Does the treaty of Westphalia mean anything to the US. and NATO.

The Treaty of Westphalia laid down four fundamental principles: 1. The absolute sovereignty of the nation-state, and the fundamental right to political self-determination. 2. Legal equality between nation-states. The smallest state is, therefore, equal to the largest, regardless of its weakness or its strength, its wealth or poverty. 3. Compliance with treaties, and the emergence of binding international law. 4. Non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.

Certainly these general principles do not determine an absolute sovereignty, but there never was such a thing. However they did delegitimize any action likely to abolish the sovereignty of a state.

Assad’s Government has had it’s elections and elected it’s leaders
Otherwise you would be hearing up and down in the media about dictatorship which there is none.
And thereby as a Democracy which it is is protected by the above Westphalia treaty.
Laid down and honored since the 1600’s. So why is the west keep demanding Assad to go and by what authority?!

Another bit of obnoxiousness is in Iraq and Afghanistan the Al-qeada is suppose to be
Our evil enemy while they are Hillary’s freedom fighter in Syria and they are one an the same! Huh!? just the other day when they killed in the street a Syrian politician on YouTube! These rebels Hillary gets all hot for. Obama signed the NDAA with severe
Restriction on supporting Al-qeada so now what should they lock themselves up?

When will this end? When the host dies so will the parasite. I guess.


Please let us know what your thinking.

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