Greece given the screw, Germany happy for the moment

Syriza cries ‘bankruptcy lobby’

30 Aug 2012

Syriza on Thursday responded to the content of Prime Minister Samaras’ speech, delivered before the New Democracy party’s political committee earlier in the day, stressing that “Mr. Samaras has given the name ‘societal and national unity’ to the acceptance of new austerity measures worth billions of euros, which will demolish economy and society”.

A Syriza press office comment added that “the blackmailing correlation that the country’s presence in the eurozone is directly linked with the implementation of the memorandum has lost its power to convince audiences.”

Syriza underlined that the prime minister “being a worthy representative of the ‘bankruptcy lobby’ cannot realise that the interests of the majority of society, economic growth and a social state, are in complete conflict with the interests of the creditors and capital holders represented by his government.” (AMNA/Athens News


One thought on “Greece given the screw, Germany happy for the moment

  1. I hope when the wheel stops turning they choose a 1% token take after they eliminate derivatives completely so they can keep the predators at bay and tell the IM F where
    to park it. Aka ICELAND.

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