Satan’s Land Title DEED and Why the fruits of Israel bring forth destruction.

If  it were Satan you wouldn’t expect him to pay for Land with an honest buck but to Steal it as a thief. Here is Satan Land Deed and it’s titled Balford Agreement. Nov 2 1917.

Britain Gave to Rothschild the Palistine State which did not Belong to the British while Satan has been Punishing the remaining Palistinians ever since. Palistinian Situation brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch on Presstv focus on Palistine. You might ask yourself for a people to honor their own holacaust you might think would be a little more humble about inflicting pain on others but no not the state of Israel they seem to want to lead the world in their straight forward charge to a hell on earth. Everyday threatening their peaceful neighbors and threatening Iran with their 300 nuclear warhead war set to blow.



Rothschild was given title to Palistine as a Merit Reward for Usary payment not for the people of Israel but LAND from war reparations on the allies for Funding the WARS. This is a stinky way to earn your living a terrible start to Israels History or you might put it a reason why Israels fruits belie their foundations.  You couldn’t possibly build on a worst start and no wonder they think stealing everyone elses land is perfectly exceptable when they received their own land on a illegal thieft so they just go on thieving.

Time to pay up England.






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