WHY DOES Monsanto Workers Ban GMO Foods From Their Own Cafeteria?!

Monsanto Workers Ban GMO Foods From Their Own Cafeteria DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING!?
September 01 2007

The staff cafeteria at biotech-crop Monsanto’s UK headquarters reportedly banned GM foods from the menu back in 1999.

The private catering company running the canteen, Sutcliffe Catering, owned by Granada Food Services, told its clients, including Monsanto, that it would no longer use foods containing GM soya or maize because of “customer concerns” about the technology.

“We have taken the steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve,” Granada told its customers.

Tony Combes, Monsanto‘s director of corporate affairs, said the caterer’s decision was no reflection on Monsanto, but was rather a “blanket ban” covering all of its customers. He maintained that Monsanto staff members happily ate GM foods.

“We believe in choice. At our Cambridge restaurant there is a notice which says that some products may contain GM ingredients, because our staff are happy to eat products sprayed with fewer chemicals,” Combes said in 1999.

Reports of these 1999 events have recently resurfaced in the media. In response, Monsanto’s head of external affairs at the UK headquarters said that the information is untrue.

“[The] Monsanto UK office does not even have a catering service. Our former staff restaurant was closed in 2003 when we sold our wheat breeding business, but even prior to that we displayed a sign that the policy was NOT to exclude food from GM sources,” he said.

Comments: DR. Mercola
There has been some discussion among readers as to whether this outrageous story is true. Once again, it seems that truth really is stranger than fiction, as these reports do, in fact, appear to be for real.

However, they are referring to events that happened back in 1999. The archived articles — probably because of the extreme irony they present — have made a recent resurgence in the media, which is why Monsanto is now claiming that the reports are false.

It is telling, indeed, when your own catering company decides to ban the frankenfoods your biotech company is promoting as safe to the rest of the world.

The Problem With Genetically Modified (GM) Food

People around the world have joined forces to reject GM foods and crops because of the grave dangers they present to your health and the future of your food supply.

Not so in the United States, where many of you are not even aware that you likely eat GM foods everyday; some 70 percent of foods in grocery stores contain them, and no labeling is required!

There have been no safety studies conducted that prove GM foods are safe. To the contrary, dicing and splicing the components of your food supply into never-before-introduced combinations has been found to:

•Cause cancer
•Contribute to food allergies
•Possibly cause damage to your immune system
•Create super-viruses
Meanwhile, the traits from GM crops can get passed on to other non-GM crops. This means that a crop engineered to contain a vaccine, or to be sterile, could easily taint an entire region, and eventually the entire world.

Monsanto: The Poster Child for Manipulation and Corporate Greed

Monsanto has succeeded in patenting their own GM seeds.

They have essentially patented life forms for the first time in history without a vote of the people or Congress. This makes Monsanto able to let new life forms loose on the land without long-term testing of the health effects nor any real government controls, including labeling of foods.

Why would Monsanto want to patent seeds?

To ultimately stop the ancient practice of seed-saving, in which farmers use the seeds from this year’s harvest to plant next year’s crops. This is the traditional way food is grown. Any farmer who purchases seeds from one of Monsanto’s patented lots, however, would be forced to purchase new seeds every year, under penalty of law. If the farmer can’t afford new seeds, and many can’t, they will be forced to give up their livelihood.

To control things even further, biotech companies have created terminator seeds, which actually prevent themselves from reproducing unless a certain chemical is applied to the crop.

If terminator seeds are used by Monsanto on a large-scale basis, it will likely inevitably lead to famine and starvation on a worldwide basis. Billions of people on the planet are supported by farmers who save seeds from the crops and replant these seeds the following year.

Yet, once terminator seeds are released into a region, the trait of seed sterility could be passed to other non-GM crops, making most or all of the seeds in the region sterile.

Please, if you are not yet familiar with the major scandal and manipulation that is going on right now with GM foods, set aside 90 minutes and watch The Future of Food.

It is one of the best documentaries I have ever viewed, and it will shock you to understand the very real threat that future generations are facing. Please also pass this very important video on to your family and friends.

For now, GM foods require no labels in the United States, but one of the best ways you can voice your opposition to this practice (and protect your health) is to not purchase GM products. How do you know if your food is genetically modified? This past article has all the information you need to avoid genetically modified foods like the plague. For your convenience, download this Non-GMO Shopping Guide to learn how to avoid foods made with GM organisms.

How do you know if your food is genetically modified? Drop in at Jeffrey Smith’s website http://www.responsibletechnology.org) for more information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and how to identify which foods you may be using that are GM foods.
I also urge you to also donate to this cause on his secured website — it’s your cause too if you care about your health and that of your loved ones!

Rally round to help us defeat this threat. A threat the big chemical companies that care only about their profits-not your health- are trying to force down our throats. The life and health of you and your loved ones, and possibly everyone on this planet, is at stake. I hope you will be able to help Jeffrey in this tax-deductible cause, to get the word out so we can all enjoy better health options.

Please let us know what your thinking.

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