The Story of a Hidden War of Virus, Cancer, Radiation, Food, Chemicals, Pharma, and Water.

The Story of a Hidden War of Virus, Cancer,  Radiation, Food, Chemicals, Pharma, and Water.

By   Sept. 25 2012

We have come along way technically on how to Kill people I am not talking about bombs and Machines that fire bombs no these are the direct methods used in war that can be shown to the masses on TV as a war on the terribles whom ever that might be. I am talking the hidden war the war you can not see the war of Virus, and Cancer of Radiation, and Food, also Chemicals, Pharma, Water (florines) too. I use to worry about just the air I breathed and the Water I drink.  How naive!!

No these wars are  introduced to a population that is restrained and passified mostly through their own drinking of florinated water. Strangely you can find whatever study you search for and I decided to search on the history of florinated water and the use and discovered it was introduced to the general population in Prussia( Germany today) where they discovered that adding florine to the water has a strange passifying the population it has to do with coating a film on the pineal gland that blocks hormones to your brain.

 So the population is passive so what ?! and mixed with media doesn’t know its being attacked and you might even ask by whom who would want to kill me?! the real question the elite are saying is how are we going to kill you and me faster before we wake up and take notice. It’s just not working fast enough. My study has been in the last week focused on GMO a french study just came out on the horrifing tumors being shown up in rats that eat wheat bread. you might say well where is this happening how come more people are showing signs of this. Because your answer lies in lifespan Rats have a short lifespan wait ten plus years you are going to see this! I have been in a process of switching out my diet I suggest you look at who contributed to the prop 37 (label GMO bill in calif. )because not all organic companys did in fact I was shocked the silk milk i drank (dean foods) did the opposite.  I wrote some good articles on how to identify GMO and how to avoid them.

GMO should be by this time YOU to take notice since the FDA agent TAYLOR who approves GMO whom sits on the obama’s cabinet is also a head guy in Monsanto; Isn’t that conflict of Interest or Double agent ?!  In my mind if a government by OMISSION fails to protect me when studies say they should it strikes me that is a case for eugenics deliberate or not the failure to act on science stands.

The week prior to that I was studing the effects of neurotoxins they are in ALL your fragrances and most shampoos and the smelly store isle. There in your breakfast cerials I stopped using anything with a chemical names. Call me paranoid but you do the research under neurotoxins simple because of the amount of exposure.

The subject of pharma I haven’t pursued but here is the study that your 16000 more times likely to die of prescription drugs than a terrorist attack.. click here.

I have now mention food(GMO), pharma, chemicals and water but I intentionally saved the best for last because I want to really startle you now and challenge you to what I am about to say. I need to share a story goes like this..I have always been interested in the Kennedy assasinations when I stumbled on a completely bigger story if you can believe that but it is all tied into each other and really quite unbelievable.I wrote it all up in an article I wrote here it ties in the fact Oswald as a CIA agent was guarding a young cancer researcher whom was very brilliant in the fact top scientists couldn’t crack a piece of the research she did as a high school girl!. Her name is Judyth Baker her book is “lee and me” she descovered how to grow and excellerate the growth of cancer on tissue. The CIA Bioweapons folks grabbed her up as an asset and she was willingly active wanting to solve the cure for cancer. They were using her in the opposite of cure they wanted a weapon. She was assigned to a doctor her name is Dr. Mary and she was brilliant in she discoveered two important facts on cancer.

FACT 1) Cancer is a VIRUS and can be delivered as a shot say in a polio vaccine or in a flushot. ‘

FACT 2) Cancer has an on switch!! Ready RADIATION turns on Cancer. Like Smart Meters , Airport Scanners, Cell and wifi, Living next to power lines. HAARP. You beginning to see.

Mary was murdered , and so was Oswald , and so was Judyth friend David Ferrie. So was Jack Ruby who said the world will never know!!  Judyth escaped to tell the story. Lee an me. Dr. Mary had friends whom wrote the book  DR. Mary’s Monkey. And I wrote this article.. Did Lee Oswald get killed for JFK or Dr. Mary’s Monkey?!

Please let us know what your thinking.

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