A short story called America.

There once was a honest tradesman whom practiced his old traditions and made valuable
cabinets he was taught all his craft passed to him from his father as he worked most his life in his fathers shop. This was an old craft and his father taught him not to loose the skills and pass this to the new generation. Well as this craftsman got older his father bid him adieu and the new craftsman set out for a new land far away and over the seas a promised land. On landing he found a good place not far from a big settlement were to take up business. In very short time our young craftsman reproduced the fine craft that his father had taught him and with his skill and faith he became well known and everyone wanted his work. Then one day a family from the old country as well moved in the next door and struck up a relationship with the craftsman he learned the new neighbor was also in business and in a service to provide a financial assistance to businesses that want to concentrate on making the product and not worrying about the paperwork and transactions and payments. Our Craftsman in the beginning refused this service of his new neighbor because his father taught him to stick with the old ways but the new neighbor had a nice trick the craftsman never seen, what hit him in that neighbor had a beautiful neice and was quickly dispatched at our craftsman and one thing lead to another our craftsman found himself married and the neighbor found a new business partner. The terms were set and made fair as the neighbor would not charge for any fee until a purchase was performed on the books, because that required time to write the ledger otherwise there wasn’t anytime spent and so no charge given. Seemed rather fair said the craftsman and they shook hands. What was not said but said
in secret the neighbor in finance said to his neice the young craftsman’s wife. You have reward for getting the business but a much greater reward if you can get your husband to spend freely then when he over spends we will lend him at interest to keep his business afloat and dear niece you will make a fortune in secret and they made their bargains. They knew what they were doing because they had done this before in fact their family taught this craft for hundreds of years and some say thousands.
Well they picked there craftsman well too because for his business was to no bounds and grew handsomely. In the beginning he was doing well but overtime expenditures was being spent on all sorts and the outflow of money exceeded the income and the things required to be maintained soon required more money than he had coming in. So the wife said to her husband go next door to my uncle sam
and have him lend you some money just so we can pay for these things we need and again the uncle obliged to lend to our craftsman but with interest. But the Craftsman wasn’t down and worked hard for many years and the arrangment continued all the while the craftsman was going deeper in the red
and not knowing the wife was betraying him by spending all that she could and so it continued.

The Uncle a cunningly greedy man wise in deceipt but always appearing kind and gentle and friendly
wanted to come up with another plan to perpetrate on our craftsman who was always productive and maintaining his own the thought was on how to ever extract more from him. Then a thought came to this greedy one what if I give this guy competition a war so he will work harder and spend more and I will make more from his expenses. So soon after a new businessman which was set across town and in the same field as our craftsman he built cabinets and was financed almost in total by the greedy neighbor and soon just as predicted at first it was a friendly competition but soon turned to war. the plan worked so well that the friendly uncle next door had sites on the kill. He lent the young man so much money over the years he now was ready to call in the loans and when the young man wasn’t able to pay the obligations would be forced to first hand over the business and work for the neighbor but in the end he would surrender his land and deeds to his business and all his personal worth in which he did.
and soon the uncle and niece were smiling looking for greener pasture to conquered. end.

Cast of characters:
Craftsman: America before 1913
Uncle: Rothschilds Federal Reserve Bank
Niece: Congress

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