We can see what Obama or Even Worse Romney Bring this new Years while the Elite Party down in their  New Found Ill Gotten Wealth as an Example at a tune of 40 Billion a month Mortgage TITLEs to ALL USA Properties is being turned over to the Families whom OWN the FED. Yummy I wish my real Estate Holding would go beyond 2 or 3 HOUSES as I’m in Building and Investing in Housing so the thought of ALL US Titles of any US Mortgage is NOW Owned by the FED makes you wonder if AMERICA is ever going to wake out of this bad Stupor. What BALLS They OWN the World but they want it ALL plus 5 percent.   Well A Few Folks awhile back gathered and it’s started a trickle that was occupy Wall Street but without Demands its Fizzled and now morphed it showed for awhile as Ron Paul Supporters but that was a Rabbit hole as Paul who’s Programs for Austerity wanted to sink Domestic spending at a tune of 1 Trillion in one Year. He Did his job of Left Cover as southern Free Mason as he is and  his following got duped royal. Well Maybe now all is not Lost in the Lull as congress is about to go into a lame ducksession and treachery is about to take place The Elites are Thirsty for Austerity.  Awakens a new Spirit

It’s Called UFAA United Front Against Austerity with some really mean Demands the Elites aren’t going to be happy. How about a General Strike! until a 1 % wall Street Sales Tax to Pay for Everything the Austerity is suppose to pay for. Intrigued what this Video and hopefully you would want to join the cause.

A warmup Steven Lendman explains…

And PHD Webster Tarplay Lays it on the Line.   GENERAL STRIKE that means YOU!; that means Everyone.


As an Appetiser here is the 3rd Party Debate a Refreshing Change to Corporate Sponsered trash.

I’d Keep an Eye on this UFAA  it’s better that watching main stream stuff.






Please let us know what your thinking.

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