The “I DON”T PAY MOVEMENT” catch the fever!

Let’s Face it it’s easy to say in Life I give up Let’s just cheat and it works on All Levels.

The rich elites have Given up on their responsibilities, remember Trickle down economics.

Well the Rich decided to follow ANN RAND’S Philosophy and give up. Take their Ill gotten gains and

Make phony dirivatives and reinvest into treasuries and live off the wealth and to HELL with the rest of US

On the WHOLE PLANET. Well The Rich may find we all can play that game because we aint going to pay your

phony austerity trip.

And so a Movement begins…

By the way I make my living by building  Houses while assembly of  all the pieces which I pay at retail

then either sell my finished product or rent it out in housing. I still support by contracts  a vast number of

People And I am glad to have given away millions in purchases so I can eeck Out a living WITHOUT YOUR FUCKING BANKS.

I say fuck you to the elites. I setup this blog to show people how truly foul you people really are.

Pardon me it’s my blog and taking authors rights.

Support UFAA in NY comcast Oct. 27 Live TOMORROW

Please let us know what your thinking.

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