UN PANEL WAKING UP: Look SYRIA is Being Attacked by Foreign Forces.

Wow after everyone has plastered this all over the world for how long FINALLY the UN might be waking to the fact Syrian government isn’t attacking it’s own people. How stupid is the original promise. Was qadaffi Attacking his own people what with free housing and free health care and free college abroad best sociallist state in africa willing to fund the new african union maybe Assad is not attacking his own.. Didn’t you see the mass movements in favorof their president you don’t see the contrary.  Ok Let’s now say you see the light not THE light because you would have to see that the saudis are funding this and the British and cia are arming this Garilla war. France is supporting actually the whole western world wants ASSADS head and why because Rothschilds bank want it done. WELL  SAID! come to that conclusion then maybe with a little more luck we can stop killing reporters and womon and children and SECURE THE FUNKING BORDER  before they take down the next sovereign country. Peace.

UN panel confirms presence of foreigners among armed groups in Syria

Reposted Voltaire Network | 17 September 2012


The experts of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on the situation in Syria confirmed on Monday, 17 September 2012 in Geneva, the presence of foreign armed groups who are attempting to topple the Syrian government.

Before the Council of Human Rights, CoI chair Paulo Pinheiro said that Islamic extremists in Syria are either fighting alongside armed anti-government groups or operating on their own. He also characterized the presence of these elements in Syria as “growing and disturbing” and confirmed that crimes have been committed by anti-government forces.

There is enough evidence to suggest that war crimes, including murder, extrajudicial execution and torture, were perpetrated by anti-government armed groups,” said the head of the UN investigators on the situation in Syria. He also denounced the fact that the anti-regime armed groups use children and adolescents under 18 years.

Paulo Pinheiro pointed out that armed groups seeking to overthrow the Syrian government don’t wear real uniforms or insignia to distinguish them from the civilian population.

The head of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria also criticized the government for carrying out indiscriminate attacks such as air strikes and artillery shelling of residential areas.

In his speech before the Council of Human Rights, Paulo Pinheiro repudiated the application of sanctions against Syria sanctions, which go against the most basic human rights of the Syrian people and stressed the need to achieve a political solution to the Syrian crisis instead of relying on a military solution.


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