Jeff Rense News Links Oct 31, 2012

Fukushima Mayor…An Unforgivable Act Of Murder – Vid

Young Boy – ‘It Looked Like Rain Came Over Fukushima Daiichi’ – Vid

Frankenstorms And The Fukushima Factor

NJ Officially Reschedules Halloween

Seaside Heights, NJ Damage

How Hurricane Sandy Downgraded The Election

Facebook Bans Navy SEALS Anti-Obama Page – Vid

Racist Or Targeted Campaign Marketing? You Judge

Beware Post-Elections

Privatizing Unemployment – BoA Sacramento Coup

US & France Tell Israel To Back Off On Iran Attack

Drone Wars

Kirwan – The Stories Inside The Story

Br. Nathanael – The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed – Vid

Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos!


Hurricane Sandy – Another Zionist Attack On America?

Depopulation Thru Planned Govt Starvation Of US Citizens

7.7 BC Quake Hit Where GeoEngineering Experiment Occurred

DOJ Set To Overrule Pro-Marijuana States

JoeTalk – Hell Walkers, Pt 1 – Vid

12 Yr Old Sent To Detention For Hugging Classmate

Cleanup Begins After 15,000 Fish Die In Galveston

‘Kill A Pit Bull A Day’ Draws Outrage – Vid

Pedophile Blackmailers Of The Year – Vid

Chuck Woolery Bashes The Social Security System – Vid


Cop Tasers 10 Year-Old On Career Day

Mexican Man ‘Guilty’ In Brian Terry Fast/Furious Death

Are Minds Confined To Brains?

We Must Stop Eating Out Oceans

Black UFO Captured On Video Over Georgia, Pt 1 – Vid

Colonial Era (?) Skeleton Found Under Uprooted Tree

Electric Universe Invitation To Future Scientists – Vid

Amazing 9 Yr Old Wizard On The Banjo – Vid

RC Lifts Oyster Creek Alert

Gunderson – Sandy Q & A About What Happened – Audio


Nuclear Plants Withstood Hit From Superstorm Sandy

Japan-Style Nuclear Safety Errors Abound, Regulator Warns

25% Japan Tsunami Fund Spent On Unrelated Projects

Much Of Japan Fukushima Disaster Relief Money Running Amok

Even Children Are SICK And TIRED Of The ‘Campaign’ – Vid

Heavy Snows In West Virginia – Vid

NYC Getting Subways Back Into Service – Vid

NJ Barrier Islands – Widespread Damage

Homeless Offered Little In Wake Of Sandy

Don’t Let The Storm Sway Your Vote


Romney Focuses On Storm Relief – Vid

Obama Hums GOP Tune – ‘US Exceptionalism’

Fed Ct OKs Hidden Cams On Private Prop w/o Warrants

SCOTUS To Consider When Police Dogs Can Sniff

Smartphones, Ttablets Adding 2 HOURS To The Work Day

Will The Benghazi Coverup Turn The Election?

Glenn Beck On The Benghazi Coverup – Vid

Syria Hits Terrorists Hard By Air

Syria Terror War Has Killed 36,000 To Date

‘The Only US Policy Towards Syria Is To Blame Russia’


Iran vs The Empire – Fighting Dollarization

Israel Says Iran Has Pulled Back From Nuclear Weapons

Ex-China Envoy To Japan – US Foments Island Dispute

Polish President Crashed Plane – Explosives Remnants Found

Saudis To Raze Mohammed Tomb To Build Bigger Mosque

US Dollar Reserve Status Pays For The Murder Of Muslims – Vid

Nationalize The Federal Reserve

Soros Schemes To Control The Future Of Greece – Vid

Greek Journalists Strike, Alleging State Censorship

Roll Call Of Corp Rogues Who Are Looting The Country


Eurozone Unemployment Hits New High

French Brewers Hit With 160% Rise In Beer Tax

Portugal Govt To Steal More For EUSSR Banksters

Pike – Debunking Joe Farah’s Jewish Fables

Savile Given Keys To Nurses Home Accommodation

Savile – Police Failed To Question Boss Of Abuse School

Wooldridge – Sandy And Climate Destabilization

Trick Or Treat – The Politics Of Treason

Occupy VS TEA Party NYC – Vid

Recent 7.7 Quake Worrying Washington State – Vid

Oklahoma Prepares For Open Carry Gun Law


10 Yrs Late – Good Riddance To Dangerous Wind Farms

30 Foot Effigy Of Lance Armstrong To Be Burned

Computer Viruses ‘Rampant’ In Hospital Devices

Drugs Giant Roche Suppressing Tamiflu Trial Data

Cancer Survivors Report Lower Quality Of Life

Sugar And Corn Refiners (HFCS) Accuse Each Other

How Silver Turns People Blue

Someday ET Will Find These Photos In A Dead Satellite

The Haunted Winchester House – Vid

Northeast In Recovery, Crawling Back To Work After Sandy

Millions Still Without Power In Sandy’s Wake


Obama, Romney Put Aside Campaign For Now

AMTRAK To Resume Some NE Service

NYC Transit Systems Trying To Restart – Vid

Sandy Took Down Some Big Internet Sites

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile No Service Restoration ETA

Super-Storm Sandy Powered By Fukushima Weather Effects

Obama…Liar-In-Chief – Sets New Records For Lying

10 Things The MSM Can Celebrate If Obama Wins

Blue Shield Of CA Plans To Return $50m To Customers

Greek Whistleblower/Journalist Risks Imprisonment


The Pervasiveness Of GMOs In Medicines & Supplements

Russian Ship Carrying 700 Tons Of Gold Ore Missing

Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate Linked To Parkinsons

Saving Humanity

You Are The Weakest Link In IT Security

Be Where You Are Not Where You Aren’t

JoeTalk – On UFOs And ETs – Vid

Supreme Court Spurns Justice

Study Finds Just One High Fat Meal Can Affect Heart


Oyster Creek On Alert As Power Supply Interrupted

6 More Inches Of Flood Can Stop Oyster Creek SFP Cooling

Fukushima Diary – ‘Where’s The Flood In Brooklyn?’ – Vid

See Dreams From My REAL Father NOW On Netflix FREE

Death Toll From Sandy Now 40, East Coast Crippled

Evidence Of Creating And Steering Hurricane Sandy

Was Sandy Man Made? – Vid

McGrath – Get Ready…Global Perfect Storm – Vid

‘Dreams From My Real Father’ Filmmaker Bank Acct Hacked

Should Obama “Disband Fox News”? (Huh?)


What Barack Obama Has Done To America In 34 Months

Fast & Furious Report Shows Obama’s DOJ Incompetence

MSM Provides Cover For Obama Treachery


Tarpley On Mormonism & Mitt


Interview With Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson – Vid


Former Editor Of Roswell Newspaper Recalls UFO Crash


Family Captures UFO On Video During Drive Home – Vid


Thatcher Tory Pedo Coverup


The Rebirth Of The Stern Gang


Major Banks, Governmental Officials And Comrade Capitalists




Welfare Drug Screening Law In OK Begins Nov 1


Another CA Surfer Hit By Shark – Severe Injuries


Sandy Death Toll 30, Millions Without Power


Five Nuke Plants Now Affected By Sandy


Devastation Near NJ Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant – Vid


US Aims To Tame, Control Hurricanes – Vid


Duff – US Military Planned Mutiny To Topple Obama


The President Who Seems Not To Care


Obama Same Old, Same Old – We’ve Heard It All Before – Vid


Gallup – 22 Pt Drop For Obama From 2008 Early Voting




Poll – Israeli Jews Prefer Romney


Republican Actors – Illuminati Directors


Obama’s Benghazi – The Set-Up And The Coverup


Benghazi – A Taste Of Tyranny


Iran Sends Warships To Sudan After Israeli Airstrike


Madsen – Sudan Raid All Hallmarks Of Israel


‘Israel Plays Barbaric Tricks Against Gazans’ – Vid


Hillary Clinton In Algeria To Push For Mali Military Action


Chrysler Says Not Moving Jeep Production To China


Cyberattacks On US Banks An Excuse For War?


The Truth About America’s Jobless Rate


When Corporations Bankroll Politics, We All Pay


Japan Seeks Exemption From US Sanctions On Iran


BoE Official – Occupy Movement Right About Global Recession




UBS To Cut 10,000 Jobs After 3Q Loss


Are You a Terrorist? Take The Self-Assessment Test


A Nation Of Victims – Everyone Has A Story Of Woe


Spellcheck Generation Can’t Write Even Simple Words


Savile Behavior On Visits To Prince Charles Of Concern


Messiah Blair – EU Needs A President


Hitachi Buys Right To Build Next Brit Nuke Plants


UK Farm Workers ‘Trafficked And Beaten’


Needless Cancer ‘Therapy’ For 75% Of Women


Breast Cancer Screening ‘Harming Thousands’




The Remarkable Rise Of Mental Illness In Britain


Could Junk Food Give You Alzheimers?


Eugenicists Wanted Contraceptive Implant For 13 Yr Olds


Buddhist Monk Is World’s Happiest Man


Latest Updates On Sandy Destruction, Damage, Deaths


Freak Flooding In NYC, Fire Takes Homes, Subways Shut – Vid


Fire In Queens Destroys 50 Homes – Vid


NJ Levee Breaks, Streets Flooded, 100s Evacuated – Photos


State By State Impact Of Monster Storm – Vid


Sandy Winds And Rain Leaves NY, Eastern US Crippled




Parts Of 2 Nuclear Power Plants Shut Down


Storm Complicates Final Stretch Of Presidential Race


Obama’s Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days


The Grim Truth About America’s Jobless Rate


Sandy Wreaks Havoc Across Northeast – Photos


LIVE Coverage – Sandy Slams East Coast


Sandy Leaves 6.5 Million Without Power, Snow Possible


Storm Hit States Now Lashed With Snow – Vid


Sandy…Transformer Explosion At NY Power Plant – Vid




Kirwan – NFL…The First Major Casualty


The Progressive Case Against Obama


Benghazi-Gate – Has Uncle Sam Joined The Jihad?


Romney Talk To FEMA


Scenes From The Romney Campaign


Joe The Plumber Is Dead – Vid


MSM Gross Complicity In The NDAA – Vid


Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood


Tepid Palestinian Authority UN Upgrade Bid




Greece Jails Journalist Who Published Tax Evasion List – Vid


Scotland & Numerous Others Try To Break From EU – Vid


Big Pharma Responsible For More Carnage


Madonna Booed In Louisiana For Promoting Obama


Haunted Hills Where Gravity Is Forsaken – Vid


NY Medical Examiner Steals 9000 Brains For Experiments


Tokyo Prepares For Next Big Earthquake


Gunderson – 26 Nuke Plants In Sandy’s Path


Gunderson…Hoax Drew Attn From Fukushima Spewing Radiation – Vid


NHK Film – Fukushima Is A ‘Civilization Disaster’




Ex-Hurricane Sandy Ashore – Winds, Rain, Damage – Photos


Romney Soars In Pensacola – ‘Obama Out Of Ideas’


CNN Poll – A Virtual Tie In Florida


Feds Sending More Inspectors To NJ Nuclear Plants


Hurricane Sandy Expected To Hit 26 Nuclear Power Plants


Two NJ Nuclear Plants Likely To Shut Down Today


LIVE Coverage Of Sandy Making Landfall – Vid


HMS Bounty Replica Sinks In Hurricane, Two Dead – Vid


Kirwan – Eyes Of The Storms


Sandy Disrupts Campaigns, Impact Too Early To Tell – Vid




Sandy Injects Big Unknown Into Campaign – Vid


Will MSM Silence On Benghazi Save Obama?


Benghazi Demands Answers


Voter Fraud Inevitable From Digital Elections

Accusations Against General Cast Shadow Over US Army

Canadian Cops Urge Parliament To Pass Domestic Spying Bill

UN Decides On Palestine November 29

UK Death Drones To Be Flown From Britain

Lawson – Friends Of Israel – Enemies Inside The Gates – Vid

Germany Rattled As Taxpayer Losses Loom In Greece

Troika Proposes 150 New Reforms For Devastated Greece


Greece Considered More Risky To Invest In Than Syria


Jeep To Build All Model Lines In China?

Group Demands Central Bank Reveal Netherlands Gold Location

The Saudi Paymaster

Land Deals In Africa Have Led To A Wild West

Joe Six Pack & Janet Eye Shadow In Anywhere-Land

India Experimental Thorium Fueled Nuclear Reactor – Vid

Boarding Pass Barcodes ‘Can Be Read By Smart Phones

Mainstream Media Can’t Handle David Icke Truth

‘Creepy’ Jimmy Savile was banned from Children in Need


3 Docs ‘Collaborated’ With Savile In Child Patient Rapes


Britain Set To Freeze In Long Arctic Winter

Weird 2012 Quake Signals Tectonic Plate Birth

Two-Thirds Of Australians Now Obese

How Magnets Could Stop Alzheimers


Street Lights Turned Off In Large Areas Of Britain

UK Cops Inundated By Thousands Of Online Disputes

The CME That Shattered Solar Theory – Vid

French ‘Alchemists’ Turning Water Into Gold


Sandy May Bring ‘Catastrophe’ And Impact 60 Million – Photos


Piers Corbin On FrankenStorm – Vid




Updating Live – LATEST Superstorm Sandy Satellite Photos, Videos


Northeast US Largely Shut Down…Superstorm Sandy Nears


Northeast Braces For Sandy…NJ Landfall Monday


Sandy Threatens NY, PA, NJ With Disastrous Weather


HAARP Status And Real-Time Network Detection


It Was Treason – Arrest Obama


Obama Ad – Kids Sing Of US Where ‘Sick People Just Die’ – Vid


Obama’s Disposition Matrix


Br. Nathanael – Putin’s Pipeline To Syria




Ten Questions For Obama On Benghazi


Syrian Ceasefire Crumbles Amid Fierce Fighting


West Sleepwalking Into Endless War


Illuminati, Nazis & The Illegal State Of Israel


Does Your Pastor Serve God Of The Global Elite?


Remember Bani Walid


UFO Dives Into Mt Popo Volcano, Big Mex Media Coverage – Vid


Dragon Ship Back On Earth After Space Station Trip


Sea Life In BP-Destroyed Gulf Said Small Or Non-Existent


Petras – Beyond President Chavez Electoral Victory – Socialism




China City Halts Chemical Project After Protests


Eerie, Prophetic Pillars On St John Divine Cathedral?


Rense & Foerster – Mystery Conehead Skull Found – Vid


Ernst Zundel – A Spartan Of The Spirit – Vid


Monsanto-Lovin’ Cowboys Push To Kill Wild Horses


Insecticide Sprayed In Planes With Passengers Aboard


Chemtrails…Nervous System Damage From The Sky


New Hospital Label…’Not Admitted – Under Observation’


Three Causes Of Spiritual Illness


Crazy, Insane Things Pesticides Are Doing To Your Body




Deadly Poultry Vaccine Combination In Oz


Captive Deer Exposed To CWD Loose In PA Countryside


Massive Foot-Wide Malaysian Moth Found In UK Garden


Is TEPCO Injecting Liquid Nitrogen Into Reactor 1?


All Fish Near Fukushima ‘Inedible For Years To Come’


Worst Of Sandy Yet To Come – Northeast Impacts


Worst Case Scenario


Sandy May Do $3 Billion In Damage, NE Battens Down – Vid


Mass Transit In East Shutting Down As Sandy Nears – Photos


Feds Shut DC Offices Monday, 8,000 Flights Grounded – Vid




Gunderson On Sandy And Impact On US Nuclear Plants – Audio


Sandy Disrupts Campaigns – Vid


HI Tsunami Warning Lifted After 100,000 Flee Shoreline


States From Maine To Carolina Brace For Sandy


Sandy Threatens Millions By Flooding


NY Subway To Shut Down Before Sandy Arrival


Election 2012 Slipping Away From Obama


Petraeus Throws Obama Under The Bus




Romney – Obama Has No Agenda


Campaign – Momentum vs Math In Last Week




Polls Shows Race Extraordinarily Close


2012 Polls – Race Now Too Close To Call – Vid


Benghazi – Obama Knew


Father Of Dead SEAL – Obama Pushing Pack Of Lies


Kirwan – Turning The Clock Back÷


13 American Cities Going Broke


Racial Prejudice Worsened During Obama’s First Term


GMO Compounds In 100% Of Pregnant Women, Fetuses

Maher Discusses GMOs With Hirshberg Of ‘Just Label It’ – Vid

US Keeps 70 Nuclear Bombs In Southern Turkey

Duff – Netanyahu Blackmailing West Over Iran

More On Savage Israel

Satellite Pics – Airstrike Hit Sudan Weapons Plant

Palestinian Killed In Israeli Airstrike On Gaza

Aleppo Now Flooded With Turkish Products – Vid


Syrian Rebels Seize Lebanese Journalist

Detailed Picture Of ‘Liberated’ Libya – Vid

More On Savage Israel

Spotlight On Mid East


Atzmon – Arch Pedo Savile Devout Zionist, Israeli Supporter


US Facility Tied To Meningitis Crawling With Mold, Bacteria

Ex Minister Says Thatcher Aide Was A Pedophile

Bitter Infighting Sweeps The BBC

Irish TV Broadcaster Browne Calls Israel A ‘Cancer’

What Shall We Not Talk About Today?

USS Liberty – A Day Of Rage

In No Man’s Land, Seeking Doors Of Deliverance


UFO Hangs For 2.5 Hrs Over KY – USAF Won’t Comment – Vid

Nuclear Power Eyes Developing World

EU Blamed For Soaring Energy Bills

Fight To Save 33% Of Britain’s Trees From Fungus

Self-Sufficiency – A Local Solution To Global Problem

Plant Tied To Meningitis Overgrown With Mold, Bacteria

Canals May Have Sped Building Of Angkor Wat

2000 Years Of History – Paris In 3D – Vid

Why Some People See Sound – Vid

New Element…Obamacronium…Discovered – Vid




Sandy Closes In On East Coast – Some Mandatory Evacuations


Mass Evaucuations Begin As Hurricane Sandy Nears


Hurricane Forces Campaign Changes – Election 10 Days Off


Romney Pledges ‘Big Change’


Trafficking Anti-Iranian Propaganda


Polls Point To A Virtual Tie With 10 Days Remaining


Obama Up 50% To 46% In Ohio – Vid


A Funny Call From The GOP


Major 7.7 Quake Off Coast British Columbia – Tsunami Warning


Halloween Costumes – How Far Is Too Far?




The Coming Eminent Domain Heist


Call For Investigation Of BLM Slaughtergate Allegations


Paul Wellstone – Tenth Anniversary Of His Assassination


Explosive Concentrations Of Gas At Fukushima R1


Even Tokyo Residents Are Evacuating


Tracking Sandy Live – Vid


Sandy Strengthens – East Coast Braces


Over A Dozen Nuclear Plants Brace For Sandy


17 Million On East Coast Live Within 19 Miles Of Nuke Plants


David Duke…The Zio Election From Hell – Vid




Reporter Grills Obama On Libya, ÎBullshitterÌ Remark


Tarpley – Obama Supporters Prepare To Be Betrayed


Why The US Is Sick Of Obama And Romney


Why Romney’s Not Ready For Hurricane Sandy


LA City Council Unanimously Endorses Yes On 37


‘District Of Corruption’ Exposes Both Political Parties – Vid


An Urgent Message For America – Vid


UN Should Be Kicked Of US Soil Says Congressman


Devvy – This Christmas, Will You Support US Or Foreign Workers?


Seattle Police Plan To Deploy Spy Drones




New Israeli Attack On Sudan


Iran War Not Right At This Time – UK


Bani Walid – Foreign Fighters, Phosphorus Bombs, Nerve Gas


Bani Walid Dr Who Stated Gas Attack Said Killed – Vid


Kidnapped Bani Walid Man Released Today Talks – Vid


Sirte Al-Qaeda And The Looting Of Libya – Vid


Syria ‘Rebels’ Sold Exploding Rifles By Mystery Brit


US Can’t Produce Documents For $7b In Iraq Money


Giraldi – Blaming The Muslims


Turkish Democracy




Time For The Truth About Benghazi


Meet The Missile That Destroys Everything Electric


Kirwan – Endgame On Display – Part 1


Kirwan – Endgame On Display – Part 2


Deconstructing America’s Tax & Budget Fraud


The Relentless Evil Of Goldman Sachs


Rockefellers, Crown Cocaine & Haitian Slavery


Cancel Federal Reserve Debt


Banks Steal Property Through Appraisals


Bread Cost Soars After Freak Weather, Pork, Chicken Next




Savile ‘Grabbed Woman’s Chest In Front Of MPs, Journalists’


EU To Build $700m Laser To Zap Nuclear Waste, Cancers


DHS Molecular Laser Scanners – Vid


RFID Chip Implantation – Vid


TX Gov Rick Perry Rebukes Feds Over Stem Cells


The Cold, Hard Daylight Of Temporary End Times


Meet The Internet Gatekeepers


Are Globalists Outmatched By Humanity’s Greatness?


Spirit Of Rebellion – Rebellion Of The Spirit


Could Euglena Single Cell Organism End Most Hunger? – Vid




Dying Satellites Could Mean Forecasting Gap


Switzerland, Italy Ban Novartis Flu Vaccines


FDA Updates Warnings On Rotarix Oral Vax For Infants


GMO Tree Ban Urged At UN Convention On Biodiversity


Mississipi Town Sued Over ‘School-To-Prison Pipeline’


TEPCO Likely Still Pouring 1,000 Tons Of Radiation Into Sea Daily?


TEPCO Admits Reactors Leaking Radiation Into The Sea Non-Stop


Tuna From Japan Waters Bringing Higher Radiation Here


Romey, Obama ‘Reverse Roles’ As Vote Nears – Vid


Can Ohio’s Voting Machines Be Hacked? – Vid




Superstorm Could Slam East Coast


Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite For War


Netanyahu Pledges Continued Lawlessness


No War Has EVER Been Declared By The People Of A Nation


$43 TRILLION Lawsuit Against Holder, Geithner & More


80 Evil CEOs Want To Raise Your Taxes


Judge Cuts Berlusconi’s Tax Evasion Sentence To 1 Year


CIA Asked 2x For Help In Benghazi & Told To ‘Stand Down’


Benghazi – Obama Can’t Run And He Can’t Hide




Benghazi And The Clintons


FKN News – Rapist Pedophiles In Power – Vid


Injection Wells – The Poison Beneath Us


Amazing Ship Can Carry 100,000 Ton Oil Rigs


Driver Records UFOs Over Dallas – Vid


UFO Resembling Fluorescent Bulbs Spotted In KY – Vid


F. William Engdahl Rails On Banksters & Austerity – Vid


British Exxon-Mobil Oil Chief ‘Assassinated’ In Brussels


Did Russian Hitmen Kill UK Oil Executive?


Budget Cuts Push Spain Jobless To 25 percent




NYT Plunges As Ad Slumps Leads To Surprise Loss


End Times – NY Cop Arrested In Plot To Kidnap, Eat Women


US Boxing Boss – All Female Fighters Gay Or Abused


Singapore To Unveil World’s First ‘Mechanical Forest’ – Vid


Texas Doomsday Exhibit To Demystify Maya Calendar


Riches Found In Ancient Mayan Tomb In Guatemala – Vid


Retinal Stem Cell Discovery Challenged By Funding


Prozac Pregnancy Babies At Risk


Scientists Think They Are Close To Solving The ‘Matrix’ Theory


Radiation Levels In Fukushima Fish Rising




Most Expensive Vote Ever? Obama Cast Early Vote In Chicago


A Low-Down, Dirty, Rotten, Expensive Presidential Election


Marxist Obama Said Up By 4% In Ohio


Barack Obama – The Human Hoax


Dangerously Dumb Obama Supporters Hate His Policies – Vid


Blocking The Vote


Biden’s Ongoing Dismal Gaffes


Romney Skeptic Makes Case For Replacing Obama


Hurricane Sandy Kills 41 In Caribbean, Heads For US




Masonic Truck Loaded With Mystery Body Containers – Vid


FEMA Casket Liners Investigated – Vid


Crude Oil And Gas Coming Up All Around La Sinkhole – Vid


Apple – Old Technologies Holding Us Back


Putin Brands Western Media ‘Hypocrites’ (how about pure evil)


IDF Sniper Killing US Troops – US/Israeli Video Weapon


Israel’s Big Bang


Israeli Regime Seeks To Annihilate Palestinians In Gaza


Netanyahu, Lieberman Merge Parties For Ballot


UN Reporter Slams Companies Aiding Israeli ‘Settlements’




Atzmon – Jew-Ish


June Terpstra – Gilad, Who?


UK Says No To US Request To Use UK vs Iran


China Rejects Sanctions And Use Of Force Against Iran


Rense & Dr. Miraki – The Zionist War On Syria – Vid


US Sends Troops To Turkey


Turkey Plans For War On Syria Ready


Assad Agrees Ceasefire, Rebels Take More Of Aleppo


US Assists, Funnels Arms To Syrian Terrorists – Russia


Hezbollah In Bloody Assault On Assad Enemies




Remote US Base At Core Of Secret Drone Ops


Globalism Is The #1 Risk Facing Humanity


Qatar Emir The Most Powerful Person In Libya – Vid


Morris Comment On Bani Walid Disaster Exodus – Vid


Libyan Humanitarian Catastrophe Ignored By West MSM


CIA Operators Were Denied Help During Benghazi Attack


Obama Fiddled While Bengharzi Burned


Oakland County, MI Defends The Constitution Against NDAA


Bernie Sanders Calls Out CEO Tax Dodgers


Business Leaders Urge Deficit Deal – Even If Taxes Higher




Illuminati Assassins


Martin – FDR Tipped Pro-Soviet Hand Early


Ten Years After The Sen Paul Wellstone Murder


The Kosovo/Albania Golden Triangle

A Guide To Countering The Corporate-Insurgency


Why The Future Of Farming May Be In Cities


Pesticides In Fruits, Veggies – Dirty Dozen And Clean 15 – Vid


Shocking Dangers Of Medical Overdiagnosis & Overtreatment


UFO Sighting Stuns Town – Witnesses Still Coming Forth – Vid


Maya Watchtowers Found To Align With Solstices, Equinoxes


Police Heard 7 Sex Assault Complaints Before Savile Died




Jimmy Savile – 300 Victims

Beast Churchill Wanted Nazi Chiefs Executed With No Trials


Quarter Of All Babies Born In UK Are Immigrants


The Island Where People Forget To Die


UN Monitors At US Polling Stations Causing Anger


TX Tells Monitors To Buzz Off And Stay Away


3rd Party Candidates May Play Role In Outcome


Obama Backs Gay Marriage Measures In 3 States


If ‘Obomney’ Wins


ABC Aiding Benghazi Coverup To Help Obama Win




Union PAC Targets Non-Obama Voters In VA


Israeli Lobbyist Calls For False Flag To Start Iran War


Estelle Passenger Ex Cdn MP Jim Manly Home In BC – Vid


NOAA To East – Beware Of Coming ‘Frankenstorm’


10,000 Drones Over US In 5 Years


China Blocks NYT Site After Report On Leader’s Wealth


Secret Service Monitors Social Media For Death Threats


Facebook Greed Decreases Traffic By 85%


Militias & Gangs Kill 600 In Bani Walid, Libya – Vid


Genocide In Bani Walid




GMO Wheat May Alter Human Genome, Cause Early Death


Activist Photographers Are Limiting Abuse & Brutality – Vid


Oakland County, Michigan Stops The NDAA – Vid


3rd Party Candidates On War, Drones, Pot And More – Vid


McGrath – Will You Survive A Collapse Crisis? – Vid


Why Corporations Are Psychopaths


Trade Data Suggest Another Global Downturn Coming


State Budgets In Jeopardy As Nation Nears ‘Fiscal Cliff


Big Week For Justice Department Vigilantes


How To Take Over Your Government




The Feds Are Dangerous To Minorities


Did Darrell Issa Commit Treason? – Vid


US Navy Can ‘Kill & Maim’ 7,956 Whales, 100,000 Dolphins


Dog Debarking Raises Anger And Disgust


Breakthrough In Quest For Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft


Fried Planets – NASA Science


New Study Brings A Doubted Exoplanet ‘Back From The Dead’


A Golden Reign Of Tolerance


Pakistan In Search Of Future


Quake Rated 5 On 7 Scale Shakes Entire Fukushima Coast




Massive, Growing Amounts Of Fukushima Radioactive Water


China To OK New Nuclear Plants, Ending Moratorium


Hurricane Sandy Could Threaten Northeastern US


Secret Service Snitch Hotline For ‘Suspicious’ Posts


Obama 2012-2016…The Death Of America


Ballot Cast For Romney Showed For Obama On Machine


OH Voting Machines – Brought To You By The Romneys


8 Shocking Rumors That Could Change The Election


Turner – It’s Good US Troops Are Killing Themselves – Vid


The 15 Richest Members Of Congress 2012




How The FBI Bosses The White House


A Nation Armed To The Teeth But Living In Fear


Duff – Death Knells For US Colonialism In Mideast


Bani Walid 25 Oct 11:15am GMT – Full Report – Vid


Bani Walid People Refused Right Of Return…Stranded – Vid


Obama Top Adviser Justifies Murder Of 16 Yr Old US Citizen


Obama Plans Extrajudicial Murders For Years To Come


Rep. King – Presidential Kill List ‘Totally Constitutional’


CBS Hides Video Clip Proving Obama Lies About Benghazi


Benghazi…So, Why The Coverup?




WikiLeaks Publishes US Terror Detainee Manuals


Iran Arrests 50 For Creating Currency ‘Disruptions’


China Names New Military Chief Of Staff, Officers


China-Baiting Tokyo Governor Forms New Right Wing Party


Hungarian Demonstrators Burn Israeli Flag In Budapest


Washington Created al-Qaeda In Yemen To Serve US


Hearing Into CIA Drones Would Dent US-UK Ties


The Lack Of Energy To Sustain Our Civilization


Discovery Channel Covers GeoEngineering And Chemtrails


Brazilian Student Sells Her Virginity For $780,000 Online




Top Survival Items At The Supermarket Besides Food


The House Of Rothschild


Global Markets Pummeled – Writing Is On The Wall


Bundesbank Slashed London Gold Holdings In Mystery


Currency Wars & China’s Secret Gold Purchases – Vid


UK Interest-Only Mortgages £100 Billion Time Bomb


UK Interest-Only Mortgages £100 Billion Time Bomb


Robber Barons Blow Commodities Bubble


Arranging An American Famine


What The Bankers Did Next… – Vid




Fascism Anyone? 14 Signs We’re Already There


Maya Demand An End To Doomsday Myth


Barnes & Noble – Hackers May Have Stolen Customer Data


Teen Says NYPD Paid Him To Bait Innocent Muslims


Judge Halts GMO Crops On SE Wildlife Refuges


Kirwan – Monsanto…Not Too Big To Fail


US Downplayed BP Disaster On Whales, Emails Reveal


Papa’s Delicate Conditions & The Funhouse Of Complexity


2 KY Men Acquitted Under New Zionist Gay Hate Crime Law


Eye Control Software For Smart Phones, Tablets




US Voice Recording From 1878 Played Again


Was There A Pedo Ring In No 10?


Savile Victims Say Pedo Ring At BBC


Police Probe 2 More Suspected BBC Pedos


Entire Brazil Indian Tribe Threatens To Commit Suicide


Sandy Now Cat 2 – Might Slam East Coast On Halloween


Hybrid Mix Of Hurricane Sandy, Winter Storm Threaten East


Why Romney Held Back In Debate


Truth About Obama – Dreams From My Real Father – Vid


Br. Nathanael – Today’s International Jew – Vid




Obama’s Cosmetic Surgery Gave Him A New Nose – Vid


Barack Obama’s ‘Ass Kissing Tour’ – Vid


The Romney – Gorgon Gekko 2012 Quiz


2012 – Vote For Nobody – Vid


Majority Of Jews Favor Israeli Racist Apartheid State


Activists Challenge Israeli Lawlessness


The Real Benghazi Scandal


Benghazi Massacre Coverup Breaking In MSM


US Could Be #1 Oil Producer Due To Fracking


The Judge – Submitting Hands In The Air To The TSA – Vid




US Sues BoA For $1B – Loan Fraud Was ‘Brazen’


BoA Sued By US Over Mortgage Loan Sales


Ex-Goldman Director Gets 2 Years For Insider Trading


Max Keiser – Where Is Germany’s Gold? – Vid


UFO Over Illinois, Witnesses Include Police Officers – Photos


The Art Of Persuasion


Trump Gives Them Something To Talk About


Green Party Populism


2nd Presidential Debate Oct 30 In Washington DC


Zimbabwe – Tapping On The Windows




Settlement Eases Rules For Some Medicare Patients


Concern Over Compounders Predates Meningitis Outbreak


Scientists Demonstrate Actual Tractor Beam In Lab


Another Santa Barbara Surfer Killed By Great White


Earth’s Magnetic Field Made Quick Flip-Flop


When We Die, Do We Wake Up In The Morning?


How Near Death Experiences Transform People


Bacterial Oral Vaccines Instead Of Needles


Sinclair’s ‘When One Man Stands’ Out In Time For 2012 Election


Liz Taylor Still Raking In Big Money


Please let us know what your thinking.

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