BREAKING NEWS: On the Front Lines Of assault on Democracy in Spain Banker Occupation

BREAKING NEWS: On the Front Lines Of assault on Democracy in Spain Banker Occupation

US Citizens pay attention what it means to fight for your country, Spain is experiencing the front line on the austerity programs the same family of FED owned bankers will bring here no matter which party is elected.

Madrid riot police Protecting a Occupied Bankster Government  have cleared Plaza de Neptune of General population protesters, with about 200 officers securing the surrounding blocks. At least 14 people have been injured and 22 arrested as police used batons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

­Local emergency services have confirmed that at least 14 people, including four policemen, have been injured in clashes between police and protesters. One of the wounded is believed to be in critical condition, according to local news. One of the injured policemen suffered a severe concussion.

Riot police protecting a Technocratic Unelected Government dispersed the protesters, dragging some by the arms and legs, who had tried to get through police lines or other way around. An uneasy order was restored and reinforcements have been brought in to try and disperse the crowd.  These scenes in passing days are getting more violent as banker austerity comes to the average citizen. The citizens are holding signs say “NO” and “spain is not for sale”. Many claim the government has been taken over and is run by foreign technocrats  from Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs also a major stock holder in the FED and family members ARE THE ELITE 1% so maybe the population of spain is voicing a just cause and not some shabbly dressed student protester spouting anarchy marxist propaganda. Concidering the population represents all spectrum of society this is a real revolution! We pray it works for the General men an women of spain as the upper class is dead set on coming down on them with austerity. I only wonder when the real shooting will begin and real phrases of Off with their heads so real justice might be served.

Thirteen of those arrested have been detained after a group of  police broke through the civilian barrier. Several others were reportedly arrested  for no reason other than being there no one was arguing with police THEY WERE FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY BACK, bringing the total number of arrests to 22.


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