CHARLES LINDBERGH SR., Actions that lead to the Federal Reserve Act”

The following is an extract from Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr’s. book — “Banking and Currency and The Money Trust”. Lindbergh was the father of “Lucky Lindy”, the aviator and one of the men most hated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

He said:

“When the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Bill was sprung in the House in its finished draft and ready for action to be taken, the debate was limited to three hours and Banker Vreeland placed in charge. It took so long for copies of the Bill to be gotten that many members were unable to secure a copy until a few minutes of the time to vote. No member who wished to present the people’s side of the case was given sufficient time to enable him to properly analyze the Bill, I asked for time and was told that if I would vote for the Bill, it would be given me, but not otherwise. Others were treated in the same way.

“Accordingly on June 20, 1908, the Money Trust won the first fight and the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency Law was placed on the statute books. Thus was the first precedent established for the people’s guarantee of the rich man’s watered securities, by making them a basis on which to issue currency. It was the entering wedge. We had already guaranteed the rich man’s money, now by this Act, the way was opened, and it was intended that we should guarantee their watered stocks and bonds. Of course, they were too keen to attempt to complete it in a single act, such an enormous steal as it would have been if they had included all they hoped ultimately to secure. They knew that they would be caught at it if they did, and so it was planned that the whole thing should be done by a succession of Acts. The first three have taken place.

“Act No. 1 was the manufacture, between 1896-1907, through stock gambling, speculation, and other devious methods and devices of tens of billions of watered stocks, bonds, and securities.

“Act No. 2 was the panic of 1907, by which method those not favorable to the money trust could be squeezed out of business and the people frightened into demanding changes in the banking and currency laws which the Money Trust would frame.

“The Act No. 3 was the passage of the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency Bill by which the money trust’s interests would have the privilege of securing from the Government currency on their watered stocks and securities. But while the Act contained no authority to change the form of the Bank notes, the U. S. Treasurer (in some way that I have been unable to find reason for) implied authority and changed the form of bank notes which were issued for the banks on Government bonds. These notes had hitherto printed on them, `This note is secured by bonds of the United States.’ He changed it to read as follows: `This note is secured by bonds of the United States and other securities.’ `Or other securities’ is the addition that was secured by special interests.

“The main thing, however, that the Money Trust accomplished as a result of the passing of this Act was the appointment of the National Monetary Commission, the membership of which was chiefly made up of bankers, agents, and attorneys, who have generally been educated in favor of, and to have a community interest with, [the] Money Trust. The National Monetary Commission was placed in charge of the same Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Congressman Edward B. Vreeland, who respectively had charge in the Senate and House during the Act creating it.

“The Act authorized this commission to spend money without stint or account. It spent over $300,000.00 in order to learn how to form a plan by which to create a greater money trust, and it afterwards recommended to Congress to give this proposed trust a fifty year charter by means of which it could rob all humanity. A bill for this purpose was introduced by members of the Monetary Commission and its passage planed to be the forth and final act of the campaign to completely enslave the people.

“The fourth act, however, is in incubation only, and it is hoped by that time, we realize the danger that all of us are now in, for it is the final proposed legislation which, if it succeeds, will have us in the complete control of the moneyed interests. History records nothing so dramatic in design, nor so skillfully manipulated, as this attempt to create the National Reserve Association (`Federal Reserve System’ *emphasis mine) otherwise called the Aldrich plan-and no fact or occurrence contemplated for the gaining of selfish ends is recorded in the world’s records which equal the beguiling methods of this colossal undertaking. Men, women, and children have been equally unconscious of how stealthily this greatest of all giant octopuses-a greater Money Trust is reaching out its tentacles in its efforts to bind all humanity in perpetual servitude to the greedy will of this monster.

“I was in Congress when the Panic of 1907 occurred, but I had previously familiarized myself with many of the ways of high financiers. As a result of what I discovered in that study, I set about to expose the Money Trust, the world’s greatest financial giant. I knew that I could not succeed unless I could bring the public sentiment to my aid. I had to secure this or fail. The money trust had laid its plans long before and was already executing them.

“It was then, and still is TRAINING THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES, TO DEMAND THE ENACTMENT OF THE ALDRICH PLAN OR A BILL SIMILAR IN EFFECT. Hundreds of thousands of dollars had already been spent and millions more reserved to be used in the attempt to bring about a condition of public mind that would cause demand of the passage of the bill. If no other methods succeeded, it was planned to bring on a violent panic and rush the bill through during the distress which should result from the panic. It was figured that the people would demand new banking and currency laws; that it would be impossible for them to get a definitely practical plan before Congress when they were in an excited state and that as a result, the Aldrich Plan would slip safely through.

“It was planned to pass that bill in the fall of 1911 or 1912.”

Nelson A. Rockefeller was the namesake of Aldrich, the Senator from Rhode Island, who was the principal author of the crooked deals which allowed the passage of the “Federal Reserve Act” in December of 1913. The arch-segregationist T. Woodrow Wilson, of Princeton and New Jersey ( but formerly from Virginia ), was equally complicit in this fraud, as the sitting President of the United States. Remember him ? “He Kept Us Out Of War” was his campaign slogan in the 1916 election cycle.


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