Liberation calls to freedom, which side Are you on?!

Theodorakis Calls for Liberation Struggle To Free the Nations of Europe

September 22,2012 • 10:31AM

On September 10, Greek freedom fighter, patriot, and artist, Mikis Theodorakis, issued a statement calling for the launching of a liberation struggle to free the nations of Europe from the new bankers’ totalitarianism.

In his preamble he calls “For a Europe of Nations-Peoples and of States, a Europe of science, art and culture, a Europe of economic, industrial and social development, a Europe of peace and solidarity between peoples.”

It is well worth quoting extensively. The 84-year-old statesman-artist writes, “Today the main contrast is between all the peoples of Europe and the forces that represent and aim at global dominance of global governance centered on a series of huge banks such as Rockefeller-Rothschild and Goldman Sachs, with auxiliaries such as the Deutsche Bank and the European Cental Bank, with the Bilderberg Club as a government spokesman (with Henry Kissinger as President) and its satellites IMF, International Trade Organization and organs such as e.g. the Chicago School of Milton Friedman.

“The aim of this new totalitarianism is globalization, which means the building of a new society of an unknown type on the ruins of nations and peoples’ homelands by creating a new type of citizen, subjugated and obedient to the plans and aspirations of global governance, that will be controlled and directed by, and will serve the interests of, the International Trust Banks.

“Today’s politicians of the European states are divided into two sections: Into those who are aware of the new reality and consciously are serving the forces of global governance and those who ignore the new reality and cooperate even as opposition within the political process of the first, the conscious servants of the new totalitarianism. So the current political powers of all parties, right, centrist, leftist, green, etc. are all within the same political power train, running on the rails that the global governance controls and which lead to the death of Nations-Peoples and replacing them with the creation of a new international society, completely subjugated to the interests and callings of Global Governance.

“Therefore the current Parliaments who are currently under the control of the IMF and European banks, have changed into the organs of the new Totalitarianism, so there is no possibility of resistance through these power systems. The forces that want to remain within these new circumstances, should have the center of their activity to their physical presence among the people.

“The experience in my country by the presence of the Troika the last two and a half years, leads us to conclude that the control of the economy by foreign government poses conditions of substantial foreign occupation. For this reason, the resistance of the people must take the form of a liberation struggle. Our weapon is the active resistance of a truly united nation. Consequently, the patriotic unity of the people is the key. This means that because the people are affected as a whole, the form of unity should be above existing class, ideological and political differences; in other words, national-patriotic.

“When a nation is not mobilizing all its powers, without exception, against the looting forces of globalization, it is lost.

“After all, the attack, with money as weapon, is much more severe and more efficient than any form of police or military force. Because it is an attack on the citizens as a whole. Not only on the integrity of his body but also of his mind and soul. ….. Money with the shock of unemployment, misery and fear dissolves the individuality of the citizen-personality and destroys [the] social tissue which establishes the form and content of the People-Nation-State.

“So it is necessary that each nation is able to mobilize all the forces at its disposal: tradition, history, science, art, culture, national wealth and development potential. Thus, the national-patriotic movement is able to resist from a position of strength. To isolate the force that serves or is persistent in ignoring the danger of the attack from the new totalitarianism. To deepen the unity of the people which leads to increasingly higher levels of power and determination yet projecting the plan of a new society in a totally free country.

“The creation of a united front of opposition from the peoples of Europe would naturally lead to the total defeat of the forces of destructive invasion and the creation of a Europe of peoples, peace and progress. Whose power and influence would be so large that it could play a leading role at the international level. “

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