction that would recover government investment and over time pay more than the initial investment as in time the tax payer would actually win too. Notice the owner made out twice his energy bill went to almost zero while he also got paid on the sale of surplus energy so perhaps the homeowner might chip-in and payout something to the government to contribute to the program as the owner would still make money this is negotiable. 

I thought of doing this as a business in Oregon as they are the only ones close to me that pay for surplus energy in cash! but i feel it is important in todays world to just pass the information so an army of internet users might find a hero out there to get this implimented and that would be more rewarding to me.

Think local, act LOCAL,  f*** GLOBAL and especially F*** GLOBALISTS . Thank you.



Please let us know what your thinking.

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