Greek polls: Syriza out in front! Best news today!

GREEK POLLS UPDATE: Syriza out in front.

Tsipras’s hardline stance pays dividends

This from a regular Athenian source tonight:

I read your article today for the Greek crisis. What you probably do not know is that a new poll from VPRC today (a very good company in polling) puts Syriza in first place with 30%, New Democracy in second with 28% and Golden Dawn in 3rd with 12%. Pasok is in 4th place with 7.5% . Venizelos is feeling the breath of Panos Kammenos of Independent Greeks on his back (7%) while Kouvelis with Dimocratic Left is on a slipery downtrend (4%).

So the Socialists are in the ascendancy, and the Nazis have 80% more support than Pasok.

Moral of the story: if you don’t want to lose the respect of the Greek people, don’t offer your bumhole the Troika.

Please let us know what your thinking.

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