What’s so important today.

Although the nations of the world are going through a virtual reality crisis. While your everyday peasant on the street knows the synthetic world of derivatives aren’t real the big guns at the top aren’t ready to give them up but are ready to make you and i pay for them unfortunately it would be impossible to pay in a 1000 GDP’s lifetimes and so whether you like it or not if they don’t stop this madness here are beginning effects. In Spain people just trying to eat were rummaging through grocery store waste bins just to survive up until this week their government deciding not to offer any social safety net but to lock all store garbage bins. So a group of good citizens decided to expatriate from two different cities enough groceries off the grocery shelves to donate to their local food kitchens ..well I know it’s not the fault of the local grocery stores but this is the beginnings of the revolution in Spain



Please let us know what your thinking.

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