When John birch societies viewpoint fell to the left of mine, huh!

I was researching the congressman Larry McDonald’s case tonight. You know the one
Where the Rothchild’s make a call and scramble a soviet fighter to shoot down
an unarmed everyday passenger korean airplane entering Japanese waters killing 269 people and the congressman Oh why do I say that because of the congressman’s adamant attacks on the CFR and they state there intentions for all to read! To destroy our constitution bit by bit . Anyway I went on Wikipedia on his profile I find he was a john birch member and later even president to. So I paid a visit to their website now remember John birch society is as American as apple pie, I mean
They supported McCarthy’s communist witch hunts to the tee. I’m not sure how they missed the Zionist that actually rule everything but that’s for another day.
You will never guess what they are advocating or why it is so unlike them
I just can’t believe it! To get the full effect of what my story is you need to watch
My front web page video of bill Still’s “secrets of oz ” Bill goes through our nations
struggle against the city of London to prevent the bankers from introducing a central
banking system here in this country even to the detriment of many of our presidents
being shot over its a very stirring account a story that we all must watch but not only to know our true story but it also has for us the real solution to the banking crisis, and our depression its brought also most of the rest of the worlds misery. Bring back the greenbacks dollars with no debt and Not backed by gold! Which is always the bankers
position. Please watch “secrets of oz” YouTube or front page of my site. jonkirby2012.wordpress. com John Birch Society is pushing a gold standard
find out why this is so wrong. And Know the truth of your history .


Please let us know what your thinking.

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