Brzezinski had this to say…Smart meters, GMO,Vaccines and airport Scanners.

With all the money in the world the elites don’t need money their thing is control Their spokesman Brzezinski had this to say. It is easier to Kill a million people then to control them so When the elite feel they have lost control what do they resort to.  Eugenics.

With these facts in mind look what they are doing.

Cancer is has been discovered in the 60’s to be a virus and was given in injections

call them vaccinations or flushots but even fast acting cancer virus needs to be turned active.

The second thing they learned in the 60’s was cancer had to be enabled like a switch to grow.

The vaccinations alone only 1 in 200 got the actual cancer. So how to make it more effective

Heres how, Everyone has been vaccined the cancer is there so now the goal is to radiate them to turn on

the cancer so how do they do that Airport Scanners, SMART meters, cell wifi, power lines,

Now enter another picture GMO’s FOOD this is in everyone plate and again is Cancer as a new French

study clearly shows. To how to turn on this Cancer Radiation as above. Most people are

oblivious like i was till i started to study something completely different . Here is how I made the link 

and i hope you follow through as well


News flash:

Court blocks S.F. warning on cell phones
2012-09-10, San Francisco Chronicle (SF’s leading newspaper)
Posted: 2012-09-18 09:09:52…

A federal appeals court blocked San Francisco on [September 10] from requiring cell phone dealers to tell customers the products may expose them to dangerous levels of radiation, saying the city can’t force retailers to pass along messages they dispute. The ordinance, the first of its kind in the nation, had been scheduled to take effect last October, but has remained on hold during an industry challenge. It would require retailers to give each cell phone buyer a fact sheet saying the World Health Organization had classified the phones’ radio-frequency emissions as a “possible carcinogen.” The sheet also shows human silhouettes absorbing radiation and suggests protective measures, like wearing headsets, making shorter calls and limiting use by children. Stores would have to put similar messages on large wall posters and on stickers attached to display ads. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the government can require businesses to display factual, undisputed information about their products. The city’s lawyers and policymakers will review the ruling before deciding their next steps.




Please let us know what your thinking.

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