The Elite’s NEW Man Mitt at Bilderberg2012 Lost election to Elite’s man Bilderberg 2008! Obama won. America people Loss again but just not as bad! Bush3 doesn’t happen whew!

 Webster Tarpley’s world crises radio addresses the close call we almost got a bush3 on steroids!

Nov 6th 2012.

Tonight Obama won the election that doesn’t mean the American people won Obama is still the Rothschild’s favorite son willing to further the globalist cause and now he’s a lameduck president he doesn’t care what the people want but how to arrange a future for himself in the banker’s world he came from. look for austerity and military war.  be forget about domestic issues unless you mean NDAA.  No americans didn’t win and too bad they weren’t allowed to get a ear from the 3rd party candidates that’s where the true voice of the people were.

 Watch this little dilly, someone’s being pay’d like the American people!


Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012 Violating The U.S. Logan Act..The Elite tried but their last year’s man won!!!

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Conducting Foreign Relations Without Authority The Logan Act!

The participation of government officials at Bilderberg is blatantly illegal.

§ 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

  1. Will Romney Erase The Debt & Arrest The Corrupt Politicians & Bankers Like Iceland Has?

The Logan act doesn’t just apply to members of the US government, it also applies to “Any citizen of the United States”.  So any citizen of the United States is in violation of the act if they attend meetings such as Bilderberg.

The BBC uncovered documents form a former Bilderberg member dating back to the early 50′s betraying the fact that the European Union and the single Euro currency were both brainchild’s of the Bilderberg Group.

Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012

The Following Also Attended The Criminal Organization’s Meeting!

Alexander, Keith B. (Commander, US Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency)

Daniels, Jr., Mitchell E. (Governor of Indiana)

Donilon, Thomas E. (National Security Advisor, The White House)

Karsner, Alexander
 (Inspector, Inter-ministerial Audit and Evaluation Office for Social, Health)

Kerry, John (Senator [sic] for Massachusetts)

Four separate hotel staff report seeing presidential candidate.

Four separate eyewitnesses inside the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly Virginia told London Guardian writer Charlie Skelton that Mitt Romney was in attendance at Bilderberg 2012, suggesting the Republican candidate could be the elite’s pick for the upcoming U.S. presidential election.
Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012 mitt romney taxes 2012 6 5

“Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff told me Willard Mitt Romney was here at Bilderberg 2012. My four eyewitnesses place him inside. That’s one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney’s office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is “not public”. They later said it was not him,” writes Skelton.

The London Guardian writer adds that the fact Romney’s name did not appear on the official list of attendees is meaningless. Numerous power brokers, including Bill Gates, were photographed arriving at the event yet were not included on the list of participants, as is routinely the case.

With speculation already raging that Romney’s potential VP – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels – was already being groomed by Bilderberg cronies, Romney’s appearance at the secretive confab of global power brokers suggests that he is being favored by the elite, who have seemingly lost faith in Barack Obama.

  1. Foreign Bilderbergs continue to seduce US officials to Violate the LOGAN ACT.

As Skelton noted in a separate report, on Saturday afternoon a limousine arrived at the hotel surrounded by a police motorcade, signaling the arrival of a “heavyweight politician”. Could this have been Mitt Romney? It’s unlikely given the fact that he was appearing at fundraisers on the west coast all weekend, but Romney’s schedule for Thursday, the first day of the Bilderberg meeting, was clear.

An invite to the Bilderberg conference has routinely proven beneficial to future Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Four years ago during a heated battle on the campaign trail, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gave reporters the slip to attend the 2008 Bilderberg meeting at the same hotel. On precisely the same weekend as the confab was taking place, the Washington Post announced that Hillary was withdrawing from the presidential race and would support Obama.

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were both groomed by the secretive organization in the early 1990′s before rising to prominence. Portugal’s Pedro Santana Lopes and Jose Socrates attended the 2004 meeting in Stresa, Italy before both going on to become Prime Minster of Portugal.

Bilderberg also played a key role in selecting John Edwards and John Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and Bilderberg luminary James A. Johnson also hand-picked Joe Biden as VP in 2008.

Confirmation that Romney attended Bilderberg 2012 may be hard to come by, but news that the former Governor of Minnesota’s email account was compromised by a hacker could offer proof, although no emails have been leaked thus far.

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