London Police chief: Officers can’t babysit royals

London Police chief: Officers can’t babysit royals

Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — London’s Metropolitan Police chief says his officers cannot interfere in the private lives of the royal family, not even to prevent Prince Harry from going bare at a Las Vegas party.

Commission Bernard Hogan-Howe told a Parliamentary committee on Tuesday that his department was reviewing the role of Royal Protection officers in the incident, in which Harry was photographed naked.

However, Hogan-Howe told the panel: “Our role is to maintain the security of our protected individual. They have to lead a normal life and we have to strike a balance between intrusion into their life and keeping them safe.”

He added “there is a golden line that cannot be crossed, which is getting involved in the social lives of the principals.”


2 thoughts on “London Police chief: Officers can’t babysit royals

  1. Imagine 300 million people have to go through the humiliation of removing their
    Shoes every time they go through an airport all because of a trumped up incident
    That actually was detected an stopped by passengers. Theirs just no end to intrusions.

    I was an engineer and know what radio waves of the frequencies they are using
    And I always get a pat down instead of getting my DNA destroyed that’s a word of

  2. By the way I traveled to several other country’s and they never make you remove
    Your shoes no that’s reserved for Americans at home. If they got a budget issue
    And its between a teacher in say Chicago and this overdone bloated HMS/TSA
    I know who to pick.

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