When Your Government Doesn’t Act to Prevent Cancer from GMO then they are Assisting it.This is called Eugenics.

When Your Government Doesn’t Act to Prevent Cancer from GMO then they are Assisting it.This is called Eugenics.

by jonkirby2012.wordpress.com

Tayor is a double agent he is a top guy from Monsanto and he approves the product for the FDA .

This link below is the results of what GMO does. It’s proven science and it’s killing YOU and ME.

Study Link that GMO Causes MASS Cancer.   I purpose that this is not done out of ignorance.

This is a deliberate act of Genocide and it’s origins are a fasicating history.

The Article I wrote is here Oswald was killed over his contact with Judyth Baker.

and so was David Farrie.  and Jack Ruby was given the treatment too. He died in jail of cancer shorty.


This is a picture of what our Congress looks like no they aren’t fat just on LOBBY MONEY they and their children along with yours and mine EAT THIS GMO TOO.

Rats live a short lifespan you WILL be seeing this soon in Human Population 100% guaranty.

They can maybe give you back your money but they can’t give you back your health. please read …

Origins of the Eugenics program:https://jonkirby2012.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/was-oswald-murdered-for-jfk-or-for-dr-marys-monkey-imagine-we-all-have-been-given-cancer-and-with-a-flick-of-a-switch-we-all-die-hence-airport-scanners-radiation-turns-the-switch-on/


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