The Military: America’s New Welfare State. Over 600Billion a year! A YEAR!! and they can’t bring any bit of Peace or Security to the world.

I don’t know, call me old fashion but the last institution I sure had faith in was our US Military yet what does it need that much money for! People are well beyond starvation here in the states while the RUST belt is all but forgotten that we even had an Industry. We have another whole lost generation of students with technological degree’s going to waste.  WE NEEDS JOBS Good Paying Jobs and a functioning economy  But Obama only seems interested in Killing People over seas. and taking care of his Phony money Wallstreet thugs, Monsanto genetic criminals, pharma Drug pushing connections.

What should a US Military be aware of?  How about DID you happen to notice we could use your service in Manhatten You could retake the FED.  Did you know the FED has just about forclosed on the whole US of A. Are you going to let  400 wealthiest familys do that.Just because they defrauded us on a fractional reserve system(ponzi scheme) that favors them in 1913 to present!  We need some good old fashion renagade colonels that believe in the republic with a constitution. Not George Bush Orwell’s dream of totallitary inprisonment FEMA style.This is an elites WetDream and be warned Kissenger himself said once they are done using the military guys up they spit you out. No matter how high up in rank!! I think a republic is better than zionism and Bloodlines of rothschild. I was happy to see The chief Gen. Dempsey force the situation down before Israel launched WW3 as the Planet would not be able to withstand the fallout. It would solve global warming we would be in a 7 degree drop in world temps. It case you didn’t know 5 degrees is the last ICEAGE.  

What else could our Military be used for. Well JFK pretty much showed the CIA was nothing more than an uncontrollable army (malignant cancer as he put it) of the FED , Through the Dullus Brothers Mostly NAZI and Zionist Rothschild of London It would prove to be the Enemy you so desperately need to have A REAL Enemy GUYS Step up!!. I call on the full force and Might of the US Military to fully CRUSH without hesidency Immediate and unrevokable a total 100% Annilation of one self destructing organizations that calls itself in the following names and all members, CIA,FED, CFR,NEOCON, REPUBLICAN PARTY, GOLDMAN SACHS, JPMORGAN and CHASE. BELGIUM ROTHSCHILDS, EVELYN ROTHSCHILDS, ALL HOLDERS OF BONDS IN THE FED, ZIONIST,Monsanto.  For Immediate NDAA to be held idefinately in detention at a FEMA or Guantanamo Including BUSH SR and JR, a one Henry Kissenger, Bryzenski, David Rockefeller to be held at maximum Detention in guantanimo all with all Bushes Privious administrations. held for trial. For the death and destruction of millions plus millions of lost soles in Afganistan,Iraq, and South America and south east-asia and Micronesia.

I would especially like to see a number of people arrested namely George Bush Senior for the Killing of JFK with his Goon squads. Henry Kissinger for the Memorandum 200 and the continuation of that policy with the Monsanto GMO. Just to name a few The Cambodia and Vietnam war and Iraq it’s all pretty much on their shoulders.

There is always Hope an change as Obama promised Maybe the military will give him that hope and change when they wake up out of their Coma find out the US is either used by an insidious creature thats called an international banker or find out its Military is being put INTENTIONALLY in harms way. That should alone make anyone mad. Watch your back guys they are a sneaky bunch while your not home they posted another guard here at home called homeland security where they have made accomadations for your families and friends plan called FEMACAMP. Your Commander Obama the Double speaker extraordinaire has repealed a judges decission to strike parts of the NDAA illegal because it violates almost everything we stand for in the bill of rights.  Obama made SURE American’s at home would be locked up with no rights of an attorney for idefinately and made YOU to CARRY that order out! Wow that’s a tall order for a man elected by the same people on the left.  Take care of it guys god willing. I still have full faith in the US military the one I inlisted in a long time ago.

It’s a pretty BIG Military…

Repost Voltaire

And the economy of death flies on!

Sept 29, 2012

More than 50 million people, including 17 million children, are “food insecure“, that is to say, without adequate food “for a lack of money or other resources.” The data does not refer to a poor sub-Saharan African country, but to the country with the largest economy in the world: the United States of America, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (September 2012).

During the Bush administration (2001-2008), American citizens without proper food, who have to depend on food stamps and charitable organizations for their survival, rose from 33 to 49 million. During the Obama administration, their number has increased to more than 50 million, equivalent to 16.4% of the population, compared to 12.2% in 2001. Of these, about 17 million are in a state of “very low food security,” in other words hunger.

They nevertheless have the satisfaction of living in a country whose “security” is guaranteed by a military spending which – according to the SIPRI – doubled during the Bush administration, and rose under Obama from 621 billion dollars in 2008 to over 711 in 2011. At a constant 2010 dollar value (i.e. net of inflation), military spending increased by 80% from 2001 to 2011. The real military expenditure of the United States, equivalent to 41% of global military spending, is actually even higher: when factoring in other items of a military nature (including 125 billion per year for retired military pay) it climbs to almost half of global spending. In this way, as stated in the 2012 Budget, the Pentagon can maintain “military forces ready to be deployed either in the current wars or potential future conflicts.” And, at the same time, it can “invest in long-term scientific and technological innovation to ensure that the Nation has access to the best available defense systems in the world.”

To this end, an expected 100 billion in savings are “reinvested in areas of high priority,” starting with drones: a gliding unmanned aerial vehicle which fires its missiles against targes by remote control from over 10,000 km away.

Here, reality exceeds Hollywood science fiction. Lockheed Martin is developing a new drone for the special forces: to increase its autonomy, it will be fed while in flight by a ground laser beam. As for Northrop Grumman it has undertaken an even more audacious project: the drones, powered by nuclear energy, remain in uninterrupted flight, not for days but for months. Always at Northrop Grumman, they are developing a robotic glider aircraft carrier, the X-47B, which thanks to its programmed memory is able to take off, land and carry out its mission autonomously.

Given the enormous costs of these programs, the Pentagon has already drawn up a list of faithful allies to whom it can sell the new drones designed for robotic warfare. Undoubtedly Italy will be first in line, having already purchased from the U.S. firm General Atomics their latest UAV model, the MQ-9A Predator B. In future, Italy will also purchase the nuclear drone, which after taking off over the heads of the 50 million U.S. citizens in “food insecurity” conditions, will fly over the unemployed Italians (Translator’s note: plus the millions of other unemployed Europeans) who are occupying the factories slated to be shut down.


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