Just my memories on the JFK assassination from a child, I solved the Case.

After  Alot of Reading Here is the Devil Himself at least on the American side of the world, wouldn’t you know a Banker but as you learn Banking and Politics are the same because after the politics is over its only a point of the gun that the argument is resolved and this man whom never loses is your American contact to the City of london May This Faggot Nazi Pedifiler Bonesman Rest in the Hell he Worships.

His Son George went to Hoover the next day after the Assination because Hoover knew!! and said spill the beans and your Dead so Smart man as Hoover gave us the Smoking gun the Hoover Memo addressed for  George Hw Bush.  fingering George for WORLD to see George wasn’t suppose to be in the CIA at that time. OOPs.

The Team that shot Kennedy was funded by Zapata Georges Team and there base was on a small Island 30mi from Cuba. Allen  Dullus may be the chief but George H was the Banker therefore the boss His Father whom is on the board of Harrimons was the Connection to city of London BANKING and son takes orders from dad when Rothchild FED was cancelled by kennedy this man would have gotten the 3 am phone call.

Man whom Killed Kennedy by Orders from City of London
And Whom George H. W Bush Tried so Hard to Protect
by Killing All the Witnesses possible!!

His Motto:

The rules of life apply the same To any sport you choose It matters not how you play the game, So long as you never lose.

Spoken Like a True NAZI Scum bag and is anti American as they come.

Now my Memories as a Little Kid and watching on Live TV.

I was 2 years old and lived with my grandmother in her small apartment in orange county
California. She always parked me in front of the TV and I sat so very close as I had always had bad eyes to see. Well it’s one of my earliest memories and one of the most traumatic I witnessed the JFK assassination and although I wasn’t completely aware of what was going on I new it was traumatic for the moment Walter Cronkite can on and pronounced John Kennedy was shot I am not making this up first it was my Grandmother than me but the neighborhood could be heard CRYING and CRYING all day it was sad time and I’m sure the Sinister forces whom knew what they were doing and made sure our young nation
would have no hope after that and to be sure humanity as what could be was forever lost.
Without a doubt JFK did have in him the blood of the illuminatis and with his oath to them
shattered he knew where his fate lied but he did this willingly so that we could know the truth
and with his sacrifice just by chance maybe some of his fellow class might have a change
of heart a redemption as their visions of the future if foretold by the works of Huxley or H. G Wells will certainly be horrible for not just us but for everyone including themselves.
Yes, the upper class can destroy humanity this is no great challenge for it’s a million
times easy to destroy then to build as we watched as centuyries of civilization was desimated when
say Bush dropped the bombs on Bagdad. Yes they can destroy us and everything surrounding us but When their class is all alone they succeeded in their own worst horror show Maybe their minds might reflect on How much harder to actually rebuild without the lower classes. I look at their drilling and their fracking the earth and their poisoning of the air food and water. So after they are through and they be all alone
and their inheredence the earth won’t be worth Sh#t worth living in. I hope it kills them.
We loved Our President and his visions of a productive future . You Blue blooded basdards will never be half the man JFK was. If you truly do worship in Satan wouldn’t matter to me because you will certainly be joining him shorty.

For the record Oswald was FBI and CIA his tasked with Kennedy’s protection
Oswald had a mistress Judyth Vary Baker which filled in a great deal of the story. Oswald was a hero.
Kennedy was killed for
#1 betraying an oath about exposing the elites
#2 for threatening the dismantaling of the elites goon squads CIA
#3 eliminating fractal reserve currency…
For the Elites biggest secret is the treasury of the US can print
its dollars without banking interest 0%. We still have this power today!

Brown Brothers Harriman


A large private bank, founded in 1818 by Alexander Brown as Brown Bros. & Co., merged with the interestes of the Harriman railroading family in 1931. The bank has 35 to 40 “partners” (in the sense that a law firm has partners). Estimated 3,000 employees (2003), with assets estimated to be $3B, uninsured.

Official Website: http://www.bbh.com/

Industry: Banking


Corporate headquarters: New York City



Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
Prescott Bush Politician 15-May-1895 8-Oct-1972 US Senator from Connecticut, 1952-63
Douglas A. Donahue, Jr. Business c. 1951 Managing Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman
Richard W. Fisher Business 18-Mar-1949 President and CEO, Dallas Fed
Landon Hilliard Business c. 1940 Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman
Richard Jenrette Business 5-Apr-1929 Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
Robert A. Lovett Government 14-Sep-1895 7-May-1986 US Secretary of Defense, 1951-53
Michael W. McConnell Business c. 1942 Managing Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman
Robert G. McKenzie Attorney 1938 Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Co.


Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
Eugene P. Beard Business c. 1935 CFO of Interpublic Group, 1980-99

Prescott Bush

Prescott BushAKAPrescott Sheldon Bush

Born: 15-May1895 Birthplace: Columbus, OH Died: 8-Oct1972 Location of death: New York City Cause of death: Cancer – Lung Remains: Buried, Putnam Cemetery, Greenwich, CT

Gender: Male Religion: Anglican/Episcopalian Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Politician, Business Party Affiliation:Republican

Nationality: United States Executive summary:US Senator from Connecticut, 1952-63

Military service:US Army (1917-19)

During his 1959 acceptance speech as the Alfalfa Club’s presidential nominee, Sen. Prescott Bush quipped:

I recall here the immortal words of Granville Rice, when he wrote:

The rules of life apply the same To any sport you choose It matters not how you play the game, So long as you never lose.

Father: Samuel P. Bush Mother: Flora Sheldon Wife: Dorothy Walker (m. 6-Aug-1921) Son: George H.W. Bush Son: Prescott S. Bush, Jr. Son: Jonathan J. Bush Son: William Trotter Bush Daughter:Nancy Bush

High School: St. George’s School, Newport, RI (1913)     University: BA, Yale University (1917)

US Senator, Connecticut 1952-63     Brown Brothers Harriman Partner     Member of the Board of CBS     Alfalfa Club     Alibi Club     American Legion     Planned Parenthood National Treasurer 1947     Skull and Bones Society 1916     US Golf Association President     Alfalfa Party candidate for US President     Jupiter Island     Bush Family


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