Syriza’s plan for Greece sending IMF shivers.

Syriza launches new programme

1 Jun 2012 Athens news

A Radical Left Coalition (Syriza) would annul the memorandum, keep strategic companies under state control, freeze wage and pension cuts demanded by the troika if it wins the June 17 election, its leader announced on Friday.

Alexis Tsipras was speaking at the launch of Syriza’s new programme, which he described as a “programme of dignity and hope”.

Tsipras said he would also introduce measures to relieve the debt burden of overborrowed households and cut valued added tax (VAT), especially on basic food items.

He also said that the bailout memorandum should be abandoned, saying it had failed to take the country out of its economic crisis and would prevent it from having access to financial markets this decade.

“The first action of the government of the left will be the annulment of the memorandum and the implement laws,” he said.

The memorandum, he continued, would be replaced “with a national recovery plan for economic and social growth and productive reconstruction”.

In a speech replete with promises and commitments, he also promised to raise the minimum wage back to its original 751 euros and to unemployment benefit to 461.50 euros.

Moreover, dole would be paid for two years, instead of the current twelve months.

The Syriza leader also said banks receiving recapitalisation from the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund could face nationalisation.

Opinion polls show Syriza running neck and neck with the pro-bailout conservatives, with one poll on Friday showing the anti-bailout leftists with a six-point lead.

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