Why Iran Won’t Lend a hand guarding the Border of Syria.. I found my Answer!! The West’s Secret Weapon Ayatollah Khomeini!

An Epic Deception: America’s Overthrow of The Shah And The Secret Quest For A One World Government

“It is easy to go down into Hell; Night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; But to climb back again, to retrace one’s steps to the upper air — There’s the rub, the task.” – Virgil.

“The final victory of the divine over the demonic will be the victory of love. This love is linked to reason. In Milton’s terms, it interacts with reason, both contributing and receiving, as love “hath its seat In reason” and at the same time “refines the thoughts” (VIII, 589-91).” – Roland Mushat Frye. “God, Man, And Satan.” Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. 1960. Pg. 47.

“Decision’s hour comes. The knot is fastened.
He knows: the call outweighed the will to shun.
Yet his face, like a covered dial,
registers midnight. Even he is bound.” – R. M. Rilke, “The Magician.”

The road to World War III was paved with an epic act of deception by the internationalist U.S. government against Iran and the world. That act was not the false flag September 11 events, but the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the installment of an militant and totalitarian Islamic regime in Iran headed by Ayatollah Khomeini.

James Perloff, author of, “The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline,” says in his article, “Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened,” that, “at the height of Iran’s prosperity, the Shah suddenly became the target of an ignoble campaign led by U.S. and British foreign policy makers.” Perloff continues:

“Bolstered by slander in the Western press, these forces, along with Soviet-inspired communist insurgents, and mullahs opposing the Shah’s progressiveness, combined to face him with overwhelming opposition. In three years he went from vibrant monarch to exile (on January 16, 1979), and ultimately death, while Iran fell to Ayatollah Khomeini’s terror.

Houchang Nahavandi, one of the Shah’s ministers and closest advisers, reveals in his book The Last Shah of Iran: “We now know that the idea of deposing the Shah was broached continually, from the mid-seventies on, in the National Security Council in Washington, by Henry Kissinger, whom the Shah thought of as a firm friend.”

Kissinger virtually epitomized the American establishment: before acting as Secretary of State under Republicans Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, he had been chief foreign-affairs adviser to Nelson Rockefeller, whom he called “the single most influential person in my life.” Jimmy Carter defeated Ford in the 1976 presidential election, but the switch to a Democratic administration did not change the new foreign policy tilt against the Shah. Every presidential administration since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s has been dominated by members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most visible manifestation of the establishment that dictates U.S. foreign policy along internationalist lines. The Carter administration was no exception.

Nahavandi writes:

The alternation of parties does not change the diplomatic orientation of the United States that much. The process of toppling the Shah had been envisaged and initiated in 1974, under a certain Republican administration…. Numerous, published documents and studies bear witness to the fact, even if it was not until the beginning of the Carter administration that the decision was made to take concerted action by evoking problems related to human rights.

The Shah’s destruction required assembling a team of diplomatic “hit men.” Du Berrier commented:

When the situation was deemed ripe, U.S. Ambassador William Sullivan — the man reputed to have toppled the pro-American government of General Phoumi Nosavan in Laos — was sent to urge the Shah to get out. In December Mr. George Ball, an instant “authority on Iran,” was sent as a follow-up with the same message.

Sullivan (CFR), a career diplomat with no Middle East experience, became our ambassador to Iran in 1977. The Shah recalled:

Whenever I met Sullivan and asked him to confirm these official statements [of American support], he promised he would. But a day or two later he would return, gravely shake his head, and say that he had received “no instructions” and therefore could not comment…. His answer was always the same: I have received no instructions…. This rote answer had been given me since early September [1978] and I would continue to hear it until the day I left the country.

The other key player du Berrier named, George Ball, was a quintessential establishment man: CFR member, Bilderberger, and banker with Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb. The Shah commented: “What was I to make, for example, of the Administration’s sudden decision to call former Under Secretary of State George Ball to the White House as an advisor on Iran? I knew that Ball was no friend.”

The official narrative of Iran’s Islamic Revolution paints the U.S. administration as the stalwart ally of the Shah and a foe of the fundamentalist clerics. But the facts, as recounted by Perloff and others, prove otherwise. The reverse is true. America and the West hated the Shah, and favoured the Ayatollah, whose regime it now decries as a rogue state and the biggest source of instability in the Middle East.

One of the reasons the U.S.-British financial oligarchy removed the Shah from power was because he was against the opium trade. Other reasons are listed in this article.

II. The U.S. Government’s War Against Iran Began When The Shah Was On The Throne

The words “sinister” “hateful” and “evil” best explain U.S. and British policy towards Iran. First they overthrew Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953, then they overthrew the Shah in 1979, and now they’re looking to overthrow the Ayatollahs in 2012.

Whereas the U.S. government is pursuing a policy of full-blown war against the Ayatollahs, it practiced a policy of silent psychological warfare, political betrayal, and secret sabotage against the Shah. The globalist oligarchy in Washington and London outmaneuvered the Shah politically, bombarded the Iranian nation with anti-Shah and pro-Khomeini propaganda, and later imposed an eight-year war upon Iran via Saddam’s Iraq in which 500,000 Iranian fighters died needlessly. The war allowed Ayatollah Khomeini to consolidate his power, militarize Iranian society, and Islamize Iran’s political, cultural, and educational institutions.

The deception by America and England was possible because both governments fully embrace the powers of deception, trickery, and dishonesty. As Satan’s minions, they cornered Iran, driving it into ruin, chaos, terror, desolation, slavery, and war. But the grand deceiver is not to blame for everything. The Iranian people made a catastrophic mistake by throwing out the lion and running into the arms of the Islamic fox, while under the delusion that freedom would be gained by their act of disobedience towards their King.

Was there a chance for Iran to defeat Khomeini’s two-faced gang and the sinister Anglo-American plot? Could it overcome the powers of hell? Perloff explains how the Iranian military couldn’t act against Khomeini’s foreign-sponsored insurrection against the Shah because its close partnership to the U.S. military made it vulnerable to Washington’s extreme demands. He writes:

Iran’s last hope: its well-trained military could still restore order. The Carter administration realized this. Du Berrier noted: “Air Force General Robert Huyser, deputy commander of U.S. forces in Europe, was sent to pressure Iran’s generals into giving in without a fight.” “Huyser directly threatened the military with a break in diplomatic relations and a cutoff of arms if they moved to support their monarch.”

“It was therefore necessary,” the Shah wrote, “to neutralize the Iranian army. It was clearly for this reason that General Huyser had come to Teheran.”

Huyser only paid the Shah a cursory visit, but had three meetings with Iran’s revolutionary leaders — one lasting 10 hours. Huyser, of course, had no authority to interfere with a foreign nation’s sovereign affairs.

Prior to execution later by Khomeini, General Amir Hossein Rabbi, commander-in-chief of the Iranian Air Force, stated: “General Huyser threw the Shah out of the country like a dead mouse.”

U.S. officials pressed the Shah to leave Iran. He reflected:

You cannot imagine the pressure the Americans were putting on me, and in the end it became an order…. How could I stay when the Americans had sent a general, Huyser, to force me out? How could I stand alone against Henry Precht [the State Department Director for Iran] and the entire State Department?

He finally accepted exile, clinging to the belief that America was still Iran’s ally, and that leaving would avert greater bloodshed. These hopes proved illusions.

Some say that the Shah’s error was that he did not stand his ground and put up a fight. But how can a King go to war against sections of his own country, while a global empire is breathing down his neck? It would be madness and folly. The tragedy is that the Shah avoided blood, while Ayatollah Khomeini and his powerful Western backers desired it like nothing else. Khomeini infamously stated to his brainwashed slaves: “Destroy, destroy, destroy. There cannot be enough destruction.”

III. The Creation of An Islamic Caliphate By The Luciferian Globalist Terrorists And Shadowy Bilderbergers

The Western-sponsored Arab Spring in countries like Egypt, Libya, and Syria is in a lot of ways a continuation of the Islamic spring in Iran that was engineered by the artful political manipulators of the Anglo-American empire, who crave a clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and the Western world.

As the historian F. William Engdahl said in November 2011 on Russia Today, “The events, the so-called Arab Spring, have been planned years back. And the instigators of those so-called spontaneous protests, these twitter revolts in Cairo, and Tunisia, and so forth, over the last months, have all been pre-organized assiduously. Some of the leaders of the protests have been trained in Belgrade in Serbia by Otpor activists financed by the State Department. This thing has State Department and U.S. intelligence all over it.”

As events unfold in the Middle East, we will witness the rise of an Islamic Caliphate stretching from Libya to Iran to Pakistan. The CIA and Western intelligence agencies have already made Tripoli an Islamist stronghold and Cairo and Damascus are tilting towards the same direction.

Extremist Islamic leaders across the region fool their constituencies by claiming to be against Western domination, but they never publicize the fact that the same Western powers they’re railing against put them on the throne. Which begs the question: why deceive people into war? The answer stares us in the face: to create a massive global crisis out of which an authoritarian global government will emerge as a shining city on the rubble of time.

IV. The Planned Grand Destruction of The World

The plot to start World War III by the evil manipulators in Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Tehran cannot be stopped if it is not exposed. The roots of the 9/11 mythology must be pulled out, as well as the deception that the Islamic Republic of Iran grew out of a spontaneous revolution against the US-backed dictatorship of the Shah.

The facts clearly prove that the U.S. government abandoned the Shah in the mid 1970s because he was taking Iran on an independent, progressive, and prosperous path. They hated that he was a modernizer, liberalizer, and nationalist, so they stabbed him in the back and replaced him with a transnationalist and anti-development Islamist radical whose policies of terror and destruction were supported by the U.S. and British governments.

All the evidence shows that the Luciferian globalist terrorists in Washington and elsewhere are initiating a third world war to radically shape the political fate of the world, drastically reduce the global population, and transform the psychic and spiritual life of humanity.

Their secret plan is to reduce the West and the Middle East to ashes by a global war and a global economic depression, and then roll out a one world government as a solution to both invented crises. America, Israel, Iran, and every other nation involved in World War III are all being set up to be sacrificed.

The grand acts of deception — from the U.S.-backed Iranian Islamic Revolution to the false flag 9/11 events and the recent Arab Spring movements — all point to a time of grand destruction that is near at hand.

Ayatollah Khomeini was a secret Western puppet and Illuminati agent.

According to conventional wisdom, Washington and Tehran have hated each other since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the Iranian-American hostage crisis that occurred shortly after. But when we look past the surface of events and official rhetoric we find very little evidence to support this claim.

The real history of the American-Iranian relationship is much more complex and complicated. The fundamentalist mullahs of Iran and the plutocratic rulers of America and Britain have secretly been in league with each other ever since they joined forces in 1953 to depose Iran’s democratically elected prime minister, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. At that time, the CIA and MI6 gave the throne of Iran to the Shah. But they maintained close ties with key figures in Iran’s fundamentalist community. 

A generation into the Shah’s rule, the Iranian people got tired of the unjust dictatorship, and it was the mullah’s turn to sit on the throne and wield dictatorial power in Iran. The CIA and MI6 decided to depose the Shah in the mid-1970s, before there were any signs of an Iranian revolution, much less an Islamic one.

Iranian researcher Fara Mansoor says the turning point came when American ambassador to Iran Richard Helms was informed that the Shah had cancer by the Shah’s right-hand man General Hossein Fardoust, the head of SAVAK. Helms did not pass on this information to the president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, but to George H. W. Bush, the CIA director.

There is proof that both Bush Sr. and Helms played key roles in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, so they were experienced in using dirty tricks and organizing disinformation operations for a variety of foreign and domestic aims. They were following a secret foreign policy, and propping up Khomeini as the sole voice of the Iranian people through the mass media was one of their top objectives. 

None of this can be dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theory. The fact of the matter is that the roots of the totalitarian Islamic Republic of Iran are as much in the West as they are in Iran. The Iranian Islamic Revolution was not as romantic as the academic specialists of the West like to think, especially anti-imperialist liberals. Ayatollah Khomeini was not a Che-like figure with a beard and a turban. He had no love for the people of Iran and hated freedom. And the historical record shows that Washington’s most powerful national security insiders played a key role in the formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the subsequent Iranian-American hostage crisis that culminated in the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

At first, the people of Iran did not accept Khomeini’s radical interpretation of Islam and Islamic theocracy. Millions of Iranians resisted, but thousands were executed without trials as a message to the rest of the society. The event that cemented Khomeini’s unjust rule over Iran was the Iranian-American hostage crisis, which Mansoor says was cunningly triggered by intelligence officials in Khomeini’s camp and Bush Sr.’s camp.

Symbolically, the hostage crisis was very powerful. It radicalized the Iranian people, immortalized Khomeini, made President Carter look weak, made President Reagan look strong, and made the American people hate Iran. Both totalitarian gangs in America and Iran benefited from the crisis that they created. And it has not remained in the past. American and Iranian tyrants continue to use the image of American hostages blindfolded by Iranian religious radicals for their selfish political purposes. But the people of America and Iran have suffered because of the unnatural separation between the two nations. 

The manipulation of the American people and Iranian people by both totalitarian governments is unforgivable. Closely look at this picture of Khomeini, and this picture of Bush Sr. You can tell something is not right with them. These demons look like they came straight out of hell. Khomeini and Bush Sr. will probably share bunk beds after their spirits are reunited in hell. It is not paranoid and crazy to believe that like Bush Sr., Khomeini was an Illuminati agent and an agent of British and American intelligence agencies, which share the vision of a global fascist government. The only way they can sell a global fascist government to the people of the world is by creating the ritual of a third world war.

The official public rhetoric from the totalitarian regimes of America and Iran hide the reality that Ayatollah Khomeini was a creature of the MI6 and the CIA. They do not want this big secret to get out.

The members of the occult secret society who control America, Israel, England, and Iran have no allegiances to the countries that they rule. They seize power through deception and terror; assassinations and coups; wars and revolutions. Iran’s Mohammad Mossadegh and America’s Kennedy were both deposed by them.

Thus, far from hating each other, the totalitarian rulers of America and Iran secretly love each other because they depend on each other politically and psychologically to preserve their power. During periods of economic hardship and intense political upheaval, the unjust rulers of both countries deploy the most common tactic in the ruler’s playbook to defect blame from themselves and protect their ill-gotten power: Fear.

Using fear instead of love to rule over the people is Machiavelli’s famous advice to rulers. In modern totalitarian states, fear is the modus operandi. American, Iranian, and Israel leaders frighten the people with totalitarian propaganda, keep their countries distracted by an external enemy, and accuse their critics of treason. This is the Nazi-model of ruling a society. People are treated as slaves and worthless animals. In America, critics of the government are not accused of being traitors, but of being conspiracy theorists, paranoid, and mentally deranged. And it has worked really well until now.

II. Why Create Enemies? Why Wage War? Why Destroy Nations?

In a lecture on Iran in April 2010, American journalist Laura Secor said: “I do think that one can underestimate the extent to which the non-relationship with the United States is really central to the identity of the Islamic Republic.” You can switch the United States with the Islamic Republic in this sentence, and it would still be true, though not to the same extent.

Washington’s hype of the Iranian threat to the international order serves the economic and political interests of the ruling cabal in America and war-hungry freaks in Israel. America’s tyrants need enemies to preserve their war-based rule and national security dictatorship. And Iran’s Islamic tyrants need the Great Satan and Zionist Serpent as enemies in order to legitimize their harsh rule over Iran.

The unjust rulers of Iran loot Iran’s natural resource wealth while pretending to hate the enemy, and America’s unjust rulers do the same thing. Without a state of endless war, their power will collapse. We are dealing with very barbaric, immoral, and anti-democratic regimes that use deception and terror to subdue the people. War and chaos are like mother’s milk to the totalitarian monsters of America, England, Israel, and Iran. These are creatures of hell and darkness. Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, Khamenei, and Netanyahu all deserve the death penalty.

Dean Henderson published a very important article on April 2nd called, “Illuminati Mind Control & the Report from Iron Mountain,” that contains revealing statements from top U.S. officials in the early 1960s about why war is necessary and good. Henderson wrote:

In 1961 Kennedy Administration officials McGeorge Bundy, Robert McNamara and Dean Rusk, all CFR and Bilderberger members, led a study group which looked into “the problem of peace”.  The group met at Iron Mountain, a huge underground corporate nuclear shelter near Hudson, New York, where CFR think tank The Hudson Institute is located.  The bunker contains redundant offices in case of nuclear attack for Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell and JP Morgan Chase. [7]  A copy of the group discussions, known as Report from Iron Mountain, was leaked by a participant and published in 1967 by Dial Press.
The report’s authors saw war as necessary and desirable stating “War itself is the basic social system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire. (War is) the principal organizing force…the essential economic stabilizer of modern societies.”  The group worried that through “ambiguous leadership” the “ruling administrative class” might lose its ability to “rationalize a desired war”, leading to the “actual disestablishment of military institutions”.
The report goes on to say, “…the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until…we know exactly what we plan to put in its place…The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power…The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers. War has served as the last great safeguard against the elimination of necessary classes.”

It is very revealing that the maniacs in charge of the planet view world peace as a problem to deal with rather than embrace it as a good and beautiful thing. These are not normal and ethical individuals. War is a way of life for them, but these evil parasites do not actually participate in the killing and dying. They need war to stay in power, make trillions of dollars, and rule the people like sheep.

“War is hell,” said General William Sherman. Modern war is more than just big business. Its damage on the human psyche and human soul has been systematic. And it has destroyed freedom and democracy in the West and in Iran.

The societies of America, Israel, and Iran have been built on war and they are defined by it. War consumes all three societies emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and politically. The vampires who lead all three countries feed off of the hatred and fear that they create. They literally see the people as already dead, soulless animals who deserve to perish.

People have been dehumanized by modern warfare so much that the deaths of millions doesn’t mean anything anymore. The dehumanization of mankind has reached the point where the shadow international rulers of the American empire are seriously implementing a global depopulation operation.

A third world war is the artificial creation of the crazy monsters who rule our world. The organized destruction of America, Israel, and Iran will create new opportunities for the shameless war profiteers, global arms manufacturers, big oil men, and international banksters to keep stealing. They are rotten, cruel, and insane thieves who deserve to be hanged for their crimes against humanity.

A Rigged Revolution: How The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power.
The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979.
Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise.

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